Different ways to say hello reveal different personalities

Different ways to say hello reveal different personalities

Different ways to say hello reveal different personalities

It is naturally normal to greet people. We greet others almost every day, but how we say hello is also very important. Different ways of greeting can reveal different personality characteristics.

  1. People who look directly at each other When they say hello, people who look directly at the other person are often aggressive in their interactions. They want to try to find out the truth and truth of the other person by greeting and secretly think about how to let the other person take the lead and let themselves overwhelm.other side.

At the same time, it also shows a sense of alertness and defense to others.

  When dealing with such people, you must pay attention to strategies. The first thing to do is to protect yourself and not easily expose your disadvantages, otherwise you will be looked down on by the other party; then, take the opportunity to take the next step.

  2. People who do n’t look at each other ‘s eyes do not look at the other ‘s eyes when they say hello, and look away. Such people are usually timid and afraid of seeing strangers, but this does not mean that they are arrogant but theirInferiority complex is working.

They are not confident in their dealings with others and they are hesitant.

However, when a girl has a good opinion of a heterosexual person, she often deliberately looks at people in a wrong way. Even if she meets her face-to-face, she will take a look elsewhere.

In fact, they just put smoke bombs in the opposite way to remind each other that they have opened their hearts.

  3. People who step back deliberately say hello, people who will step back intentionally may think that this is a kind of politeness or courtesy, but others will think they are intentionally rejecting people and deliberately distance them.

The reason for the conscious retreat may be because they have defense and vigilance, are afraid of improving communication, fear or want to express humility in this way of giving up space, so that communication can proceed smoothly and go deeper.

  4. If you slap the police, if someone greets you, you will pat your stare without any hesitation. This action just shows that he is not afraid of you and wants to show his advantage and let you notAct lightly, otherwise he will launch a powerful offensive and force the opponent’s mental state at a disadvantage.

Of course, this kind of action often appears among quite close friends.

  5. Someone who doesn’t say hello Some people never say hello to others. Even classmates or colleagues come over and still don’t say hello. This shows that they have the importance of autism and are very self-conscious.

  They often struggle alone in work and study. Although they are diligent, the results are not as good as they are.

Another situation is that they are too excessive and keep thinking while walking. Once they meet an acquaintance, it is difficult to remember the name of the other person in a hurry, so they have to stare or keep their heads down and continue to hurry.

  6. Someone who sees the acquaintances detours. Some people see the acquaintances walking around the same way, as if Xiang Xiangru saw Lian Po.

There are three main possibilities for this situation: First, because of a guilty conscience, they must have done things that are sorry to the other party. The most common situation is that they do not pay their debts. Second, the acquaintance makes them disgusted, and they really do not want to say hello to them., Even if passing by; the third is to have inferiority expectations, ashamed to see people.

  So you also want to know if a person’s personality traits come, it may be well cut through the way of greetings. The way of greetings is so important, and it can also reveal the personality characteristics of many people.