What constellation is September 11

September 11, Virgo. The sun is in Virgo. People are picky in their work, pursuing perfection and even finding fault.. I like to use high standards to be strict with myself. I am very principled.. However, Virgos are also very modest. They love to help others. They are always busy. Then they are strict with themselves with high requirements. They will never give up halfway or compromise to some difficult situation. Only in this way can they easily add unnecessary pressure to themselves..   Virgo usually focuses on trivial things, but the secret of Virgo’s success often lies in paying attention to details and always noticing things that others ignore.. Basically, Virgo is very observant, but those who are strongly influenced by Virgo may also be bound by details, and only see trees but not forests.. Virgo is not only critical of the world, but also the most self-critical sign. However, they are also the most humble and unassuming sign..   Virgos tend to be cautious and reserved in their dealings. They are not concerned about power and achievements. They often show friendly attitude with goodwill.. Virgo has an innate ability to identify and prioritize.. They have the instinct to filter and choose.. Virgo is suitable to play any role related to quality management.. This constellation will strive for perfection. If perfection cannot be achieved, Virgo will ensure that things can take effect and continue to operate.. Virgo’s problem is that she cares too much about the shortcomings in the sections and ignores the overall beauty..   Virgos have a ruler in their hearts, but when they encounter things they care about, they will lose heart, become indecisive, Worry about personal gains and losses, and easily become neurotic.. To outsiders, this will be very puzzling to them.. Virgos are pure in character, but not pure. Their inner complexity is beyond imagination. Many casual things may be carefully arranged by them.. Although complicated, Virgo’s true heart is extremely kind and he would rather suffer himself than hurt others.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.