After reading “go to the Edge of Life”

EDITORIAL words: Mr. Yang Jiang is already in the centenarians, his youth and I’m a fan of Mr. Qian couple.Perhaps people on the TV series “Besieged City” Li Yuanyuan and Chen Daoming performance still fresh; there are “around the city who bailing out people who want to stand outside the city rushed to the marriage worth mentioning, career worth mentioning, the desire of life most of the case.”These words have become popular classics, but think these are two wise old man on life, love and career derivatives.Yang and readers read the book review in exchange centenary birthday is on the Wen Wei Po, and I feel excited, turned detected more than three years ago read, “went on the edge of life,” Yang wrote in the 96-year-old after , to re-read, emotionally, after resting slightly modified here, as I talk to Mr. Yang Jiang’s dedicated to a modest birthday gift.    Written when (a) read the 96-year-old Mr. Yang Jiang<走到人生边上>After feeling such as silk ray ray extraction flow out.    Mr. prolific in 1997 and 1998 have lost their beloved daughter Qian Yuan, and each other, the wind and rain accompanied by his wife, Mr. Qian Zhongshu, she silently endured relentless like grief, still more than his pen, with that unique fresh and elegant, cold Jun humorous tone, calm the odd text explicitly clear to us brought out bowls of spiritual feast.On “Qiong Qiong Jie Li, Xingyingxiangdiao” ordinary people unbearable loneliness and deserted, sir, as always, calm, like nothing could go the same did not happen.Mr. did not say in the number and the kind of husband daughter farewell tear crack lung liver sad, but she explained the true meaning of life is to realize that people show Chinese traditional intellectual “The road ahead will be long Come.Happiness and earth, “the noble sentiments, in his memoirs, Mr.” We Three “in their feelings lesson:” the world does not have the simple pleasures.Happy always carries troubles and worries.The world does not always.We had a rough life, old age can have a settled abode.But old and sick with a reminder that we have come to the end of life on the road.1997, A Yuan’s death.One thousand nine hundred ninety-eight not age, death bell book.I was lost three of this.So easily separated from the.’World was not good fastness, brittle glass fugitive clouds’.Now only one person I.I clearly see before as ‘our home’ apartment, but only inn on the road.Home where I do not know.I’m still looking for the way back.”Mr. Yang is a tall giant spirit, as she said had stood ‘on the edges of life’, but still the vast sir read the best of human well-being composed of vast library Retrieval life philosophy of life, in no longer count on the long road of life gained life, left us a valuable asset, and calm on the road, this is how materialistic, what a sight to behold.When the flies of the time took me to the end of his career, I became Mr. pen “retired young friend”, so doom-ridden, and would like to leisurely stroll comfortably finish the rest of his life; more aloof haughty, less open-minded; more abstract, less concern for the fate.Mr. text is a nerve to walk in between the tendon knife, remove the carrion in the body along with the proliferation of wasted years.Under Mr. stalwart lofty spiritual realm weight, I became ugly ugly dwarf, shame, shame, how much you want to hurry the earthquake, split a seam let me escape earth away.Suddenly wretched, dull, small, shallow, laziness, humble and so all the world to denounce the words are flogging a dead body carries the soul, although stud welt oozing drops dripping blood, but I forget the pain, he began a deep self-reflection.    (B) the Buddha devout believers believe human life and death is a definite number of people walking in Hades to send impermanence when Yin and Yang to ingest human soul.So some people will Danran to another world, because they Firestone good deeds, and his magnanimous, abhorrence of evil, of justice, just, noble character, stay too clean in the world; they will be subject to Hades hospitality in the netherworld, and then floated take Yunteng fog to thirty six paradise, all the way to become immortal Majestic Jade Emperor on the palace; and those kinds of evil, corrupt, Yingyinggougou, all sorts of fish people human scum on the yin and yang sector saw a black and white impermanence waving the banner on Evocation tremble will, because they are waiting for ten grim house of hell, Nose bridge stood, angry garden open eyes of the judge and hold high the various instruments of torture, the whole body Hengrou jailer.Hell of torture, from soup pan cooking, dismemberment knife to saw down the middle, ground meat, etc., to give them suffered enough, suffered offer all kinds of torture, the worth of pain.Them as grave sins committed while in mortal pay a heavy price, then into the eighth level of geographical can not stand forever.No secret, Mr. Yang is a complete first category, in as old age, running short years, with incredible keen, young people difficult to compare the mind to a writer of social responsibility and moral conscience in the new work sharply pointed out, “when the spiritual conscience in the world of today, humanity, among misty misty rain clouds.”Mr. in a few words, and now looking ahead, all material desires soaring, everywhere rampant money worship.On the “prose” eleven year I read some dumbfounding text: “Recently, the Central Plains to visit a famous temple.See yourself on today’s abbot had made Muta, not just a carved mobile phones, computers, cars have also carved, feel laughing.Laugh, so many monks Desire, rare ancient and modern.”Visible in every corner of social life are caught in a vicious circle of money talks.Yang with poetic language seems obscure to us enlightening warning issued.    ”Spiritual conscience,” the words shining golden Buddha, they are floated Jiyu ago from Lord Buddha’s lotus throne, is merciful Guanyin sail colorful clouds to Yang master from the Buddha there happens to come good ideas.Lack earth, moral decay, Daoxing profound social philosopher urgent need to recall that one corroded money soul; required Bian Que, Hua Tuo masterpiece like the good doctor Xuanhujishi to scrape toxic therapy to cure the ailing land of China various disease like, 2,000 years ago to restore Confucian thinkers as the “world harmony” in the bright future of our description, so excellent traditional Chinese morality to return.Mr. Yang Jiang is such a philosopher and doctor.People put teachers likened the human soul is somewhat far-fetched, in fact for us is wearing a robe in xingtan uploaded teaching priest, said chatter of ancient and modern sages Dashi who explore the world, to create the world’s achievements, play is pick up the sad role.And the vicissitudes, the ups and downs I’s 96-year-old man is worthy of the name, worthy of the engineers of human souls, her eyes still bright clear your heart, sees clearly, creatively put the word “soul” were stripped and analyzed: “I initially thought of course, in the spirit of the soul side.But after careful consideration, was surprised to find that the soul of the original meat side.”(C) a way of life wander in the line nearly a century, is about to enter the wisdom of the elderly centenarians, this time sitting in that supreme judge bench, fighting for that for thousands of years in the Roman gladiator arena and regardless of the outcome, “the spirit and the flesh” in a casual tone made the unexpected conclusion.Ancient and modern writers, poets have fueled the struggle for that field, we put a inextricably battles and romance together as the eternal theme of love, in front of the reader started depicting or grand or delicate picture: from holds the scepter of the Roman Empire, noble, arrogant, arrogant Julius Caesar to rise up, pre-loaded, all-powerful, all-powerful, heroic last to die in the battlefield slave hero Spartacus; who greedily from Balzac , cunning, mean, disowned, regarded the money God Ge Lang stage to portray the Irish writer Voynich young hero Arthur, his sword like a clever tongue so scared of reactionary forces, his legendary revolutionary activities rulers lose heart, that really let us get excited over generations.Yang now so that they died down, shake hands, turned out to be their own side Liangshan heroes fight their own side, a misunderstanding.    