ith the President of the Women’s Federation have eighteen hundred times, they finally finalized set this policy, in essence, just to be able to carry out anti-brainwashing – “Dear Comrades, you listen up ah!You women are strong, the top half of the sky, make money and more families need equal status, can not hear the wind to see the rain, not seriously their own!”- So not married, do not be pulled back home to get married!Married, do not give birth to a child, packing to go home, know that you earn in this, but also more than men!

  And this is also how many slogans have some role in the resignation of two years, a lot less than before, this is more like Li tai-old, and her husband had a quarrel, can throw a good few slogans.
  ”My daughter?”Tangzhao Di subconsciously want to buy clothes for his daughter should do, but can hold back the words of the heart is, and before that there wa苏州桑拿网s no money, what can only choose one, of course, she was selected son, now rich, even to buy two sets of clothes, it should also does not matter, and “also bought, also bought!”
  ”This fishes.”Li tai certainly nodded,” Zhao Di, you may not like some people, like, What the patriarchal ah, you see people small city, all of them when the baby daughter, you look at my husband, earn a three hundred days a month, and I make up the five-six!”
  ”.Ok.”Tangzhao Di did not pour cold water, then to the small town, a lot of her ideas, and indeed in repeatedly under attack, you know, in the past she could never dared think that a woman can earn more than men, such as their rent that old woman – her mother is the workshop director, turned out to be followed by workshop director pension!This daughter can do pension?
  Lee Laidi is then TB, then there 苏州桑拿is no way to stop, pointing to the road to Tangzhao Di introduces four nearby facilities, even with a finger to her envy the position of a small number of City Experimental Kindergarten: “You did not see, that people there kindergarten, for children on our vil

is tight with yourself, you can not be silly, women do not make myself a little better, and that are against my own.”

  ”.That’s not good?”
  ”What’s wrong?”Li tai glance Tangzhao Di heart is any idea,” Of course, this house is to make money together, you can give yourself a point, which is what is wrong?Do you think a man out to make money, not spend their own?What do they smoke, drink, have the people they will leave, do not know to leave?Really try to fool himself up?”
  Li tai went on to add: “Besides, you get to trumpet the city深圳桑拿网 for a long time, we know that our hard work, all the same, in order to save money later from the house, but also do not need so demanding their own, the flowers or flowers that live most afraid to spend money in the die!Of course, I’m not teach you all the money spent.”
  ”That’s me, I bought my son a fine.”Tangzhao Di not be persuaded into, she could not understand Li tai idea, think of the heart is seen on the back of that piece kids clothes, infant what the village, children clothes, are from generation to generation, large small to wear, do two the new body pretty good, she did not expect, there are also special children to do outside of small clothes, can look good, wear to their home Zihao who must be very appropriate.
  ”That’s what your daughter?”Li tai frown, she up to now not a son, is in the home, and her husband was Shou苏州夜网bu pointing out together, she thought it Tangzhao Di, the atmosphere looked very good to see a girl, and how those people a home idea, “you can not patriarchal, you forget that we say the Women’s Federation President?Women hold half the sky!”
  Garment factory workers almost always, in this very prestigious Women’s Federation President, from time to time will organize a meeting, shouting slogans – of course, such as their employees, and less able to understand the good intentions of people shouting slogans, which in the final analysis and also that Hong Kong City boss think of indigenous methods.
  He can discuss w

ediately bought, he was very particular about the fair, had to buy a fifth of what to see the money paid out like water, and Tangzhao Di Wu Guizhi almost anxious, the last two days, is forcing her husband to stop trip ar南宁夜网ound the small town, sending her to the factory to work, she does not know this month at home, the husband does not have to buy anything and chaos.

