A) you meet a stranger butterfly butterfly being immersed in the language of light and shadow stolen kiss a dull hunger gorgeous spring-like fingers tore empty nets do feel I’m lying dull pier Wang Chuan silence river water paddling with your eyes Latching those delicate chapter is dressed in feathered wing Enron light on my trembling shoulders you are a butterfly I am old days b) visit vigil purple snow from the furthest point of view news obsession rain or clouds this lost land stays Plaza walk through the sun moving flock to spend spread just like the stars walking the dark as light tread dotted with poor ridge dotted with empty love whitewash the purple flowers

A butterfly

The pendant Soil and understood as ‘butterfly’, there is a circular cocoon a flying small butterfly, two leaves.She said that in addition to this meaning, the designer designed the cocoon into a circle, is the reincarnation of a more profound meaning. Caterpillar cocoon, a butterfly; in fact, the focus of this process is: cocoon.Nibble the leaves start to do primitive accumulation, the accumulation is completed to start the cocoon, I do not know the story of the subsequent experiences of others in a cocoon, as is pain, sleep, lonely, lonely, heartbroken, abusive, or anything else, only you know.Until one day he burst the chrysalis, emergence into a butterfly.There is not enough of primitive accumulation, there is no cocoon of capital, would not join the Hell no courage and perseverance, have not experienced the baptism of suffering and pain, there will be no energy savings after the butterfly, as primitive accumulation; Since then cocoon and eventually break cocoon into a butterfly, blockbuster.In fact, this process of evolutionary biology is to say, philosophical ascetic said to be a process, a small caterpillar for a long terms of practice. Buy jewelry should also have an idea, there must be cultural enrichment or else buy a few days do not like it.

Butterfly Yin

Butterfly Yin Department extended diffuse light fell on the grass without a head peered around all silent whisper a few words begins with a few drops of dew green boat rolled into the loess criss-roots mouth smile hidden among leafy flower girl shyly Miaomei painted lips just butterfly still dream of being awakened by the rustling of one pair of hazy eyes slowly grew bigger wide open and not close like a mirror-like light on two long horns constantly continue to turn a blind eye makeup swagger flowers butterfly Hu fan a moment that gorgeous broad wings heart triumphant gust of wind blowing through the butterfly awkward stick in the dirt foot deep shallow kick open fields waiting for assistance grass Yiyi floral bursts flower girl, trained, trained buzzed with laughter while the sound from the wilderness the distance came the aroma of flower girl flower girl tasting bee attracted a tinkling heart despite howling kissing bees butterflies eat vinegar to sour its convergence from awkward double slurry slowly crawled toward the deep grass horizon sunrise bunch of a bunch pulled the gold butterfly watched without a trace of volatile shook depressed heart that no sound of wings gently drifting into the distance

