Operators go home?”Yu Pei said with a smile.

  ”.It is very important to you?”Said Yu Ze.
  ”It’s important, very important to me.”Yu Pei says.
  ”I said, now that I’m gone, it will never go back.”
  ”Why not come back yet?Me and dad.”
  ”enough.”Yu Chak interrupted him, he looked at him coldly, saying:” Enough, Yu Pei.”
  Yu Pei stared at him, after a long while, and he smiled: “That crabs really about you.”
  Yu Ze looked at him coldly.
  ”How much do you know?Or all know?”He smiled and said:” Since you know everything, why pretended not to know the way, to say nothing?”
  Yu Chak bother to waste any more words with him, heels and walked towards the door.
  ”You disgust me so, in order not to see me even questioned do not want to question it?”
  Yu Ze stopped, he turned around, smiled and looked at the Yu Pei, said: “.You disgust me.”
  He smiled at Yu Ze.
  ”You let me become like this.”He picked the right leg of his pants, exposed piece so that he could never accept it sight leg, he smiled and said:” I should not dislike you do?”
  He smiled and said: “You killed