The method of scraping essentials and specific steps

First, the Chinese method of scraping is used to health care, because scraping allows the body to discharge toxins out of the body endocrine regulation, enhance the body immunity, beauty care。 The development of technology, scraping now added effect of weight loss, magnified the effect of scraping。 So what kind of scraping method can play a very good role in weight loss scraping method does essentials: 1.Take scraping plate method: holding by hand scraping plates, and the need to use thin side edges thin edge scraping treatment, adhesion palm scraping edge thickness; when the thickness required webbing side edges and care or treatment, a thin scraping plates snapping the palm side。
2.Wiping direction: neck, back, abdomen, arms, legs downwardly from the upper portion wiper, wiper chest from the inside out。 The method of scraping essentials and specific steps 3.Wiping angle: scraping plates holding the wiping direction 90 degrees?45 degree。 4.Fill scratch, diarrhea scratch: reinforcing the use-reducing techniques, and fill scratch, diarrhea scraping, reinforcing-reducing scraping method is mainly based on the strength and speed of the wiper to distinguish: up scraping a small force (light) speed (frequency) Slow approach, diarrhea scraping to force large (heavy) speed (frequency) fast approach, reinforcing-reducing as moderate strength, speed (frequency) of moderate or small power (light) speed (frequency) fast, then or large force (weight ) speed (frequency) slow approach。