  Tangzhao Di always felt, which her husband spend money problems, must be alone in a small city to bad, it seems men around, he will have to have a woman, if she did not come, perhaps the money should be her husband lost light!When she entered the factory, be careful, for fear to be expelled people, after all, what she would not be thought, that doing the doing, she was getting on his hand, said the director, and next month she is not new it manually, skilled workers could get money!
  Only this two hundred sixty home, how to allocate it?Tangzhao Di thought to myself, she did everything he knows idea: “Li Jie, the money you get back, how tweed?”She could not help but seek advice.
  ”深圳桑拿Give yourself to buy two new clothes.”Li tai should be soon,” garment factory defective internal price we buy cheap, but only adults, and then eat a meal with the family, and the rest aside, come home from house.”To the small town, how much will a shift in consumer attitudes.
  Tangzhao Di little surprised: “We are every d上海夜网ay in the factory, which it might gain so many clothes?You do not give your man to buy it?”They would chat in the shop when bored, she knew her husband Li Jie also start work, her children at home, her thoughts or traditional stuff, formerly in the village, or whether Tang Pei home, what things are tight with the males to come, especially as this dress, it is a priority to them, for the simple reason that men work every day, go out, go out, you shall not wear clothes a broken right?More ugly!
  ”I bought him what to do?”Li tai rolled his eyes,” He did not have clothes to wear, I worked so hard to earn, of course,

atively simple environment, two无锡夜网 small children, wife and mother were in the village to come, do not dare to go out of the cohabitation of the environmental problem.

  Just been to the factory, knows the time the factory passed quickly, after all, on the assembly line, doing all likelihood, are repeat jobs, so the eyes closed eyes opened a day, so they had a.
  She was introduced to Tangzhao Di Huang, they do not charge a month’s wages, a day that will go to finance that line up, signed his name will be able to walk away with wage, she is the new manual, familiar spent several days, come for a month, you can also get a full two hundred sixty previous work earns more than the husband, when the money that moment, she was in a trance, and for her, she never no thought to their own stupid mind, there is still money day.
  ”Zhao Di, do you want to go home?me and you togeth北京风月会所er.”Recently there are a large factory goods, rest days into January, two days later, with the rent at home and Tangzhao Di Granny Li tai that was very warm, and her get together.
  Tangzhao Di very nervous, put the money round folded his hands across their chests, he looked around, afraid of people do not know is like a pocket money as: “Well, Li Jie, go with us, I’m afraid!”
  It first came to a small town that week, with her husband and mother turn a few laps in the city together, and gave them both a lot of things to buy, but also in that time, Tangzhao Di had our first glimpse, the original is the big city what he looks like, you know, the highest building in town, is the government, a total of how much?Three and a half, or with a water tower, but in the small town, the highest floor, his head looks, the number is unclear how many are 苏州桑拿网on the streets coming and going, it did not look like the first day they saw a gray flutter flutter like, but rather colorful.
  The first day, Tangzhao Di also feel strange, fun, the next day they began to feel sad, and her husband to see what they are interested in, imm

rental income of many.

深圳桑拿网  ”Yes, at your request.”Huang immediately went over,” It’s like family, small children, women garment factory workers go, the old at home taking care of children.”
  ”All right, come see it.”That old lady walking in front, lead the people on the third floor, on top of the set of a bad hire, because hot area and large, if not a family of five like this, it is difficult willing to rent, said to be suites, in fact, also later separated, the system of a total of two and a half rooms, between it and a half, is separated by a wardrobe, a bed on the inside, plus a curtain, nothing else.
  ”Which quest so big it.”Wu Guizhi intends to have it stay here, my heart can not help but care about, Zihao still small, do not have a single room, Xiao-ping and she can squeeze, the top two rooms a day, more than half between, nor I know how much, “Xiao-pi南宁夜网ng no single room.”
  ”Mom, I specifically chose this.”Pei Naochun lowered his voice, by the past,” This old woman, daughter of the head of this garment factory, after which Zhao Di go rent it, just in caseCommit something wrong, people will take care of.”
  ”.alright.”Wu Guizhi one, can not really refuse, nodded, and this social relationship, she understands.
  After finalized laid down, Pei Naochun immediately went over to Granny and pay a deposit, this year, naturally rarely engage in any contract, everyone depends on credibility, to say that good is good, and not so many complex ideas, old Huang cheerfully gone, only that day come, it regarded as happy.
  In fact, Pei Naochun choose this house, not because the old woman’s daughter, but because it’s the tenant, he is very simple requirements for Huang, he was looking for some workers and their families shared the same home, to know between the factory, is also a territory divided, the women here, most pricey wages, family status is also good, all-round surrounded by osmosis, you can always come last game, can thoroughly anti-brainwashing.
  Furthermore, women are rel

usly, she ignored granddaughter, are five or six people, which dignitaries to take care of, and if the early years, have helped start a work at home.

