Cleansing good habits make the skin breathe_1

Cleansing good habits make the skin breathe_1

Cleansing good habits so that the skin can breathe

Cleaning products should be paired with each girl, and two cleaning products should be prepared at the same time.

Some are relatively strong, and there will be some refreshing feelings when used up; the other is more gentle, and the illusion of a little not cleaned up after use.

So what is the effect of the two cleaning products, we provide the following solutions: First, separate in the morning and evening, clean thoroughly at night, use cool, only remove some sebum in the morning, just take it gentlyAlready.

  Second, the treatment is divided into sections. After using the mild product on the entire face, in areas where the oil is easy to come out, such as the T zone or hair angle, use strong products to strengthen the cleaning.

  Third, for weekly care, for some friends with extremely thin skin, it is best to insist on using mild products for a long time, and only use strong products as exfoliating products during weekly care.

  If the cleaning step is not necessary, you must focus on the cleaning step, because even if you use the best product without using the right method, it will be more effective.

Therefore, we have to legislate the following three points, please note: First, it is completely moist. This moist is a pun, it is necessary to wet the face thoroughly, and also to make the product completely wet and blistering, otherwise the product directlyRubbing against the skin not only fails to cleanse but also burdens the skin.

  Second, be sure to massage in circular motions. Remember that the methods of cleaning and applying skin care products are exactly the opposite. Take the extension downwards as an instruction to bring the dirt out. Pay attention not to shorten the massage time. Strengthen the massage in the T area and other parts.

  Third, be sure to rinse quickly with running water.

I recommend flushing for a while while washing your face, which will help the dirt to be brought out by pressure and massage the skin, but pay attention that the water temperature must not be high, otherwise the skin will age.

  There are some bad habits of cleaning. Some people think that although cleaning is necessary, it is not the most important thing. Then you are totally wrong.

Because if someone asks me to choose one skin care step, then I choose clean.

If you have the following cleaning habits, please correct them in time: first, go to bed without cleaning.

Sometimes I came back from overtime or clubbing. I was really tired and tired. The girls went to bed with makeup and dust accumulated for a day.

Well, unless you do nothing and clean it thoroughly, you will have to insert pores and you will have to replace it by 10 times.

  Second, I like to squeeze acne during face washing.

Many people have this habit, but imagine how much dirt will enter the wound?

Even if you want to squeeze acne, please squeeze it after cleaning thoroughly, okay?

  Third, I like the feeling of towel and face rubbing.

It is very harmful to the skin. Pulling and thinning will cause aging. Even if you want to clean with foreign objects, you should also add a soft cleansing sponge and pay attention to avoid secondary pollution.