Butterfly wings folded hurt the heart

She was 11, she started practicing figure skating, that it is ignorant of the age.Her partner her to her 4-year-old, is a very handsome young man, white crystal ice since become their whole life.  Her slender waist often like soft cotton Liu, from time to time by his hands gently hold any make all kinds of graceful dance movements in the bed of ice.  They hugged after the forward slip or slide, or jumping, figure through the place, flying from the ice ballast to be a thorn sharp crack of ice skates, to draw all kinds of curve.She used to spend hard every day in his powerful hands grip held in.Subzero temperatures, coach rebuke, overload training, have made her feel miserable.Heart, just as a few centimeters thick, like ice, broke our hearts too cool.  He trained as hard, but rarely speak, always quietly to fasten the laces on her skates, folded her clothes, pick up her throw landed on the chair Items.When occasional break, he took a white towel and gently wipe the sweat from his face as she.Her heart, in his attentive care, just as solid ice encountered strong light, and gradually melted.She liked skating, more heart, and he was very understanding doing various actions.  It was the first time they participate in the competition.He and she wore clothing show.She was wearing a purple exposed knee skirt, embroidered month white butterfly skirt, long-sleeved lanterns waving like a butterfly with two silk fluttered; he was wearing the same color long-sleeved shirt, black slacks, pants hem also had the same butterflies.Her elegant temperament and his quiet composure and was a play on has won numerous applause.  Music sounded, they started holding hands glide.This is a very soft music, such as undersea coral reefs, with waves coming to the Bay.Her veil wind blowing, they dance to the music, the perfect match action.Simo share of lingering and sometimes like butterflies around the tree, sometimes coiled like ivy.  Her purple skirt floating on him, as they figure ice dancing elegant ballast as holy, and if the spring rain as soft soothing, gentle movements just as the lover’s whispers.They ended the show in thunderous applause.They gradually became the focus of attention of others, she was a bit like a princess floated up.  Day and over water.After many years of participating in various competitions, they always lost, seeing wreath in close proximity, they may worry about the outcome and success in pass.The girl has come to retirement age fast.She began to wake up, she was guilty because of his mistakes hurt the boy’s failure.  That day she had ideas to do a butterfly as the main difficulty of the dance.She worked day and night of dance practice, with countless scars legs feet.Spirit of boys to girls being touched, they also want to have a happy ending.  Girls always mishandled butterfly heartbroken look, she has been shrouded in the aura of happiness.Every time she would be alone for a long time, quietly listening experience that mournful music, in order to adjust the mood, put himself completely into the inside.One day, she finally completed the set of smooth motion, the boy’s eyes is self-evident surprise.She wanted to wait to tell him the game is over, in fact, this is for him, and their love.Just before the race closer to the time, he collapsed on the ice.He was diagnosed with bone cancer.  He delayed the operation time needed, without telling her, decided to finish the race say.Girls really thought he was tired dizziness caused by very guiltily to help him wipe the sweat from his face.Until finally the time of the game.Stadium crowd surging.They walked arm in arm into the stadium.Music sounded, the girls actually look found the right feeling.The boy beside her slide, jump, and looked chilling.Lingering butterflies isolated and grief, of the dance, ride on ice.Boys sweat.He endured severe pain with the girl, he suddenly felt a very short time of the game, looking forward to extend a little, a little longer.His tears falling on her plate from the high bun, her eyes dimmed also interpret grief butterfly.  They finally succeeded, on the podium, I do not know the boy gone, only her eyes blurred look into the distance four weeks.The boy said he was tired of this life left the girl in the letter, he was going to find his favorite distance.Girl’s heart, hurts.  Days later, she started a man’s dance, with realistic butterfly sleeves, rotating in a bed of ice.Slip float fly wind, gently as a butterfly leap.Her grief-stricken as a butterfly solely for the love Masterpiece.Girl every game, there is always one of the most loyal audience in the stands, he has no legs, hands clasped crutch, in a darkest corner, to see the girl burst into tears solo.They have been fantastic in the circle has been incomplete, as butterfly wings folded wings, destined not then draw a circle.

After the autumn (Qintai Arts)

After getting some leaves falling autumn I know there are some leaves on the branches reluctantly they had been in life and death friendship but no matter how good the lingering skelter is the true nature of the world would go and see the orange orange green lotus moment to bid farewell to the summer green and pink I seem to prefer this autumn brown I have repeatedly seen the charges as boundless expanse of blue fairy in between I just yearn for listening to the rain on lotus leaves as if one kind of vague pain this pain is a sad but also a joy it gives me no longer see those pretty colorful beauty also just greed youth as late at night listening to Brahms had a love of life and death forbear even vain word is love I may be a mate that I may be a leaf that I also hold a lotus incense in the branches I’ve had a lotus life and now I decided to listen to the lotus in the autumn of mind away from a noisy enter into a vast

After the accident.