  ”That’s not afraid, we have this piece count.”Huang immediately react,” but have to deposit a few cents, a bit there, do more money, less money to do less.”
  ”It’s all very well.”Wu Guizhi thought to myself, she was a little surprised, this city and the village not entirely a kind, although village women work also deft, can play on farming, large dry live, how much worse a man of some.
  ”Huang,深圳桑拿网 would you please give Zhao Di introduce live, my mother would not be the first, we just arrived, that the surrounding environment is also not familiar with, to take care of the children say.”Pei Naochun inserted smiling mouth, not that he was missing Tangzhao Di work the money, but he wants to see another world Tangzhao Di, S as an open port city, than their home, not discrimination has been reduced few women can carry half the sky slogan, in this is the real deal, at least to the factory, Tangzhao Di can really feel their abilities, after all, in the past, that her supernumerary live purely light stick her husband, earn less, there is no sense of accomplishment.
  ”Row.”What do two single business, Huang beautiful smile, seeing the house in front, he began to introduce,” Laopei, I asked for it, but according to your house, absolutely no errors.”
  In the eyes, it is a really small yard, boxy, surrounded by a lot of potted plants, on top of not the kind of beautiful flowers, lettuce, onion and garlic are what count them out.The middle took a few long rope, estimated to be used in drying clothes, there is a tap on the door, a big basin them the n北京夜网od, normally water or washing vegetables, reckoned that are in.
  ”Huang, you bring people to the?”There is a house old woman came out, saw Huang, the expression quite clear that she was the landlord of this house, the yard only a small set, if rented out, she will be able to single monthly

it.Also, Guaiguo that, there is a small market, selling vegetables in daily rental yard can grow some.”

  ”That’s all very well.”Wu Guizhi nodded..
  Huang is very enthusiastic: “Yes, you want to work at home w深圳桑拿网ife is not?I introduced her to, in your neighborhood that factory, I Huang’s name, absolutely no problem, that people in very good condition, do live and simple.”He pointed, it is a garment factory, he said, is that investment in Hong Kong City boss, the boss wants, this is Tangzhao Di, have children at home, take care of the children but also the elderly woman, you know, these days, girl out of work, a few years to be married shouted back home can be a lot of people worked hard to keep skilled workers, doing nothing is no, the boss is afraid, would rather teach, do not want to say no no.
  Tangzhao Di little nervous, subconsciously stammer: “I, I will you?I have not read the book.”She do not know what recruitment techniques, subconsciously exposes its short.
  Wu Guizhi clever touches, quickly Zhaobu: “my wife Zuiben not speak?”She supplement smiling, and my heart is very plan, all the way over, she has been observed, although this small town high wages, can also spend more, if a wife can not find a job, it is estimated that his son was tired out, although she did not at the end, but she would wear, “she was very hardworking, deft hands and feet, wh北京桑拿at the family can do live, mending it is number one!”
  Huang used to see this, do not think strange village to the little girl, are afraid of even opening still more of it: “It does not matter, that people do not read, as long as hardworking, diligent hands and feet, learn It will be on the line.”He tried to sell, introduced in the past a person, he can get it hard costs ten dollars,” That’s simple manual labor, not to not learn, yes ma’am, do you want to get a job?I also have it better, when you introduce!”
  ”how is it like?”Wu Guizhi some heart, and waved,” but I have to stay home with their grandchildren.”Unconscio

n is in the end to break out of the core, even if she cooked a quarter of an hour more than usual, a lot of soft, but swallow when there is some thorn voice, Fang Xiulan looked Nguyen rain no appetite, wondering, a little girl will go to get something else to eat.