Mr. Yang Jianglao of “spiritual conscience,” though with a strong Buddhist color, but different from the monks dressed in robes of salvation in the spirits gong cymbal sound of the drums execution ground rituals, they chant a special music into scores Buddhist scriptures; also different from the thousands of years of traditional knowledge of the people of flesh and soul.For traditional soul, Mr. Yang is stated: “Although the soul to bring a ‘spirit’ word, not spiritual, nothing but a human life,” refreshing.In the book she gave us another concept of “soul”, that is, in a spirit wandering outside the human body, the spirit of the dead, the eternal between heaven and earth.Civilization and progress of human society, all rely on this spirit.Just as the explosives that shattered roaring sound of heaven and earth, Dong Cunrui attached to the body of the soul to fly into the heavens, but the flesh become crushed by the end of that smoke, dust and splashes of flying with the air, but his spirit will live forever in our hearts; our beloved Comrade Deng Xiaoping’s ashes thrown though a vast expanse of ocean, but “floating sea days away, died Act boat light,” he’s like the sea rising moon light in our efforts to achieve his year in the Paris Commune wall the next set a long-cherished wish, Comrade Xiaoping spirit lives on.    ”Only believe in immortality, in order to have reasonable values of life, I believe that the soul is immortal, must be people of faith.With faith, life has value.”Mr. Yang in her unique way call to return to the traditional values of this world, the kind of words honestly, love of the Impossible, can not but make us visibly moved.Yang mentioned the Confucian belief and the idea of a “common ground”, and the direction of the Communists are fighting for the same strain.One of the Confucian classics recorded a passage on the “Book” as evidence: “Road trip also, Things, elect the wise and able, honoring promises.Enemy not only its pro-pro, not just child of his son, the old have eventually, have a strong, young director, widower, widowed, orphaned, alone, or disabled by key has been raised, male careers, women owned.Evil in which goods to be discarded, not necessarily hidden hexyl; evil force which is also not out of the body, do not have to have.Therefore in seeking closure without Hing, without making theft thief chaos, so without the outer door closing, is that the ground “.    (D) under the clear blue sky, shepherd’s reed pipe blowing lengthy, broad-minded and lyrical singing, animal husbandry, dense like plump on the field, among the lush foliage waft.A river full of charming European style, from the Alps began a long mileage, it meanders through the whole territory of Germany, integration of the Germanic peoples domineering men and women of delicate, that is well known, the beautiful Rhine River.They say there’ve been traveling the Rhine deep valleys like our Three Gorges, except when the ship stands on both sides of the line of the Three Gorges is a wall climbed thousands of feet, often see the “peak even go days without Ying Chi, Lone Pine leaning upside down precipice.”From time to time we hear” Fly Hard flow turbulent struggle noisy din, Yongping mine myriad rolling stone cliff.”History gives a magnificent desolation to steep and stunned people feel, the.On Wang Fuya lonely man, woman wistfully sad sound of shrill call, it is heartbreaking.The Rhine is the endless vineyards and fields neat plot, Western-style farmhouse decorated in green onion fields, scattered smoke, Lichtung, peaceful people as harmonious as calendar paradise on earth, beautiful venue and gallery General.This must be God to make this world a colorful deliberately favored the gurgling flow through the cloying land in Europe, or the Goddess of love more tough masculine beauty; and Adam favor Harmony Shen Yung Fish Bar.But we must not complain about the unfairness of God’s creation, because once we wandered over 150 years ago in the already very rich piece of land moist river Rhine, we have to thank God send for Rhineland two stirred the sages of the world, they have a cage cheeks are long beard, his eyes are shining light of wisdom, and together they forged a sword across the sky of the “Communist Manifesto”, profound thought and fascinating literary packaged unparalleled eloquence, with another saying “communist” re-interpretation of the social ideal state thousands of years ago China’s Confucian sages explained: “a ghost, a specter of communism is haunting Europe in order to exorcise this specter sacred, all the powers of old Europe, the Pope and Tsar, French radicals and German police-up, communism dogged.”” In order to win over the people, nobles the proletarian class of alms-bag in front for a banner waving.However, whenever the people follow their lead, they have found that their hindquarters the old feudal coats of arms, laughing, quitting en masse.”” The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims.They openly declare: Their aim only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social system in order to achieve.Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution before it.Proletarians to lose but their chains in this revolution.They will be available throughout the world.”Marx and Engels these highly inflammatory language to make millions of believers fought communism in order to ‘do everything on demand’ written on the banner of Communists and bloody struggle.Although the ideal of communism distant and inaccessible, but it is a spiritual, indelible spirit.Then can I determine the latitude and longitude location map drawn by the invention found in the conquests of Alexander the Great a big mystery, the original east-west latitude is wading through years of human history records, and gathered in the longitude north and south poles and the intersection of latitude is flashing in each dean’s superstars, they opened a giant hand page after page of human history, skilled weave a picture of the Earth Fairview.I finally understand the Warring States thinkers rather labored on bamboo with modern text is considered to be the bible of world harmony we describe the lofty ideal of communism Marx and Engels in the mid-nineteenth century and the proposed Yang Jiang the man’s spiritual conscience turned out to be on the same meridian.Taichetaiwu I suddenly awe of the old man.No wonder From a young age she has been stick to their own spiritual territory, for the purification of the soul of man spilled ink, to promote truth kept drums and call for decades to do the Ming Dynasty scholar Hung Ying-ming in featuring the moral maxims of the book “Cai Gen Tan “written in” Chongrubujing busy watching Pretrial blossom; fate not diffuse over the horizon Yunjuanyunshu.”Mr. Yang is one hundred percent of the Bolsheviks.    Also vaguely remember the famous Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore’s poem: “The lantern on their back people, there are shadows before.”Although sometimes the shadow of their own, but this world who dressed in human skin demons and monsters will be ups and show his true colors in the flash lantern, regardless of the shadows flickering lanterns still ahead.Writers, poets make their characters walk in the light and dark, good and evil in Fengyuan in such a lifelike figure will be fleshed out.So we have to “thank” the Southern Song Jian Xiang Qin Hui and his wife Wang, without their bare arms tied behind their backs, kneeling at the foot of the wall bars bar Yue Fei cemetery, thousands finger poke, people revile, but where Yue Fei and his son, “the sky shouts zhuanghuaijilie “, Zhao heart light of day, incense Win; stupid but where no – emperor’s tragic Yuanchonghuan.Likewise, no arty Hu Changqing, spend money to buy a marketplace criminals making fake diploma and North Cheng for their own little lover, endure physical pain plastic double-fold eyelids, how can Mr. Yang’s contrasting spiritual bonanza flashed pine tall and straight, noble bamboo, plum tough and elegant blue.The towering tree is because it is always bathed in sunshine grace, weeds barren because it always lives in a dark nook.When a burst of wind struck trees waves, not my ears to hear the rushing waves, but Mr. Yang to socialist spiritual defect sad, beautiful people call the soul; when weeds attempt to “spring when the blow gave birth, “I advise them to listen to Hu Changqing is hell languishing torture, Cheng came the sound of screams of people palpitations.    ”Aoyama not cover the river from flowing eastward.”I want to thank Ba Jin, Bing Xin and Yang Jiang and other Chinese literary master who criticized the society out of a panacea, painstaking treatment for psychological dislocation of people pay.We have no reason not to believe have a history of thousands of years of civilization, China will be democratic, prosperous, harmonious, powerful new look stand in front of the world.