REVIEW meet with friends is a good thing, not a bad idea with the tour, but the occurrence of an accident has changed everything, including family, friendship and love comrades have been varying degrees of challenge, more importantly, this incident reminds everyone such a problem: the private car in the end should not have let a friend or colleague ride?  A ruthless car accident, not only of a fresh life to dust, the more fragmented or several families under enormous social pressure, think about it, everything has not only upset people.    Xu, 46, in a branch office of a large state-owned enterprises, who not only looks delicate features, people skills is critically acclaimed, combined with good financial management, so that family life is quite rich, although many years ago because of personality and its reasons husband divorced, she sentimental daughters in order not to give up more wronged the other half of the right to pursue their own, but gentle and generous temperament she was not a single arc, because she has a bunch of very good friends to always accompanying, or drink tea, play cards, or travel by car.One Saturday a month ago, she went to meet friends and Qingcheng Mountain, Dujiangyan city after eating at noon, several people will be traveling in three cars marching to the destination.She and her daughter ride in the same car, because Liu and his girlfriend recently hobnobbing, they take the initiative to sit together, despite the poor technical friends husband driving, but in the past has repeatedly been to the place, so, No worry about her heart also mean.In approaching the purpose of the occasion, down from a hill close to the intersection with the truck, whose driver stopped to let the car take the initiative first, wanted, hill-start the car the two were unsuccessful, the occasion of panic, the car slid out of control deep, not bolt seat belt driver sitting together thereafter Xu fell out of the door, and broke four ribs in addition to the driver outside, and there are multiple injuries, while the female Xu was then distributed to them bleeding to death, and his neck had broken, I heard, she was in chaos after jumping encounter.    Tsui This is the woman adopt a child, its adoptive parents in adoption a few years later she gave birth to a daughter, years ago, parents have already passed away.Along with her death, which is fourteen years old daughter’s fate has become the focus of attention, according to the normal law, the back side of his father, the most appropriate, but because of custody has been in mother’s side, therefore, its aunt also take the initiative to.After the accident, accompanied by a few friends feel guilty, finished in the initiative to host funeral shortly woman Xu, Liu female initiative to compensate two hundred thousand yuan for his daughter, but was rejected Xu’s sister, and the price increase to only fifty dollars, if not, we will have to resort to legal.    Originally, meet with friends is a good thing, not a bad idea with the tour, but the occurrence of an accident has changed everything, including family, friendship and love comrades have been varying degrees of challenge, more importantly, this incident reminds everyone so one problem: the private car in the end should not have let a friend or colleague ride?Xu has been turned into a puff of smoke drifted away, but no one knows what thought before her eyes closed; Tsui underage daughter had each other’s mother lost childhood, the future will not grow up resentful; Liu one’s good intentions are not good newspaper, and perhaps become a huge compensation as a working-class lifetime of heartache; Xu’s sister have a big opening for the indignant niece, he may also be blamed and cursed others behind; Xu’s ex-husband, although not published any comments, but since then had to assume more responsibility a father.A car accident, people not want to happen, but the fact is often occur, particularly drinking and driving is dangerous, friends, self-respect when your driving, honestly![Editor: Can children]

After “sworn”