  Nguyen rain but do not know when to swallow, frowning hair, are their own eyes the mother saw it, she tried to make her swallow, but suddenly hear their own uncle said, “rain, today is not that educated youth to come you swap places the University of peasants and 苏州夜网soldiers?”
  Nguyen rain hesitated, she nodded her head, did not want to say something more on this topic.
  ”You’re a girl, and they must not be that city to the small white face two good things to coax the go!”Nguyen Quoc years continues,” This places reserved for a family member with it, do not give the l广州桑拿网ie to outsiders!”
  Ruan Guohua has not opening face some ugly, “Brother What does this mean?Now that somebody gave rain, peasants and soldiers, university places, naturally belongs to the rain, and how?You want that commitment yesterday, today’s children will the peasants and soldiers, the university places??”
  Nguyen Quoc years know this thing is not authentic, so he did not say yesterday, every day slow the slow just say it, but I did not expect their own third brother, so do not give him face.
  Nguyen Quoc years forget, not someone else’s face, but he earned self-sufficient children.
  ”The youngest, a sum not write two words Nguyen, rain is a girl every family, to this quota is useless, you might as well go to the Victor, Victor poor health, academic performance is not as Zhiwen, when your uncle drawing a Victor, Victor will natura杭州桑拿洗浴lly keep that in mind there, the next he synthesizers, we can Ruan old family line!”
  Nguyen Quoc years of heart disease is the second son did not help their own to get hold of the workers, university places, so he went to the breath!
  Boss is not a love of reading, he’s the boss do everything we can to commune mili

en stood up and even immune, then filled with people on the train, you have to whistle away, accompanied by some people with noisy sound, car instantly launch, lopsided, open to the distance, there are numerous car carries the dream of getting rich man, I am embarrassed to start, ready to run to be able to place their wealth.

  ”There really hot.”Wu Guizhi big jacket already off, hanging in the hand.
  Pei Naochun was out of the station, they found a Shumenshulu among traders, they are well-informed, well-known in this city large and small ways, wheth苏州夜网er it is to find a job renting, or what to do, just have to give money, not afraid slaughtered, they are not wrong to find, Pei Naochun with them that makes a say their own requirements, so they took to be a low level at a house next to the brook, in the middle of the river, it is estimated that inland, did not loo北京兔兔体验网k clear, both sides of the house, different style, are estimated to build their own, while walking, Wu Guizhi began to chatter quietly up.
  ”Yes, ah, really hot.”It is Tangzhao Di join in, she wiped the sweat from the train station, they turned the corner this, she did not see the small city bustling place, but in my heart at the conclusion, and the home town feel no different.
  Wu Guizhi frown: “Even the way I do not know, do not know where to go to buy food.”She is very sensitive, just like the majority of ups and downs, good place to find ten thousand small town, her son will be able to agree to return home the same, of course, and my heart is full, there are also fears that this place is too strange.
  That intermediate dealer surnamed Huang, wore a yellow teeth smoke smoked out, year-round clip smoke two fingers, are some sign深圳桑拿网s, he would like to do this business smiling back: “Aunt, can not say that I to you find the house, not too good.”He put his hand pointing direction,” Since before, there are three factory, are Dingding famous, recruitment every year, there is a still a Hong Kong City boss investment

s going to marry?Besides, those who wer杭州桑拿e previously educated youth, be they left a lot of bad impression, all fingers do not stick spring water, can not do much.

  ”Were read, people big city girl, is to read more books.”Fortunately, sitting next to Pei Xiaoping did not listen, Pei Naochun still there for her little frog jumped out of the fold, Pei Naochun just say” My girl is naturally better than others house!After our house, there are two college students, others envy envy finish.”
  Tangzhao Di did not control, just smiled and kissed his son’s face: “Zihao, I heard my father say not, and you want to be a university student.”
  Given son who work alone, and promising future grandson, Wu Guizhi clappers so they decided to place the family in the coming year.
  Then a hammer may decide their fate Wu Guizhi was to the train station, began two shares of the peace, his苏州夜网 face uneasy, her life, when most people have seen, that is fair, the county opened the General Assembly, but that more people , but also filled the field, whatever the outcome still a little gap, which is the train station, at first glance, people are still people in addition, there was a big monster, height is not high Wu Guizhi, faint to see the front of the green train, this car can be really long, to the time, the mighty momentum, and almost put the village of firecrackers ratio.
  But even then she had the urge to flinch, so also drove the car, Pei Naochun not booked tickets in advance, only to find the cattle – cattle cause the world to develop much earlier than he had imagined, but added unlike the later was in hiding after police control, upright, the other off-site stand by the roadside, Pei Naochun exceptionally fortu杭州桑拿nate in this life to him in advance of the past few months, finally saved up a little money, otherwise single so forth, will be able to spend a lot of.
  Pei Naochun find the higher price of cattle is to take tickets, through the crowd, finally able to find their place, and sat down, th