come out.

  ”Either way, be convenient to the people you took us to look at the scene?Maybe we can find any clues.”
  ”of course can.”Consultants listen to her going to the scene, look next to Liu Fei Qin did not object, immediately relieved.
  The two men got the idea willing, it could not be better.
  After saying good, Zhou Yu and Liu Qin case of the Philippines to the police car, speeding electrical switch all the way to the van arrived at the place of disappearance.
  Here already is the road to the suburbs, is not a road, not much around the house, not many vehicles, no one found anything abnormal.
  They also found a photograph of the front and rear monitor, find the owner retrieved the tachograph, but these car recorder, the have no clue.
  In case of Zhou Yu took glanced at the map, this neighborhood is really nothing special, no mountains, no rivers, no nothing.
  Liu Qin Philippines also came to see that from the fenced sections, also burned a glimpse of a ghost character, do not know is not enough street lights or other reasons, she did not come out to observe.
  In case of Zhou Yu finished study also followed the map came up, her eyes closed, feeling a bit the atmosphere around, could not help but brow wrinkled up.
  Strange ah, how little Ghostly?