Qing dynasty, Shandong Jinan government has a number of silver Showtime, the owner surnamed Zhao, Zhao called one million.This day, Zhao mother passed away, Zhao funeral for the mother, and from the constant stream of friends and family.Accountant in the condolence ceremony came a man, claiming to Zhang Jinlong.This person 30 up and down, wearing a long robe, wearing a cap melons, handsome, imposing appearance, a wealthy appearance.This is Zhang Jinlong lavish ceremony full wages on twelve hundred, so staggering palm book.At that time one thousand Liangwen Yin, but a great number.Zhao large fortune, relatives and friends also no shortage of Yan Fu’s official people, up to the ceremony, but also two hundred.This is Zhang Jinlong shot so generous, it can be met with the person with Zhao unusual relationship.Besides the main house Zhao millions heard about the matter, he came to the accountant, hanging a look book, inscribed Zhili Nanpi Zhang Jinlong.Was very puzzled child: Think about all his relatives and friends, he did not die of a man named Zhang Jinlong?This man is doing?Why on such a heavy gifts?Anyway, I was invited to meet?Ask palm book, this person said after finishing up on the left.How this line?Zhao then immediately sent for one million visits to various hotels.Three looking to find two really also found Zhang Jinlong.Zhao hurried him go with your family sedan.This is the sort of person Zhang Jinlong?Here it is necessary to introduce: Zhang Jinlong is the Black Dragon Zhili Nanpi town.Early poor family, father frequented estuary horse stall.A few years later, it touches make a lot of money, but also to develop his character treacherous man.After his father died, Zhang Jinlong alone pick possessions, the desire to get rich growing.At that time the business has been hot up opium in the country.Zhang Jinlong bends with the wind, we start with the opium business.This spring, Zhang Jinlong man with trafficking opium to Qingdao, Jinan down because the incident delayed the House.Time out, coincided with a large funeral out, traveling hundreds of thousands of people Monk, a question, said Mr. Zhao is an aging mother died, it Mr. Zhao is open silver number, known as Zhao one million.Seeing Zhang Jinlong, an idea, a thought suddenly Health, walk around the body back to the hotel stay, carry out brought a thousand Liangwen Yin Zhao went on a funeral.Accompanied by folks to see him have jumped on the capital, understand its meaning, and asked him, do not recognize does not know, and so on Why gift?Zhang Jinlong not explain, but hey sneer.Besides Zhao million Zhang Jinlong will receive your family, a banquet.Zhang Jinlong did not open his mouth chin, it can blow up on a large cattle.Zhao found that when asked whether the one million towards the minister Zhang Wan, Zhang Zhidong?Zhang rights inone two brothers, who do not know, nobody knows what?Zhao told Zhang Jinlong million two brothers Zhang uncle is his own family?Wan famous village drove home the silver, and the foreigners are doing now is a big deal.He talked about the early years of listening to his uncle, the Jinan government to Zhang Zhao Jiazu grace, have not been able to return.The passing through here, to coincide aunt passed away, a little piece of cake, Buchengjingyi.Words were very relaxed.Zhao 1001000 Zhang brothers he is a courtier’s nephew, is adoration.As for his own ancestors words of Zhang’s grace, he first heard.Since people say, simply acquiesced in it?So Baoquan hand, even said: honor, honor.Zhang Jinlong put on a wealthy look, Zhao playing in the day, he said, pushing a hand press business, hurry to leave.Zhao see this gratitude by flying experience, of course, we are happy to see Zhang Jinlong rich and powerful, is not there anything to curry favor with the reason?Zhao climb the high branches bent one million children, two sworn proposed eight worship became brothers.Zhang Jinlong also wish.Thus, the two vowed to drink blood, dedication and have difficulty with when, forged a life and death brothers.Zhang Jinlong Fengfengguangguang left the Jinan government.Qingdao can not make it, because all the silver brought the ceremony, playing a net, I had no choice but to go home.His family do not know what is snake oil medicine, I thought he had it hysteria noontime?When over more than a month, Zhang Jinlong Zhao went to Jinan.Saying did a business, sometimes Zhouzhuanbukai funds, borrowed 5200 silver.Zhao did not hesitate even one million, readily agreed.Unexpectedly, Zhang Jinlong and no withdrawals, say one will be taken when using.Fast forward a year.This day, Zhang Jinlong police sent 520 silver of interest.Zhao one million understand its meaning: there is no silver put away, how can I collect interest?Police explained: my family dispensers to say, he took money put away, ready to be silver number for us.Now that ready, even if the bill had it when interest.It is not too happy at Zhao millions of the world’s most feel that they get to know people talk about faith.Then, after about six months, Zhang Jinlong personally came to Jinan, Zhao Gao Ying naturally take away.Zhang Jinlong speech that he made a fortune with foreigners opium big business in urgent need of 000 silver, desperation to find Big Brother.Within three months to ensure the return of principal and interest together, doubling interest.000 silver, but a scary number of people.Zhao join together to obtain silver No..Because through different things to each other, Zhao Jinlong nature is no doubt one million pairs.Also specifically placed for the, for his brother in the league before the statue of Marshal Chao, more than a stick of incense burned it?The next day, Zhao one million Dongnuexijie, patchwork, finally gather the 000 silver, and by Escort, Zhang Jinlong Hire will return Nanpi.

