[How to make wheat pancakes]_Homemade wheat pancakes

[How to make wheat pancakes]_Homemade wheat pancakes

[How to make wheat pancakes]_Homemade wheat pancakes

Live a single life every day, starting with opening your eyes and continuing to cycle.

Even the food was quite monotonous and not attractive.

Therefore, at this time, there should be a little “fresh blood” to hit you.

You can learn to make some delicious foods to stimulate your positive energy. Hurry up and learn to cook wheat pancakes with me.


Add baking powder and water to the flour and let it ferment for 40 minutes.


While the flour is fermenting, let’s make the filling.

Fry the shredded chicken, carrots and green peppers with olive oil and salt and stir fry for about 2 minutes, then refrigerate after cooling.


The pelts left over from roasting meat or chicken are usually mixed in three pieces of silk.

If the room temperature is high and it is easy to melt, you can add it to the freezer and freeze it for a while, but don’t freeze it into ice cubes and solidify.


The dough is fermented.

Add the dough one by one and knead the dough.


Take a small dough and flatten it.

Put stuffing on top.


Pack it all up, and be sure to pack it tightly, otherwise the juice will flow out during frying, which is even a failed work. Hahaha!


Squeeze slightly after wrapping.

Then pour olive oil into the pan and start frying.

Sprinkle some sesame seeds to make it more fragrant.


It’s almost done when the sides are golden.

There are often small gatherings in life, but have you never performed?

You must be unhappy like this.

So with the detailed method of wheat pancakes, you can show your cooking skills and be the most versatile one.