After reading a “nostalgia”

A “nostalgia” caught my memories of the past, a “nostalgia” caught my thoughts and memories of childhood, childhood, although rags, stomach filled up, you can always hang a smile face, whether carrying straw basket, still carrying Fenkuang with cattle Lv behind to pull carts, ox-eye bulging eyes looking at the bottom of Lv, want to call it quickly pulled dung balls, small partners will herd fighting for the future of this the small golden rice.Sometimes a feces balls falling out with friends face, do not talk to each other a few days to meet their mouths old long.I do not know when will they crash and burn, and everyone a go Sahuan, scorching hot day calling to mowing, but one jumped into a small water pond to catch fish and shrimp play, when grass blue fishnet, a Oh fish turned down in the basket, careless and bounced inside the water, you see, you see, Tianfu shrimp holding hands, a pinch head to the mouth side, ha ha laughter happy one.I do not know who proposed: “Whenever we go to the valley side pick melons more fun.”Call is heard everyone out of the water, ran three steps and two steps side valley, lie down, crawl climb Guardia side, hold your breath for raw and cooked regardless of the size of a pick turned to flee, sitting in pond see who’s sharing the sweet melon.  Steal peach picking pears are bad boys do, sometimes the little girl to be left Fenshen added to steal steal peach pear ranks.The day before yesterday and embroidery was saying these things a child, embroidery, said: “As a boy also stole pears do your home, eating can be really sweet.”.”We finished picking peaches picked up in the upper rub it up big chunks, simply poor hygiene, remember that we were together piece, Chuang Chuang make now a thing Lovers.We recall how hungry, how to eat a piece of dry bread North Slope mowing Hekou river or water pit, and when the storm comes, we have no place to hide the body, only the top ten miles of straw baskets to run home, already soaked clothes, thin cold wind chrysanthemum purple lips, we are still laughing all the way.This is our childhood and our youth not to be outdone, we are eager.  Hot summer evening, the team of men and women in Yuemingxingxi some piece clamp block seats, some simply peeled off the bed, pulled the seat in the wheat field, lying in the shade the whole family together, talk about the story , pulling homemade, slapstick kids in the side, I sometimes Qucourenao, usually with grandparents on the side of the open space park pear, lying on the mat films, listen to my grandfather say Cowherd crossing the Milky Way, however, by the river heart-breaking story, which is the Queen Mother Road, the Galaxy with Yinzan draw at the annual July 7 Cowherd and Weaver to meet with a July seven so that it will rain, it was his couple of tears.And I know there is a heaven Weaver, on the ground there is a Cowboy.What the Big Dipper, in addition to broom star, ah, ah spoon star, unwittingly entered the dream, for my grandmother around the name of palm-leaf fan, fan when shaking hands grandmother acid fall on my pillow, my grandmother feel the sweat on my face, picking up from fan continues to fan.  ”The sun basking ass eggs.”Grandma gently shout.Yi Gulu getting up to me about the grass on blue channeling out, shout out small partners, rubbing his eyes covered with gum.We did see who together Huan: “You shovel fast, my shovel Dayton, told me to try your good.”But other people’s children always cut so entangled and others.  ”Ok!Try, we can only look.”Take the hand can not help you, he aimed at uprooting a blade of grass to wipe:” Well, well, to me, in this I will not play with you.”” Cheapskate, do not play do not play.”” Well, well, we go home, do not fight it a quick basket!”On the initiative of one of the partners we started loading the basket, cutting the number of children straining to press down on the grass; cut fewer children will gently sailed into the grass basket inside, giving each other the straw basket send shoulder.Go all the way, all the way to say, all the way to laugh when they begin to divide entrust each other with: “dined me, or else we the British home collection.”” Good, home to the British collection.”I promised trapped by their own.  Annual harvest is completed, the finished picking beans and millet, and the earth plowed up, which is our children into battle, and we pick up the valley pimple.I remember when there is hope, and Shujie depends on burning straw and the like, but these things are limited, one year is not enough to burn, so people with children called the children to gather wood, and the Valley lump, lump it becomes our Shujie pick up objects, we gather in small groups, lined up in the hands of a small child to climb the iron grilled ah, ah drop, to shatter the soil and then piled on top of a small heap, continue to move forward with the game secretly, for fear of their own Stubbs was less than others.We also talk about the things they know are curious and some funny things from time to time laughter.As the sun sets we each pick up their booty, put a small pile of a small pile of the valley to collect a lump, a small mountain appeared, we put it neatly labeled group put in the basket.Some with a rope, the two separated by a first double rope after every Zador, the rope placed in the ground, then labeled Valley lump groups put layer by layer, after the two ends of the rope to wear over the other one, the two people sitting on the ground a man pulled a rope, a pedal pull hard enough to live lump Valley.Et pull it stops, then pull rope good, then the rest of the rope tied into a sleeve, with a small set to the grapple is in a string, an extract into the thigh, shoulders and then on to toss.If bales too big, too heavy partners will be able to get help to go to his shoulders, laughing all the way to the home.Some parents will praise you home meal: “This is really more than pick up.”Some say nothing.  Autumn season the leaves are have landed in this period of time each are big eyes wide open aimed their goals, clamoring raking leaves.Day unknown people will take on the big broom to sweep around in addition to a large poplar, which took down, the children wake up at home to look at, and sometimes fight for the fight leaves Aguirre.Our children will take a bamboo stick to string together the scattered poplar leaves, as well as adults deceives a long thin rope, tied in front of a bamboo stick, we will put on a long list of Yang Ye pulled in the ground, at least wear a pull to go home to pick up Yang Ye stroked down again.Such a fall would pick up a lot of.  Then hometown sky is blue, sweet water wells, one well for half the village drinking water, fresh from the well hit the sweet cool water to quench their thirst, drink a barrel on through his palms, a Yang Bo, a comfortable Mazui.I dream of the ground also often dreamed of this scene, often dreamed of a piece of sweet potato, a piece of bamboo forest..

After Past yaozhai

In April 2000, several American historians Yao hell and high water, in the mountains north of Long pit Hunan Linxiang, to find the ideal home earliest ancestors inhabited by Yao.In September the following year, Yao experts from across the country through field visits, finds the dragon pit Yao Mountain is the early history of Qianjiadong.Beyond the pale in hunting, Yao descendants haunting dream around, looking for a Qianjiadong hundreds of years, and finally with the end result, the dragon pit hill which also opened its mysterious veil.    May mid-spring, long period of rain early eye, we are marching rugged trail of soft soil, deep sucking Maolin aromatic herbs, boarded the dragon pit hill, looking for spiritual paradise Yao ancestors, listening to the melodious singing anymore Yao people.I admire Yao ancestors wisdom and foresight, in this solitude, foggy mountain as a dragon pit inhabited place, really imaginative.”Qianjiadong mouth over there, the clouds have photos from the eye, Castle Peak Shiling difficult road.”Blue sky, mountains and rivers, cloud steaming Xia Wei, birds and Ming, Yao beauty of nature and the unique blend of production and lifestyle, forming a unique cultural practices Yao Jia, Yao family recited for thousands of years of” Qianjiadong song, “Long pit is not a true portrayal of what the mountain?On that ruins yaozhai there anymore, I could almost hear the distant voice echoed in the mountains, the men and women saw Yao Gonggeng hunting flickering shadows.Zhulou slope once the political culture of our ancestors Yao Business Center.Today, hundreds of years ago that has become a bustling scene solo, retired, but Yao ancestors left behind stone house, Shimen, caves, stone bridges, stone cylinder, a stone trough, there was a round on both sides of Shimen Totem pier breath, I felt Yao ancestors going, “wide swum days without heart sick,” the good life of freedom.Yao is a constantly move involving the nation, ancient Yao no fixed residence, has been called “Oriental Gypsy”.But since Yao ancestors “across the seas”, came to pit dragon mountain settlements, Yao people seem to find their ideal “ideal world”, free to thrive in this madding crowd in the mountains, create a better home blood.Later, of course, or for various reasons to move again involved, but Yao people are left behind in Long Hill pit precious stone culture, becoming for a brilliant chapter in the history of the Yao.Standing stone wall Zhulou slope, I deeply felt heavy and brilliant culture of Yao.Although there is no Yao own text, but Yao culture real, touchable can touch, with her unique charm and rich content.    In Zhulou slope bluestone village, an old man told me that there was once a famous ancient post road, through Hubei and Jiangxi Po crack Chongyang, two or three miles up the stone path through the Peak.Since ancient times, bluestone Village Post Road was valued by military.When the famous Qing Qing Zeng Guofan led the attack Taiping Chongyang granary, is passed on from this post road.Today, large piece of stone road has been flooded off the dust of history.Ease of access of modern society, it seems that this once I do not know how many people are route through the ancient post road is no longer so important, ancient post also only dished residual stone fragments, but if you listened to that, it seems horses scream and the sound of the clank of swords echoed still in his ears, eyes filled with smoke still drifting.Song Fan Zhiming said Hill talked about the dragon pit in the “Yueyang endemic in mind”: “The mountain far-reaching, that the resident birds during village, away from the Jurassic language to farming yu for the industry, non-urban town city would not join the tea salt, nor tribute, kept taxes covered mountain people.”Yao is a rebellious spirit strongest nation, according to the carrier, due to the collection of the Yao people” over mountain list “and” On the Emperor Praise Certificate “, dynasties, Yao people often avoid lord.So living in “self-farming and food, and clothing woven from” Yao ancestors in Long Hill pit, the official can not, do not disturb the soldiers, in among the “three off nine locks” claustrophobic environment.Yao ancestors love their ideal home, in addition to businessmen, they do not let outsiders into their territory.Most of the Yao people mountain neighbors, choose a place easy to defend and difficult to attack the construction of the village gate, walled dart in front of Wu Han Yong Yao people holding a weapon guarded.Magnolia Village gate opening day, a great man guards the pass, 10,000 Fumo open momentum.Today Zhulou slope bluestone Walled Village gate, though no longer exists, but the foot of the village gate with stones piled many feet tall stone-faced, amazing people care and thought Yao.On the site of stone walled gates of ancient trees, but the original twelve-meter-high stone tower on the site, was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution.It is said that the man was later forced to leave Spire had no children, live alone, and perhaps this is Yao ancestors apparitions, he gave his nemesis.    Long Hill gutang security in the pit?Over fifty years ago, ancient pond half a mile long way houses on stilts, most of the villagers also followed the Yao people’s customs, toilet using a yellow wooden barrels, there are two feet tall from the ground.Ancient village does have an ancient pond, the pond as well as a temple, I heard that there was a Japanese soldier riding passed by, due to offend the temple of the gods, man and horse fell into the ancient pond, never able to up.Now in ancient pond, could not see the houses on stilts, built a mountain highway, gutang no longer ascend the stone stairs walk, a long piece of stone steps have been gathering dust in underground.Gutang Millennium ginkgo tree recorded the Yao people’s joy and sorrow, the passing of yaozhai leaving only a beautiful dream and memories.    Long Hill traveled pit, I deeply feel the Yao ethnic culture thick and broad.While the bustling yaozhai leaving only ruins Banbankekao, but the spiritual legacy of the ancient ancestors of millions of Yao, also retained in the rolling mountains dragon pit that tens of miles radius of the mountain.Ah, is not it?Zuozuo stalwart mountain, not that Yao people tall and straight body, and that a steady stream of streams, not that Yao people rushing blood.