After step down the red carpet

Sister was down, good help, stood in the courtyard of the mud, her white feet fertilizer, waddled.She probably was a year old, and I have four years old!    Mother took out a kitchen knife, aligned with the middle sister feet piece of mud, serious and hard to cut down.    ”doing what?”I asked loudly.    ”A child is not sensible!”Mom was mysteriously put away the knife,” my grandmother said, so children will have to walk scholarship, you were a kid and I had to cut you.”” Why cut?”” Child born feet are shackled locked, so not walk, it cuts off the only road to go.”” I do not see, “I am not convinced and said,” Where in leg irons.”” Fetters is there, the grandmother said, you can not see it wants.”” Now is not broken?”” Broken, now cut off, and my sister would be to walk.”Later, of course, my sister would walk, and I grew up, finally know my sister can walk with leg irons cut has nothing to do, but I do not know why, that distant screens actually as clear towering, moved me.    Maybe there really is shackled, life is always rushed, always breaking what Dayton, anyway, not our own to bursting sturdy chains, is to make that cruel hoops of steel into our flesh!    Is late spring or early summer also remember not invited, I went upstairs to Vincent Press, Mr. Shaw put a contract book to me.    ”Very well,” he said, and he seems tall, fine, competent, “read you something that reminds me of a child to read and Bing Tagore.”I was surprised to jump quickly, Bing Xin and Tagore?This is what I cooked terribly, terribly love it!How could he know?I just think it is an autobiography, “carpet that end” so sold off, after deducting taxes I only got over two thousand yuan, but do not feel at a disadvantage.    I Hing hastily went to a friend palette like, I want the purple, when I married, the family arranged all purple, purple curtains, bedspread is purple, the window frames of creeper flowers are purple, purple to overflowing on the page, a dream for some years, it was a beautiful sunny day, I send color samples to the press go, the road, San Mao, she also went to see color samples, she is a friend of the book color, tone grass green, a book is really exciting news, we will happily touch of color to the life of that upcoming booklet.    ”We were together a book,” Once Kang Yun Wei said, “Man’s great publicity well ah, enlarged photos are hanging out.”That’s something I forgot, after her mentioning, think as if there was something going on, the strange thing is I do not remember the photo, and I remember that I often after work, Baba went upstairs Press , ask them to show me the case of a new book on sale.    ”Whose book is relatively easy to sell?”In fact, the book has sold or how sales have nothing to do with me.    ”Your Shan with leaves.”The clerk turned to me booklet.    I took a closer look at the booklet, want to know in the end is a leaf Shan sell more, or I – I can not say that’s crazy or naive, then somehow things all day to worry about impatient, probably as a young.    October of that year, did not bridge cubs literary send a gift certificate Zhang Qingdian concept to me, I went to Taiwan.Her husband also have a ticket, our seats in different areas, similar to the adjournment of the meeting at the stadium when the door.    I was wearing a magenta suit, Hui Lai that day the sun, the sky a brilliant blue, my position is very good, very exciting sports performances, but also want to see close at hand, and her husband, the presence of a seat, we We will meet and go after the meeting, everything being perfect crystal clear, full of regrets.    But, suddenly, I burst into tears, I remembered Nanjing.Nanjing is not on geography, is the poem, in words, the soul dream, the mother’s accent in Nanjing (Nanking mother is not a person, but secondary school in Nanjing) vaguely remember that name, Xuanwu Lake, Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, Jiming Temple, Confucius Temple, Qinhuai River.No, do not want those names, that was not fair, not middle-aged nostalgia, you are just so young, nostalgia should not have to worry to you, you see it show, you are invited to see the show, and Behold!Good seats it!Do not cry, you did not see it properly Jiandajiadu!Why do you cry?You really too young, you do still wearing the bride’s dress to marry, you are happy, you have your little house, every evening, down purple mantle and the man came back, there is little life the angry, a little proud, a little Qishang and sweet, so the day is not very good yet?    Not touch the hometown of thinking, it is too strong, do not let the three Jiang Wuyue to hit you, do not read the red county Shenzhou name, you can not stand, really, life is good, to force back the tears, you can not start, you can not start, you can not start, you can not start to recover.I sat, invalid admonished himself, from the Golden Gate to the fire in the hall lit, half-naked man in divers operating performance, such as condensate meter team butt purple power, especially in the stands above the red pillars, straight spicy pushed the front, I can not think of Sun Yat-sen to curb, looking heavenwards that stepping stone, Chinese people’s Wailing wall, when will we be hot forehead against the cold on the sacred, we will step a protracted amount ascended the highest mountain fog lock cloud buried.Will be scattered, and I suffer rubs up against the door, he was there for me, we go home together.    ”what happened to you?”Go a long way, he could not help but ask me.    ”No, do not ask me.””are you uncomfortable?””No.”” That, “he worried,” I mess with you?”” No, no, no – you do not ask me, I beg you do not ask, do not tell me a word, at least do not tell me today.”He looked at me in surprise, surprise there is an understanding in recent afternoon sun shines on broad magnanimous Dunhua North Road, we silently back to the purple nest.    He really did not bother me again, I am trance began to organize themselves, what dawned on me that there are some deep-rooted things have been hidden in my own do not quite know at Yuanshen, the lady style education can not be masked, is a traditional Chinese Department of exegesis and poetry can not be polished, that very rude and very wild and very very hot, what can not be stopped, that “for the full history of the pen have fat marrow, bone blood as impregnable as a base, with the enterohepatic a dirty heat, intense boiling water for rivers “(Note) feelings.I remember when very young, and his father leave, then the family has two long knives, a victory of the war to the division, shark skin, antique, body and belongings regarded as the father of the only valuable things, with my mother and smaller sister to Taiwan, his father does not go, only to take us to the river, he said:

