Floating on the ceiling.

  His bedroom of reference were put into stand pear wood cabinets, bed sheets are clean and soft, is simple and elegant green water, people can not help but want to lie down to go play a roll.
  The only small goldfish were brought over from the palace in a fish bowl on the coffee table Da Zhuozhuan, occasionally spit bubbles.
  Mu Wen Liu would have thought that the palace should be their future existence in general snail girl, now I was a bit skeptical life.
  Royal there.People do not really Baocuo?
  This is the little princes he knew?

Chapter 95 [finale]

  Prince Fufu two in the United States to play a full ten days back.
  They went to many places, from Broadway to Chinatown, from Fifth Avenue to the Statue of Liberty, sometimes with commentary listen to the sound of chatter tour together in the back of middle-aged tour, he took her hand, each a crepes.
  Although Mu flower is surprised with some things, but also a kind of feeling relieved.
  Everything foreign, and not so bizarre and amusing his imagination.
  In the past, when not free, he fantasized about many of the details of those places was to add a variety of good looking.
  But in the end tend to come out, but also lively and arty city – but not paradise.
  They traced back to the Ming court from the time the airport, and just under