After Past souls – Sichuan army generals Zhu Ming anecdotes war again

After Past souls – Sichuan army generals Zhu again next war anecdote birch on a col Baxian pottery village home fraternity Qinglongwan (now Chongqing Jiulongpo Tao home town), there is a fragrant grass tomb, where Buried a former famous anti-Japanese generals Joseph then Mr. Zhu Ming, has sixty years of.  1937 after the July 7 Marco Polo Bridge Incident, the Anti-Japanese War broke out, the cruel Japanese invaders constantly ravaged large tracts of land me in North East.Unfortunately, after the fall of Nanjing, the enemy pressing harder and harder, the situation in Wuhan NEC tight.In this occasion of national crisis, when 966 regiment colonel Joseph 161 Division Mr. Zhu Zaiming, with 29 ordered the commander of the Army under Wang Zuanxu eastern Sichuan, Wuhan anti-Japanese front-line emergency marched.He shouted when the army out of Sichuan had a resounding slogan: “do not quit the day the enemy border, refusing to return home one day Joseph!”Joseph warrior, turning back, end their national crisis, he embarked on a tragic course of the patriotic hard.  Mr. Zhu Ming again as the county bar Tao hometown, was born in mid-1896, generations of ancestors farming.He was apprentice martial arts since childhood, extraordinary skill, especially turn out good marksmanship, incense head night in front of tens of meters outside the small, can not aim, drew on the radio, fire off a shot, martial artists.In two years (AD 1912), sixteen-year-old Zhu Ming again, although seeing the Revolution overthrew the Qing dynasty, won, but the daily Koudui Hua still eyeing the domestic situation in the turbulent times of hardship.He decided to go into exile, enlist to serve the country.  Young Zhu Ming has another soldier in Sichuan Army Fifth Division (division commander Xiongke Wu), Article Army National Revolutionary Army (commander Janssen) and Sichuan Army 161 division (division commander Xu Shaozhong) and other troops.He participated in the leadership of Sun Yat-sen, Maintenance “Provisional Constitution of the Republic of China,” Custodian of the war against the authoritarian rule of the Northern warlords, as well as the National Revolutionary Army launched the Northern Expedition, highlighted the danger in a hail of bullets, constantly honing, feats, from a common line Wushi Bing to constantly promoted.  Wuhan bloody shooting down enemy planes October 2, 1938, fell to the Japanese city of Wuhan Tian town periphery.Joseph National Government Committee makes 161 teachers, 162 teachers implement blocking action on the Ba River.Ba River is located on the northeast Huanggang, is well-known material distribution center, very important strategic position.October 15 dawn, this small town in eastern Hubei into a sea of fire, the Japanese 13th Division 68 regiment, the 6th division cow Island detachment in the cavalry, artillery, tanks and air force cooperation, the onslaught launched defenders, gunfire on the Ba River Bridge near the 200 meters into pieces of scorched earth, smoke blocks out the sun on the front.Sichuan army soldiers thin clothes, wearing sandals, poorly equipped, but morale.They took the crude weapons stubborn resistance in the cold, beat back the furious attack of the enemy again and again that he also suffered heavy casualties.  Zhu Ming led his troops again tenacious stopping the enemy for five days, after all, the power disparity, and ultimately defeat.Joseph defeat mixed people in the west flee.Critical moment, Zhu boss, 481 Brigade Yang Shouxuan actually disappeared!Temporarily rudderless, defeat as a mountain.Japanese planes bombed circled the sky, on the ground chasing the Japanese very tight, military and civilian chaotic retreat.At this time, lying on a stretcher sick with fever to fight malaria Zhu Ming angry again: “son of a bitch in the grid!”He roared, struggling up from the stretcher, and command guards Huangbing Zhong Qiu Yunfu helped him launched, and then while galloping horse, one side shouting:” fast out of the way, all to lie down!”Zhu Pitt rode a white horse, a conspicuous target, he must know the enemy military chief, so the devils chase behind, the sky plane in front of him is a dive bomb and strafe.Fortunately, the bullets and shrapnel flying around him, that did not hurt him.Ming Zhu then single-handedly fighting the Japanese machine, desperate to distract the enemy, not only saved the retreating soldiers and civilians, to kill themselves to escape the Japanese machine.Wuhan will be the war, he was promoted to brigadier general Brigade 481.Later, in mid-1943 due to injury, he DDR, specially the big white horse all the way back to the provisional capital of Pakistan County feeding, also hung on the wall of his home in full uniform riding on a white horse photo.He gratitude with big white horse populations in the anti-Japanese friendship in daily life and saving grace!  January 1939, the Japanese bombers flew Jingmen Shayang County town of bombing.Led his unit by the Army Air Corps, “the emperor number” commander Colonel Watanabe wide Taro.Zhu then fought in this division out of 161 pilots and 149 co-brother forces fighting the enemy with machine guns will be “the emperor number” shot down.After the enemy landing xiang east coast, Watanabe 6 people desperate to escape from the cabin, grab a wooden boat in an attempt to flee to Hankou, Zhu led his troops were killed.Watanabe learned from the diary seized in command twice this dog days of bombing of Chongqing, I do not know how much blood debt I owed the provisional capital of innocent compatriots.According to military writer Sassou recent survey in Japan Archives, the emperor is indeed lay No. 29 Army.This is a large-scale reconnaissance aircraft modified by ninety-nine style, because many times decorated soldier, was named the Japanese as “No Emperor,” Joseph did not expect to be beat down.  Sharpshooter then outlasted four devils Zhu Ming martial arts since childhood Lianqiang, decent soldier on in handy, as early as the Northern Expedition, he is famous sharpshooter troops, their targets, enemy killed countless.Wuhan will be war, and once, in Hubei march, 161 division chief of staff to then Ming Zhu test of marksmanship, who lost who agreed to treat.Chief of Staff of marksmanship is also unusual than people.There was an old man fishing in the river, Zhu drew a hand, will have to play against the fishing line, fishing line crashed broken off, chief of staff beats seeing the matter in the army for the elephants.  Even more amazing is that the date will be with the war, and then Ming Zhu took five guards to scout the terrain.Local hilly, mountain road winding street, a pedestrian just turned the col, suddenly came face a Devils team scout!Then again Zhu Ming has been promoted to major general, deputy commander, seeing the enemy territories, immediately wheeled his horse bolted, devils catch up kissing.China Ma mostly hybrids horses, small size, body shorter, devils rode Toyo Malaysia, it is difficult to outperform their.Mr. Zhu agile, quickly dismounted, rolled into the roadside bushes, in a moment, raising his hand gun, shot one of their targets, a series of four Devils outlasted the rest spooked and fled.  Bounty Dahongshan Hubei hundred miles north of the Dahongshan an important strategic position, is contested.In 1940, 29 Army command according to the fifth war zone, and 33 Army (commander General Zhang Zhizhong) co-stick Dahongshan.1 year and 4 months defensive war, our military played very tough, which is then worked out the change from General Zhu can prove: In 1939 he was the 481 brigade of brigadier general, after Dahongshan changed into 481 groups Major groups long seen serious attrition, the tragic war.  