Don’t care about your sleep time

Don’t care about your sleep time


Don’t care about your sleep time

I finally fell asleep, but still worried that my sleep time is not enough?

銆€銆€The need for sleep time varies from person to person. One important question is not to worry too much about the length of sleep.

Because the demand for sleep time varies from person to person, and people of different ages are different. The younger the age, the more sleep you need, and gradually decrease with age.

The change at the International Conference on “Human Sleep” at the Democratic Party in Amsterdam in the Netherlands in 1980 was: “The statement that everyone must sleep 8 hours a day is unfounded.
A professor of sleep physiology and pathology in the former Soviet Union once wrote a report entitled “Don’t be afraid of lack of sleep.” He said: “The more you pay attention to yourself, the more problems you find.Be yourself, don’t always think about insomnia, worry about sleep disorders, but be full of work and life.

I suggest not to be afraid of lack of sleep, because there is a huge potential in the human body.

“In life, some people care too much about sleep, often because they sleep less than half an hour and are uneasy. In fact, a reasonable amount of sleep should be able to solve problems, and the spirit is pleasant. It is a good standard for one day’s work and study.

銆€銆€Do not treat sleep as a task to complete long-term insomnia patients often have such a wrong understanding of insomnia: 1.

You must sleep more than 8 hours every night; 2.

Long-term insomnia can cause organic damage, making people susceptible to various diseases;

Try to control sleep, even if you don’t get stuck at night, you have to bed early, and sleep as a task.

It is precisely because of these misunderstandings that these people pay too much attention to sleep, and the robes cause fear and tension to sleep, leading to insomnia.

銆€銆€It is necessary to develop a regular rhythm of life, sleep on time, get up on time, do some exercise every day, and make holidays no exception.

You should relax regularly before going to bed to avoid forced and irritating work and entertainment; don’t discuss chores before going to bed, which often leads to transformation; don’t force excessive mental work, do some activities that can alleviate fatigue, such as reading someFeel the brainy books, watch the relaxed TV shows, and listen to soft and lyrical music.

In addition, you should develop the habit of brushing your teeth before going to bed, which is good for protecting your teeth, and it is also helpful for sleeping peacefully; combing your hair before going to bed can avoid the function of clearing the blood under the scalp and protecting the hair.

Conditional bathing before going to bed, unconditional washable feet, this is a good stimulation to the brain, can eliminate the effect of fatigue; no matter before it is cold, hot, open the window for a while, put in fresh air, help to fall asleep.

If you do the above things before going to sleep and develop good habits, you will be able to go to sleep soon after a hard day and get a good night’s sleep.

銆€銆€Sleep is just the natural reaction of the human body. The more you care about it, the more you have problems. In short, sleep is also the natural reaction of the human body. If you are sleepy, you want to sleep. Don’t control it artificially. The more you don’t think about it, the more you think about it, stop it.Come down.

You should take a natural attitude: I want to go, I am not going to sleep today!

As a result, when you don’t control your emotions and thinking, you will naturally fall asleep after 20 minutes.

For fear and worry, the same is true. Some people are particularly afraid of falling asleep. Some people are afraid that they will not sleep when they wake up in the middle of the night. The more they are afraid, the more they will be awake, and they will feel nervous about their fears, resulting in a vicious circle.

Normal people will wake up in the middle of the night for various reasons. The difference is that normal people do not have the idea of fear and substitution, do not reflect and hate themselves, and fully accept their natural state, so as to relax.