Texas Express station a parcel explosion from a suspected fifth bombings

Data for overseas online March 20, according to Fox News reported Tuesday (20) morning, Xie Heights, Texas (Schertz) a FedEx Ground distribution center explosion。
Police said the explosion in a medium-sized parcel on the conveyor belt, and one by acoustic shock injury。
  It reported that Xie Heights is located 22 miles east of Austin, 73 miles south of。 It is not clear whether the explosions and bombings in Austin related。 British Sky News reported that police are looking for bombings murderer, Texas fifth bombings occurred, caused by a FedEx employee is injured。   Earlier, four explosions occurred in the capital of Texas at Austin and a half months。 Local police believe the serial killer is。   According to CNN news, Austin police chief pointed out that Manly 19, law enforcement officers found in the survey, there are similarities between 4 bombings bomb device, may be received staff training, as experienced explosive in the police, military in ordnance disposal technicians。
Manley pointed out that law enforcement officers motive remains unclear。 Whether terrorism cases, yet qualitative。   The four bombings have killed two people, wounded。 Recent cases which occurred in the 18th night。
And the first three cases the situation is different, explosives are placed on the sidewalk。 Lead pedestrian touch passes, it exploded, killing two whites were injured。 Earlier, a bomb in the package is installed, without the express delivery company, secretly put into the house residents。 Victims were African American。
  Currently, 350 US federal agents investigating these four bombings in Austin。 (Compiler / Jiang Shu overseas online translation)。