Wang Zuanxu commander of 29 Army stationed Dahong Shanxi Lu, south of the line, go through Wuhan to defend the war, the army personnel, weapons lost more than half, 80,000 soldiers after the reorganization of less than 50,000, and the ugly bad weapons, food supplies even more difficult, often eat a last meal and I do not know what to look for his next meal.  Even so, Zhu Ming again led his troops still persist in the war, diminished morale.March 1940, the Japanese army 8th division division commanding the 2nd Brigade Hasegawa Dahongshan siege, the king led his troops in battle with the enemy Zuanxu.One day, the army surrounded the 29, still bloody fight does not go out a few days, seeing there is annihilated risk.This despite the autumn, the king command again Ming Zhu managed to break through, Zhu cost of heavy casualties, led his troops to kill to open a way to survive and successfully cover the whole army to retreat.It is served, and annihilated more than 5,000 people.  May 1 that year, the Japanese army to control river traffic, cutting off water and land transport routes leading to Chongqing, assembled 300,000 troops launch date should battle.33 Army commander Zhang Zhizhong rate of two regiments stationed in the West Bank xiang, 16 unfortunately died in Yicheng pumpkin shop.Theater army commander Li Tsung-jen Decree 59 161 teachers and Joseph, be sure to snatch away the remains of General Zhang Zhizhong!Zhu Ming again led his troops ventured deep, starry night broke into the tight encirclement, with the remains of 59 Army Zhang climb out, returned to Chongqing, Beibei buried in the foothills of plum.  November 1940, the Japanese 13th Division rely cavalry, artillery and air force recidivism Dahongshan, then re-Ming Zhu has transferred 149 agents in any division commander, he was ordered to covert attack, bloody three days later, when Japanese troops awaiting minutes into the assault, Zhu take the lead, the rate of thousands of soldiers from enemy raid in Shahe Village flat front, the Japanese killed on the spot cavalry commander Kawasaka, kill and wound devils seven or eight hundred people, won by seven horses, numerous weapons and military supplies, a great victory, was also killed Joseph Hall 308 people.  Chinese army in the battle of wits with the Japanese Dahongshan, persist in the war a year and four months, delaying the Japanese west, splintered the Japanese criminal war plan, far-reaching.  In the days Dahongshan war years, Zhu Ming Zeng and Li Hsien-nien and then teamed up against the enemy.Zhu Ming and then the New Fourth Army in Dahongshan adhere to the 5th Division Commander Li Hsien-nien long-term correspondence, both sides fought side by side, and inevitably some friction.Their relationship, a bit like the “Sword” and in the Chu Yunfei Li Yunlong.  When Joseph eternal war patriotic dedication, hard bones of Joseph, even in the most difficult years, and no one formed units to the enemy.Although Sichuan has always been known as the “Land of Abundance,” said, but economic backwardness, the people have, even worse wartime.Sichuan people to war, to live frugally, to tighten their belts, make donations of grain, accounting for one of the country’s three points.Source wartime national government expenditure, mainly rely on Sichuan.Eight-year war, the war of the Sichuan army out of Sichuan strikes, bloody battle, before and after more than 640,000 soldiers casualties!How many broken families fragmented pure, how many family members ages, children and their children, it might have been “heroes gone,” died for the country, only the front Soul hometown in a foreign land.Shanghai Song Battle, Taierzhuang battle, battle of Wuhan, dates and so the battle should be the size of the battlefield, risking his own life everywhere arduous figure of Joseph.Number of people that war, tragic sacrifice, highest in the country.Sichuan people, especially the provisional capital of the people, but also against the Japanese bombing continued five or six years, with tremendous national sacrifice, still indomitable, wiped away tears, humiliation, support the war front.  Mid-October 1945, the war had just victory, when the south bureau official newspaper of Chongqing, “Xinhua Daily” published an editorial entitled “Thank the people of Sichuan” in which touching a text: “Sichuan people to the front of the battlefield, It is to do the largest and most important responsibility: till the End of the war, conscription Sichuan reached 3.025 million people.Sichuan to complete special projects, the total number of people served attendant at 300 million or more.The food is one of the major war material conditions and food, Sichuan food was requisitions for grain fed more than 80 million total in stone; Sichuan contribution over the years to account for one third of the country’s food war total of requisitions, then procurement and levy also borrow from the beginning of Sichuan.Also donated a variety of taxes, is borne by the Sichuan People.”.This is the Sichuan People’s eight-year war the most objective and fair evaluation and praise.Only these rough incomplete statistics, you can know a great contribution to the Sichuan People’s Anti-Japanese War.  Today, although the war had dispersed the smoke, and that part of our nation’s tragic history, the history of Prachuab people hard against the enemy, but we must never forget.  Zhu Ming generals from Pakistan then county, is an outstanding representative of the Sichuan people rhubarb, heroic resistance, patriotic dedication.  December 14, 2014 Notes: 1. Chongqing Banan District Archives herein by reference with regard to the anti-Japanese generals Zhu Ming of the relevant information and then write.  2, nineties, Chongqing adjustment of administrative divisions, the former Chongqing Banan District, Chongqing Baxian changed; formerly Ba Tao County home, under the Jiulongpo Tao home town for the change and

After Past Fragment

Amah Rock Millennium Shiren dream, as the surging river, muddy, and the there anymore.  Thousand years of wind and rain, knocking the hard hearts, broken dreams.  The commitment of love, was so pale; silly watch the how sour.  Silly woman Fuxin Han, Shiren to cry tears have dried.  Remember the dream dried, frozen in time in love.  Let it dusty history!Today, the face of the era of cheap love this auction, you should feel how sad their own deplorable!    Wei Wei Bar Bar is bound to be emotional relying.  Body according to danger bar, monopoly Wandering Road, boundless Bicao.  Tears wet Xiangsai, fascinates me?Yeah blame?I hate Jesus?  Bar crisis has become a distant vanish.  Lined with modern buildings, but no danger fence, but no man leaning against the railing.  Fast-paced, changing convey feelings: once the fields are green and flexible, and now into the fragile glass.  No sea of green grass.  Dry the pale man-made stockings on balcony.    Butterflies that a butterfly fluttering limp walk.Chuang Tzu interpretation of confusion: I do not know I was a butterfly, or a butterfly is my.  From the contemplation of trees, brilliant flowers fly, fly to the true height, just across a river.  Rustic passion, altar baptism of life, love transformed into a pupa.  That a pair of butterflies flutter phase play, among the flowers, like a jumping notes, playing the eternal farewell Butterfly.    Wuyi Xiang mouth swallow.setting sun.Weed.  Mao eaves, the swallows whisper.  Oh, that is from the Tang Liu Yuxi flying swallows.  Perhaps, then whisper, talk with most of the vicissitudes of Psalms.  Old house near the swallows who fly?Sigh, carrying Wen Tianxiang endless confusion and frustration.  Old house swallows fly long yurts, that is not his Spirit.Wear out iron heel of rivers and mountains, the rocket did not make the slightest inclination needle happen – the South, after all, will always be the South.  Only go south cuckoo bird Tears of Blood, and was bitterly lonely and hot talk a poetic heart of the burning pain!