After some sharpening, only more beautiful smooth pebbles

Ladder ladder has never been used footrest, it’s just to get people’s feet to put some time, so do not let one foot on the board can go down to.  Winding mountain road circling, but that extends toward the summit.  Only the top of the mountain to see the other side of the scenery.  Even rocky road, the wheels have to move forward; even rough rivers, ships were sailing.  Only by creating, is the real enjoyment, only hard work, is a full life.  Courage to declare war on the darkness of the human heart must be full of light.  Lofty ideals like flowers growing in the mountains.If you engage in under it is hard to climb the ropes.  Nature, no ups and downs, the earth will not Fruitful.  Diligence is the password of your life, you can be translated a magnificent epic.  Busy bees collect, no time to talk in front of people.  Warrior Hai streams without the great stroke sink, drowning will calm coward.  No matter how high mountains, always leave the road to climb to a brave man.  As long as the sweet harvest, there will be thorns busy bee.  Life can be sweet, it may be bitter, but not the taste is not.You can win, you can also fail, but you can not give in.Nine hundred and ninety-ninth in vain, and a thousand times it is only open opportunities for enterprising and talented people, never patronize mediocre.  Only those who walk on the concrete floor, never leave deep footprints.  Meaning that the vitality and hard work, because the world itself is an arena.  Waves of character, is a rock and shattered countless times and countless flash pounced reef.  Banyan because rooted in deep soil, shade longer life will flourish.  Pride is broken kite lead, fleeting; low self-esteem, is cut the wings of birds, hard on the sky.Both of which are taught taboo.  If the trees trimmed because of fear of pain and denial, it may never become useful.  After some sharpening of the sea, only more beautiful smooth pebbles.  If the talent compared to the sword, it is hard grindstone.  He withstood the baptism of fire mud will have a strong physique.  Although the weak spot fireflies, but the darkness is illuminated challenge.  Beautiful blueprint lies in the hands lazy, nothing but a waste paper.  Temporary setbacks can often indomitable fighting into knowledge and insight.  Up efforts to open up, only to bend turned into a straight bamboo Rhizome.  Do not work, do not sow, and then the fertile soil fertilizer also not grow crops, do not struggle, do not create, then the United States also bear no fruit youth.  Even the best seeds are not sown, also could not bear rich fruit.  If the hateful setbacks make you taste the bitter fruit, then the rise will let you taste the joy of life.  Falls — In order to run to rivers and lakes, even in the face Baizhang abyss, still roaring ahead, never back down for the Warriors, the sick, embarrassment, censure, defamation, cynical, power forward of all oppression is.  Smooth, it does not mean that traveling is a flat route.  In the desert, only the pace of progress is a sign of hope.

