An Wei Zhen slowly shook his head, raised his eyes to the mid-air.

At this point that the flame has disappeared spotless, Zhou Zhou open a pair of faded deep red, grape general good eyes, round yo like watching them on the black.

Text Chapter 258 Zhou Zhou spoke

His body, like blood had blood-red color in general also faded clean, revealing the general lotus limbs, and soft white like soft tofu body.

Wu Tao tears watching appears to have recovered all of Zhou Zhou, look at his body round, like a piece of petite-year-old child’s appearance, could not help but even to tears, long while, has three year-old Wu Tao, choking back tears at his new born brother lives gone, think of so many years, he has maintained until people like people like ghost ghost appearance for so long, now finally restored the original appearance, the excitement is simply very badly, choking back tears in front of Zhou Zhou he said: “Over the years, I finally looked forward to you getting better.”

Zhou Zhou is like clear spring water is generally one pair of eyes, curious to see choking Wu Tao, a long while, I have been crying in front of men, revealing a big smile.

While watching the recovery of Zhou Zhou looks lovely smile