After Past childhood under the autumn sun country

An early autumn morning, dazzling light touch of the sun shines on the windowsill of the building, I know this is the autumn sun, I simply open the window, facing the distant through the autumn sun, his thoughts have wings look like, across the county in high-rise buildings across the slopes of the mountain slope slope Ling Ling Gou Valley Valley back to the depths of the mountain autumn sun in the countryside.    My childhood nostalgia of our country under the autumn sun.    When I read in fourth grade, he wrote in an essay in: the autumn sun, early autumn round of Mid-autumn late autumn sun, a sun a mass of red glimmer of light.Morning, when she was coming out, just go out like a new wife, shyly revealing long face red and distended, it was exceptionally bright light through the gaps between the leaves, forming a thick bundles of thin light beam, the hillside dyed yellow, the valley dyed yellow, the earth domain dyed yellow, the Tin Par dyed yellow, the yellow dyed woods, the village dyed yellow, the fluttering veil-like mist countryside Akira red light shone.Unlike Chunyang shy autumn sun so charming, so candidly reveal fiery than Hsia, less so within the warm winter sun.But it is happy with the folks heart, laughing in the face of the villagers…    In that time the autumn sun, basking in the sediment had spread engraved with the childhood I can not forget.    In my childhood, or the rural collective production team great era, life and well-off folks who are members of the production team, throughout the year Kulei bitter earn work points to points made against the grain to live, so, in my childhood where folks are eagerly looking forward to the autumn sun, the autumn sun can be sent to harvest them, brought joy, desire and fantasy sent, the winter sun in the land preparation, planting next spring sun, cultivating between Hsia flash gold concentrate yellow reward.For a look at the autumn sun, they are a tangle of heart suddenly see the light, standing under the autumn sun, in front of their days are invigorating, and the earth Lang Lang, who also Lang Lang, Lang Lang also say, laugh Lang Lang, Lang Lang’s mountains and rivers, Lang Lang high slope land, keep hope Lang Lang, Lang Lang’s season.    I remember, early autumn each year under the autumn sun, I will come quietly began Yanghwajin edge of rice fields, focused and carefully watching the rice flower.I see, though small rice flower is very beautiful, no calyx and corolla, anther across the sun can be seen through the shadows in the glume due to the filament elongation gradually pushed to the top of Ying Department.Meanwhile Glumes like a clamshell-like opening, a pale yellow stamens and six females, from open to Xie only 35 days to open quietly, quietly Xie, there is a hint of fragrance.For my part, mid-autumn sun to see the rice flower, rice each to see Huadu let me think, grow rice folks like rice flower open quietly, quietly Xie, quietly grout, quietly strong seed, silently mature.    Gradually see yellow rice, a Sunday, I called a couple of partners holding a long bamboo pole came to the ridge side yelling, waving eat those expelled from sparrow flocks on the slopes of millet, our actions touch the villagers, they put on the several scarecrow, put on a worn-out clothes, wearing a broken hat, holding a bamboo pole, plug in the rice fields, a sign of trouble like the real thing instead of our Moriya on the time spent on homework after school.    To the Mid-autumn the autumn sun, which is the busy harvest season.At this time, our country’s schools will put five or six days of busy leave so that half of the country’s households teacher back home to help harvest.Those of us farm kids naturally feel and participate in a holiday atmosphere during the busy autumn harvest, the corn soil, harvest rice in the fields, the harvest is rush in, grab Shang Hao weather is driving corn millet brought home.Pick a woman carrying a clay large men in the corn people coming and going on the mountain road between the earth and the family, I also back a small basket, which is also equipped with my own corn under the flap trailing behind them to see them busy, but I think they gave corn weeding scene, made me think of summer I’ve read in the text of the Tang Dynasty poet Li Shen “hoe Wo day when afternoon, sweat Wo lower soil, who knows dishes on the menu, A Journey “poem.    Under the autumn sun, people received busy harvesting corn rice, shaking busy people on golden fields, the women bent over, waving shiny sickle, cut rice issued rustling sound, the women cut side of his mouth laughing, mouth, ever stop, previous or a large mound of rice waist suddenly been cut off, and very particular move neatly.The men followed behind, to cut the rice picked up, his hands tightly grabbed their arms high up up there, around a fir or piles of wood into a bucket side play Valley Valley, issued a very Valley play rhythm sound, sound off at the Valley bucket millet gradually increased, they stopped for a moment, play Valley millet four men two to pinch out Luokuang Li mounted for transport valley, but the other two the net play of millet straw bales will be up ted, restless moment, in their minds, have to rush in the harvest rush in the harvest of rice straw, can not leave the cattle farmer, grain straw cattle.Those burly man responsible for the full baskets of millet pick back, the curved ridge between the quartzite mountain faint shaking their running back and forth the figure of a day back and forth a dozen times, the valley courage one hundred kilos of pressure on them light shoulders leisurely.Pick Valley Valley play yard Par swathers under the autumn sun, Swathers play sound Valley whispered Huasheng pick footsteps Valley blend together, reminds me of Mao Zedong’s “likes to watch the rice beans a thousand waves, over and over under Xiyan hero “of the poem.    Busy during the holidays, my companions and took home early in the morning to catch cattle and sheep grazing in the mountains, we also back a small basket, taking advantage of grazing moment, to link some of the ragweed or pick up some firewood, cattle and sheep until rounded belly to eat, we are singing children, back a basket full of firewood or grass to catch a pig and sheep down the mountain.Back home closed to cattle and sheep, pigs, chickens and ducks to feed good, eat breakfast, come sun valley floor where the millet ted several times, then let’s at home on standby thermos fitted with cool mountain spring water to rush in the harvest of millet adults sent, taking advantage of bottled water, we also back a small bamboo basket, you play through the fields picking ears of corn in the valley of the big people, we pick up the corn spontaneous psyche happy to let the big people, they saw, farm the children love the farm, a grain of corn drop of sweat, but unfortunately the food such as gold, the particle positions ideas already in our young hearts took root.    After the autumn sun, folks close to finished dried millet car net, was busy to send public grain, then the state has not exempt from agricultural tax preferential policies, not inside the mountain roads, thanks to the labors to send food piggyback , from the production team went to the commune of granaries, folks sent out a long time ago, along a valley, walking through a field of Bazi, a thin across the brook and a curved stone arch bridge, across a lush tall people woods, the Shiji Li mountain all send public grain of.I remember, often in time to send public grain, the villagers often told us: “When the farmers have to deliver the best millet countries, States have a home, the country strong and rich people only, grain farmers do not pay, those who keep the border the People’s Liberation Army, factory workers and cadres in the organs, hospital doctors, school teachers what to eat it!”Every year, our production team in time to pay public grain will always pay the best and do not choose not to buckle exceeded.    Later, the responsibility of the Land to the home, the state implemented a policy of agricultural taxes, but also to subsidize grain farmers, as farmers even more proud and big arm out of the way.My unforgettable autumn sun childhood there anymore, but the folks who share the passion, share the Rye, the kind of simple, kind of focus, even if labor is an ancient gesture, he demonstrated a straightforward words, We are deeply engraved in my memory, just as parents bones blood has penetrated into my blood.Now often think of the autumn sun childhood, always felt there are always folks cordial determination eyes looking at me, clear warm asked to remind me when you eat rice shining white, do not forget the folks with the same kind of income valley valley people, our lives.Like crop season, ups and downs, he did not fail to get the bucket, interaction with others, to be magnanimous and selfless, not unworthy of their own conscience.    And me?Put the autumn sun wonderful childhood planted in the land of my heart, let it bear fruit, I know it takes a long time to mature fruit of the soul, a lot of experience and forging.Only the land of the mind every grain of sand are rounded to the most exquisite temper, cultivate the flowers of the soul to the most gorgeous and moving, the fruit of the soul was full of solid practitioners, I eligible to take an autumn filled with the most beautiful sunshine mind to write a brilliant chapter in life!

