Are you underweight?

Are you underweight?


Are you underweight?

Obesity can endanger your health, so is it that everything is getting better?

銆€銆€In doing so, Professor Ma Guansheng reminded those who are underweight that they should not be too light to their health: 鈥淯nhealthy and underweight are unhealthy performances that will shorten life expectancy.

Those who are within the health range are at greater risk of developing various diseases than those who are thinner or overweight and obese.

Underweight means that the body’s malnutrition can affect the normal development of the body and intelligence of minors; adults with low body weight can have decreased labor capacity, bone loss and fracture, metabolic dysfunction, low immunity, and women’s menstruation.Reconcile amenorrhea, anemia and depression.

Professor Chen Chunming pointed out that “the Chinese people’s excessive ideas need to be adjusted.

Many Chinese do not care about the obesity that has already occurred, and think that fat is a blessing.

Others, especially young women, think that the thinner the better, the more their weight is in the normal range, but also desperately to lose weight.

They do not know if the adult’s body mass index BMI is below 18.

5, the risk of illness and death must be much improved.

Some people are looking for weight-loss foods and try one after another; others are over-controlling diets for weight loss, resulting in lack of nutrition and a large reduction in trace elements; others say that eating food will gain weight and not eat food.Not scientific.

Except for food, we provide heat, as well as cellulose and some other elements.

The Ministry of Health’s newly released “Maintaining Health Knowledge Points” specifically mentions that overweight, obesity and low body weight are all harmful to health.

In the face of the World Health Organization’s approval, the Chinese people are still relatively unfamiliar with the BMI body mass index table. Every Chinese person needs to face this question: Is your weight healthy?