Germany set off hot Chinese students: learn Chinese is to get a sign

Overseas Network January 9, according to "European Times" reported that more and more German schools open Chinese classes。 How the course is set?Why students to learn a foreign language so it?Reporters visited Bonn Helm Holtz (Helmholtz Gymnasium) High School。 12:40。
Section VI class bell rang。 A218 classroom。 Today's Chinese class II began。
Shen Yong female teacher standing before a blackboard to explain to the students sketch the word "put"。
Grade 12 students paying attention in class。 Most of this new phenomenon syntax allows 13 students are still feeling trouble。
Shen teacher using Pinyin, with a sentence to explain the structure of sentences。 She said, "the hardest thing kanji。 Because our high school three years learning the syntax is not particularly difficult. "。
Most of the time, she said the Chinese, but sometimes change in German。
Since mid-2009 onwards offering Chinese, Shen teacher in the secondary schools。
She recalls, "At that time no normal Chinese professional"。 In trained, either Helm Holtz Chinese teachers before school, she was just an amateur Chinese Professor。 Bonn There are two schools offer Chinese courses, Helm Holtz is one of a。
North Rhine-Westphalia Bonn where there are currently more than 20 schools open Chinese classes。 In Bonn, Chinese students can take in high school, or even as a graduation test subjects。 After 3 years of study, students should reach the language level A2-B1。 In addition to the extra-curricular, teacher, Shen also provide assistance to students who prepare by HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) of。 Some young people think Chinese is a very important lesson。 For this reason, in high school to high school to transfer to Helm Holtz。 Of which there are of Chinese descent German。
Baixiao Fen also go to the Helm Holtz High School。 It seems, she felt very relaxed course。 This is not surprising。 After all, before the transfer, she has been a year in a high school class in Shanghai。
She skillfully use Chinese say: "As a boy my father often went to China on a business trip, so I'm in that country, of particular interest to people over there。 "Students Bjorn·Brandenburg (BjrnBrandenburg) also understand why elective Chinese: "Because China is a rising economic power, how to learn Chinese is worth – and to get a sign."。 To make a choice between the Chinese and Spanish, he did not find it difficult。 In addition, there may be the opportunity to participate in exchange programs, which he considers very important。
Every two years, Helm Holtz school will organize Chinese students to China of Easter holidays。 German students spend the first week of school in cooperation Ma On Shan; the second week visit other Chinese cities such as Shanghai。
Travel photos and cooperative school students decorated with calligraphy classroom assignments。
Organization and accompanied tour of Shen teacher, said Chinese breakfast and lack of heating equipment, especially the Germans kids feel unwell。
But she stressed that, despite this, "The students are very happy."。 Bjorn and Xiaofen very clear, once tourism is not enough。 Xiaofen has a definite future plans。 She smiled and said: "I will want to live in China。