Will the Hong Kong property market speculation "hot cut" Mr Leung reiterated that "insistence"

  January 13, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying published in 2016 "address" in the Legislative Council。 China news agency reporters Hong Shaokui and She Xianggang property prices and rents have recently begun to fall, the market speculation that the Hong Kong SAR Government will "cut hot", or even reduce the supply of land。
Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying 13th reiterate that the SAR government to solve the housing problem of courage and determination beyond doubt。 Government has the responsibility to supply land and public housing to meet the housing needs of the public, not only the responsibility to ensure that prices rise not fall, prices should not rely on artificial shortages remain high。 Today, property prices are still far more than the rent affordability, distorted the values of a generation of young people。
"We must continue to adhere to solve the housing problem, not halfway。
When "On that day, Mr Leung published in 2016, the SAR Legislative Council" address ", said housing is still the biggest Hong Kong people's livelihood。 High property prices and rents expensive, cramped living space, Tang rooms spread high innovative applications for public housing cases, these results show clearly that there must be firm and insist on solving the housing problem determination。   Leung Chun-ying introduction, after three and a half years of efforts, the supply increased significantly, property prices and rents recently began to fall, reversing property prices and rents have continued to rise psychological expectations。 The next five years, built by the Hong Kong Housing Authority and the Hong Kong Housing Society public housing units expected to be approximately 97 100。 Private housing, the next 3-4 years the primary residential market supply about 87,000 units since September 2004 the Government announced a new quarterly supply digital high。   Leung finger, Hong Kong does not lack land, the lack of available land for development。
Many social, economic and livelihood issues, are often the root causes of land planning, development keep pace with the needs of society。 But land development often met with resistance, but also hit a lot of vested interests。
The supply of land requires long-term planning, the establishment of reserve land for the next generation。   Leung said that in terms of short and medium term, the government will continue to rezone land to increase density, land use and comprehensive review of view to make its profits。 2015 –16 year, the government land sales program sold or will sell a total of 16 residential sites, plus other private housing land, estimated that the construction of about 20,300 units, exceeding the target supply 19,000 units, also since 2010 Second highest。   Leung Chun-ying introduction, medium and long term, the Government will actively promote the development of new and expansion in the New Territories and Lantau Island, the supply of housing units and develop the regional economy。
We are now planning for the future development of Lantau Island and northern New Territories, and research and development of appropriate reclamation outside Victoria Harbor in the middle of the waters of an artificial island, as well as caves and underground space development。 The Government now in full swing momentum to achieve new development areas and new towns expansion plans。 Estimated Kwu Tung North and Fanling North New Development Area, Tung Chung New Town, and the new development zone Hung Shui Kiu, Yuen Long South and development to supply more than a total of 000 units, for seven years in succession occupation。
Editor: Wang Yue。