After our article dedicated to the 70

70 after us, part of our youth, in the unconscious, has quietly away from us.Inter surprised to see that they have entered the ranks of middle-aged.    Once, when was young, had goofed bar, where the restless youth squandered period.70 after us, living in a just saturated, less affluent years.After a young age, did not personally taste of the so-called iron rice bowl, just listen to the above big brother, big sister who talk too, when parents angry with us, behind the big pot’s.    Childhood, tender voice over interpretation of nursery rhymes that era, chasing a ghost through the fields of fine dragonfly, fantasy over the moon in Chang E, peep through the wilderness wildfire strange.Fantasy during the young, as young and youthful slowly push the wheels of years, can remember, but also gradually disappear in our liner after 70 years.    70 after us, charged with the responsibility of the family, carefully maintains a dull marriage, care of gradually grown-up children, worrying with the daily necessities of life.Inner restlessness, want to vent, but no shred of show it.I thought with the same unbridled youth, thought more frequent contact with the opposite sex, but also thought about his own maverick.But, we are 70, his thinking is not completely solved.    Restless restless heart, did not restricted rings, and stopped to calm.70 We, like a sharp knife, bald frivolous youth, middle-aged mellow printed on the rational beauty.Rational us, no crazy nineties, there is no mad nineties, more interpretation of the dream of the seventies, following heart nineties, like a raging sea, wave after wave pushed.    70 after us, rational treatment correct network.Unreal network, did not affect our true confession after 70, dating cautious, careful selection of sites, a bold interpretation of their ideas, keyboard pounding real text.70 after us, with fanatical heart, embrace the advent of middle age, to the late youth, no longer that kind of fear, the opposite is secretly pleased, because only experienced a restless youth, you can taste the of charm.    The article dedicated to the 70 we, after 70 we would like to fly the shackles of the mind, flying in the blue sky with a broad middle-aged!

After numerous failures equals success

Liao Yung United States Code, is an international investment consulting firm president, he had a very well-known law of percentages.    This law says: If you met 10 customers, received only $ 200 in orders at the last customer, then you should look at how the first nine times and failed to refuse it?    Mr. Liao further explained: Keep in mind that the reason why you earn $ 200, because you met 10 the customer’s sake, rather than the first 10 customers.Every customer let you earn 200/10 = 20 yuan.Therefore, each time refused to income is 20 yuan.So, when you are rejected, you should be smiling, salute to the customer, because he lets you earn $ 20.    Japan’s Nissan Motor to sell the king of the Austrian city of good governance has a similar argument.    He saw from a car magazine, according to statistics, the Japanese car salesman visiting customers’ success rate is 1/30, in other words, 30 customers to visit, it will have a person to buy a car.This information that he was totally.    He understands, as long as perseverance successive visit 29, is the first 30 buyers of.The most important thing is, he thinks not only thanks to the first 30 buyers, but also for the previous 29 more should be grateful, because, if there is no success in front of the 29 setbacks, how it will be the 30th!    Indeed, a rock, under the hammer 99 times violently beating, still motionless, the 100 th hit, finally cracked it crashing you would think that just by this last blow it?of course not!    You are very hungry, bought a five bread, when you finish the first five, you find the full.You would not think so: Had I known, in front of the four would not buy bread.Of course not!    Face all the frustration and denial in life, I think each of us in a good state of mind to face, and to thank them often, only so we pay each step will be harvested.Because the final success is always accumulated from the previous failed numerous times from.This is the typical percentage Liao Yung law tells us the truth.

“After meeting” college days at the same table

I know her, because people are not used around.Like her, because of his broken love.  She is “the meeting” at the same table my college age.Yilin.The so-called after the meeting, because our feelings are built up in the few remaining days.  At that time, I was in love with his girlfriend and.Ignoring the many beautiful scenery of life, just like her, this lovely, kind of the same table.Perhaps it is because inexperienced deep end, love will not hesitate to always give top priority.Regardless There are other important substances.Like friendship.Today, Gv, for the time being regarded recall this lovely woman, right.Because I was afraid that one day leave, I will lose the love of writing, no longer have the opportunity to miss.  My girlfriend said to look at fiction.In the network to download several long novels, mounted the booklet.To class.  After his girlfriend to get the novel, he got into a novel.Then, a few good relationship with his girlfriend girls will have to borrow, to see my literary talent.I was a relatively low-key person.Although it is not, but in order not to embarrass his girlfriend, so he agreed to their request.And she, when she is not my classmate, when the novel reached her hands, I will take it back.At that time totally did not expect her face, I let her move to embarrass.Later, his girlfriend inadvertently talk about the matter, said the new, the day you offend Yilin.From that moment on, her name for the first time deeply imprinted on my mind.  The days of living at peace.Because not used to the same table Original selfish character, so they have to change the idea at the same table.Class coincides with a major adjustment in the middle after a bumpy twists and turns, she became my classmate.  Although the first time in a long time, but I never forget that day thing.I’m sorry to say to her, but always trump up the courage.So within some time, we in the Cold War.More accurate to say that my heart Cold War.  SARS period, his girlfriend went home reunion.I am with Yilin home not in Beijing, so have left.  I finally climbed out of his girlfriend’s living area.And she came into my life circle that is at this time.And she together, without the slightest feeling of heartache and make life difficult.Just each other encouragement and joy.Younger than me, she often played the identity of their elders.At that time, only because my finger accidentally scratched, she ran upstairs, downstairs, just to help me buy a Band-Aid.At that time, just because of my message, she would drop everything in hand, came to help me.In my mind, in addition to moving, no other.Cold Lanna people quiet, think of what to do to repay her, but the years under the sun, I dedicate myself to love.Even if love is not around, my love still surging.His girlfriend is gone, in a cold dark night, because of a fever.She came, the sun is everywhere in the campus, because youthful enthusiasm.  After SARS, girlfriend back.After a period of time, I was again Yilin into the Lenggong.  That day, I bought a collection of essays ready to give Yilin, when the information I sent messages asking her where, she came back to let me into deep thought.  ”At the same table, Well, what you need help?”At that moment, my heart what seem to have been a thorn in the same.Chest Mende tears.Lamented that her so insensitive.She is like an unknown, any time I sent the slaves without any compensation to serve.Why should I?I keep asking myself.  In love, I quickly grew, understand a lot.Like now I firmly believe that the earth is round, the world is fair, it took much from you, it will quietly compensation to you in a moment.In the month after I transferred, I wanted to take the.Girlfriend said she fell in love with other people.She had vowed to veto all.At that time, my life in the darkest years.At that time, I was surprised to find, can not find people to talk.I have contacts within weekdays and good people are no longer true.They all have their own things to busy.Suddenly, I feel very frustrated at this world, not a foreign land close friends.But this time, she saw my displeasure, I approached quietly to.Along the way, stay with me through this bleak years.Sometimes I feel my life is in it she quickly continues.Behind some of the one-act play, she is doing tens of thousands of fatigues, her way back and forth busy without the slightest note of resentment is not seeking to get hold back a little, just to be her own, a way to fragrance in life woman.  The world is fair, how much it away from you, will give you much.Like I lost love, get the same table.In two different paths meet women, there is a miss in my life, I came to have a life.On the network, not the outcome I wrote many novels, perhaps because I missed a lot of life in it.And this friendship, I think I will cherish the.Always remember a word she said: “My friends and loved ones, of course, she is a main line your future life, but you are the best.Open the windows and let the sun approached, perhaps everything will be different.Cheer up.See you uncomfortable, I will feel sad.”In later days, I began to laugh hope of life.Walking in the commercialization of the campus, I began to understand the harsh reality of society and the human world.I let myself be gradually brightened, try to contact with the people around.Give yourself a chance to walk into everyone.This is the same table like to see, she likes to walk in front of me, I hope she’s better than she had.  One night I had a dream.Dream, she is a woman fall for mundane, difficult things in the dust in pay, she paid all the world for the people around him, while he is like a candle burning in general own lights others.And I, is one of her light follow people through the dark.  I think that in real life so it should be.  College to have this same table, nice!