After she was determined to get to bed

Zhang roll is really very dirty evil, he has not seen the surface according to Yang put the words, she wants to go to bed.He is a friend to say these words.Zhang rolled away home printing, small business, advertising printing, packaging printing, print business cards, also printed books.His son like a sparrow, like every day, prowl.Yang according to friends looking for him to do the book, he was naturally very pleased, and asked loudly into the phone tube: copies are not so big?Friend said: You’re a miser, my heart just print run.I do business with people, what I do not want to want money?In addition to paying the money was ah.People how it?The boss was pretty book.How beautiful?Big Eyes.Big eyes girl I’ve seen much more.Soft kidney.How soft?How to be more soft soft.nonsense.anything else?Good breast Alice.Good breast Alice?Outstanding!Then what else?Good round ass.Rounded rounded.You like hot bread just came out of that place.Do not say do not say, and told her to come over here.Then, he puts down the sentence: I do not see her out bed!Yang compliance over the South.Friends not exaggerated, according to Yang is good looking.There are delicate southerners, northerners both full.In particular, very white skin.White and moist.Like to get water-soaked.Zhang roll constantly staring at her, was a little Dodo.He wanted to reach out and touch her face, or her shoulder, the end is refrained.Nice to meet you, in the end not rash.Zhang roll please dined according to Yang, Yang also requested in accordance drink tea, take a look at quite late, he drove her home Hotels.He packed his mind, the car to the hotel, according to Yang sent into the room, she took advantage of the opportunity to engage in.He has had two back to this experience, I was very confident.But the car downstairs, according to Yang but not sending him.Uphold jumped out, quickened step children, a sideways, into the hotel.Zhang roll has not recovered, according to Yang on has been omitted.Lights and behind the hotel door security stature leaving only one place, very deserted.Which makes this race a little surprised.Yang according to him a few hours together, he has been watching her quietly Wen Wen, Wen Wen Shunshun of.Smiling face Italy, gentle voice.He said some one-liners, open some jokes, often very presumptuous, very special, and she understood it, chuckle laugh, not respond.With his experience, not as a reaction, and that is the default.He thought that this girl can get started.I did not think he was totally wrong.She opened the door and jumped out to see, Dengdeng Deng went straight into the hotel that posture, Zhang roll knew this girl a downright.Over the years, as long as the girl on his heart, he has not been subjected to refuse.This time hit.It made him feel humiliated, very angry funeral.He sat, made a long stay.I do not know how to think Zhang roll, he suddenly down – no, do not want to move, do not want to go home, they leaned, put your feet out of the car window, lay down.He soon fell asleep.Zhang roll in this sense sleep really dead.Bursts of snoring, motionless, not even dream of doing a.Zhang roll woke up sleep, it is already the next morning.It was still dark, the light is not lit, surrounded by a chaos.In front of a small hotel like the same monster crouched there, a lot of dusky.Yang according to it?Yang according to which room inside the?According to Yang is asleep or awake?Alas, this dog’s mouth according to Yang.Pensions shadows of the weight of Zhang roll a little shortness of breath.Zhang roll your feet recover from the car window, sit still, and shuffles to start her up, shuffles out over the front, home.Little by little the sky bright.Zhang roll home at the edge of the city, in a depression, then the last point, that is, the suburbs, and be at the junction of urban and rural areas.This is a high aloof three small brick building, surrounded by vain people.In front of a large road.During the day, busy, bustling, it is truly exciting; at night, the car less lean people, lights flashing, it is deserted, so the brick buildings around the four walls, the entrance gates added.Zhang roll also raised two big dogs, lying curled on both sides of the iron gate, let them across the fence while tongue while staring fiercely any movement outside.Zhang did not think roll, two dogs were poisoned.Shepherd was poisoned people take drugs buns.Shepherd’s head flat on the ground, each mouth is a pool of black blood, skin side of a small bun halves.Zhang kicked rolling grille door, looked at the front of the brick house, came out in a circle around the fence, I see, the man has stared at him for a long time, get a clear idea of his life has been law, By yesterday evening hand.But the unexpected outbreak of the culprits never imagined, last night he did not return overnight.