After marriage became stepmother found

Used married men late 2009 of a business meeting, I met Shen Jun.He was 13 years older than me, married, divorced.Did not know how long, Shen Jun intentions began to unfold my enthusiastic pursuit of money, I am defenseless.    I do not care about the age disparity between us, but the identity of the man he used some concern, fearing that he and his ex-wife in money, as well as the emotional entanglement or children, and fear the reputation of the back of a stepmother.    These concerns Shen Jun has long been taken into account.He said his ex-wife is an independent and decisive woman, the two married, conflict in the character of growing, eventually leading to marriage breakdown.After the divorce, his ex-wife apply for transfer to overseas work, long time no contact.Because there is no children’s concerns, he can continue to live so free and easy.    But my parents have been opposed to dealing with Shen Jun.They wanted me to find a simple number on the emotional experience of men.Father also went to see Shen Jun, hope he can quit.But instead of shelling Shen Jun, cheek every few days knocking on the door of my house, fruit, health products, movie tickets, bonsai, precious pet dog who is likely to please my parents do, he tried.After more than six months, he finally sat in the dining room of my house, and my parents ate dinner meal changed my life.    He will restore Taoxintaofei preceding marriage in front of my parents, and repeated assurances that I would be good parents finally nodded concessions.    Grab a stepson married more than a year, Shen Jun to me worth of favor.Late last year, we also set up travel plans to go to Greece for the New Year.    As I excitedly looking forward to the dream of the Aegean Sea, one of the arrival of this moment the sea dries up.    Hillview, Greece might go one more person.One more person?I direct you think went with his father, back when your piece is her mother, but cold face, said Duan was joke about it?    Shen Jun Zhang mouth a few times, a hesitant expression.Then, his eyes closed, Hillview, I lied to you, in fact, I have a son, he immediately came back from the United States.    I look to Mongolia.Shen Jun has said he has no children, after the wedding, I have been looking forward to bring his life first child.But today, just when I am full of hope to travel abroad, to grab a man named Shen Li stepson to.My mind buzzing ringing, I do not believe this is true.    I’m sorry I lied to you!Shen Jun kneeling in front of me.He pulled from his pocket a picture.The photograph younger than it is now, and a casual dress woman standing side by side, the two men laughed so natural, but also arms woman holding a little boy smiles.Children less than two years old to follow his mother to the United States to settle, and since then I have not seen them, and when the son did not want.    The fact is available.He quit after his ex-wife tone far in South America, the child did not take care of people, so the thought of getting along fine at home Shen Jun.Older children can not take care of her in-laws, I was forced to go to meet the concealed child into my home.    Shen Jun, you are a big liar!How you did with me and my parents say?I’m sorry now we just want to cover up the past of deception and injury?I’m going to divorce you!I severely slapped a slap in the face Shen Jun, the picture will be torn to pieces, pajamas did not change then a taxi back to her family.    I solved this problem yourself unacceptable deception Shen Jun, but has no interest in becoming a stepmother, full of mind when angry only one thought: Divorce!    After the parents learned the truth to him outside her door son.But anger go angry parents that evening and I sat down long talk, only one theme: Do not hasty divorce.    Parents of very sensible reasons.Although the deception earlier, but Shen Jun is indeed very nice to me, because a child can not be more wrong, we must learn to take the initiative to solve the problem; and once the divorce, I became second-hand woman, which is fatal Mishap.    I was then upsets parents did not mind.I understand what divorce and second-hand means that just as their own concerns at the time of Shen Jun, like, my next husband will probably worry about my ex-husband and the emotional entanglement in the economy, will be hesitant, even prohibitive.Maybe I want to be like the original Shen Jun, like, in order to try to be the second marriage for.    Yes, there will be endless trouble in the marriage, if you do not learn to be patient and to face, I and Shen Jun sooner or later will face more disputes.Children accepted and divorce are meant to face the unknown of a new life, I had to choose one.    Under the auspices of the parents, and I meet each other halfway Shen Jun.I followed her husband to go home, but do not intervene between him and the children; and he and my parents to ensure: that he would resolve the matter as soon as a child, never let me suffer.    Plan froward child and incompetence husband went aground in Greece.Before the Spring Festival, Shen Li dragged three boxes of belongings to live in my home.Children are innocent, I understand, but it can do is try to put him as the air, hoping to not interfere with each each other.    But the child is not really air.    After dinner, I sat on the sofa watching laughed, “You Are the One,” Shen Li in the side with a bunch I do not understand the fuss ABC.Shen Jun doing the dishes from the kitchen ran out, took the remote control from my hands and handed him the plate, he did not cried, selected at random with Taiwan.I do not want to sulk with not a matter of children not want to quarrel Shen Jun, went straight to the library online.Shen Jun came to see me, I whispered a request to the child a little better.    How I bad for him?I could not even get angry too lazy to do things, coldly self-deprecating, I did not give him the TV yet?Am I still a hateful stepmother?I put the word stepmother heavy, every time I think of the word I would feel aggrieved and indignant.    Shen Li is sensitive and stubborn, I’m indifferent to him, he tricks exhausted my revenge.Estee Lauder Essence soak up the rice in two appear Dior perfume in the toilet was filled, high heels, I can not find another intolerable called him at work in front of me, pointing to my lonely heels Q: whereistheothershoe?The answer is spittle, smashing the bird in my bare feet.    Shen Li also spare no effort to involve his mother to my world.My computer desktop is replaced with photos of his mother, browser home page set his personal space, which is full of photos of mother and child.Every time I and Shen Li clash, he will immediately call his mother, and regardless of the other end of the earth middle of the night or early in the morning, he complained loudly in English: Mom, that wicked woman abusing your son, come back and save me!    Shen Jun once again received ex-wife’s phone.Such a phone would call every day, and sometimes the mail.I do not know what they say on the phone, Shen Jun sometimes speak loudly angrily, sometimes it is sad to request, are all in English, and occasionally I could hear his name.It is definitely not a good word.I think.    What did she say to you?I can not stand this chaotic life, I just wanted to let me know Shen Jun everything, wondering how he would solve the problems, rather than continue to hide it from me.He just repeatedly emphasized: Hillview, you believe me, I will soon deal with this thing.    How long is soon?I waited countless quickly, just waiting for the inability to Shen Jun.    Abandoned children of men and post-conflict Shen Li again, and I ran back to her parents.    Shen Jun night pick me up again, this time, I do not want to say anything back to him again.I’ve always tried to be a good wife, good mother, but her husband’s lies and brutal truth, so I became a Jour, a nasty child’s stepmother.    In order to let me go home, Shen Jun in front of my face reassure parents: I have punished the Shen Li.You do not get angry.I know you wronged, then I let him stay in his room, you can not see him just fine.Or up to one year, his mother worked in a stable Mexico, I let him go back, and they will do Contact.Hillview, I will only love you and my children, I swear.    Hillview, for you, I am willing to give up anything!Shen Jun burst into tears again.    Parents are also advised me, they said Shen Jun really love me, I do not self-willed, always care about the past, I should go with him to solve the problem, live well.    Shen Jun Xiangbao me, but I dodged him.    To me, you can not son?I was shocked at what he said.If this is a lie, I do not believe that will only make him.If this is the heart and soul, for he was at home where I?He can be so unsympathetic to Shen Li, the future will adopt the same attitude to my child today?How can this man to blame their own incompetence in their children?    Only then did I see the crux of the matter, I may have too self, rather break than bend the reason not to, but let things get worse is the attitude of Shen Jun, his deception, his ambiguous, his chances.    Without the trust of marriage, we can continue to do?