Japanese media: Japan's defense ministry intends to pass a radar monitor space junk

Data for: Satellite clean up space junk。   Reported that the mission of space junk, including satellites, rocket parts, etc., to 7 to 8 kilometers per second, ultra high-speed flight in space。
Because of the risk of collision with the operation of the satellite, a move designed to use radar to detect in advance, by modifying the satellite orbit to avoid collision。   According to the Defense Bureau, the selection of installation location that, over the radar satellites in geostationary orbit Japan concentrated east longitude 126 degrees to 136 degrees, there is no shelter around, all of Japan's Defense Ministry and other land。 Plans to install several diameter 15-40 m parabolic antenna, managed by the Air Self-Defense。
  It is reported that the radar plan year 2023 and put into use, Japan's defense ministry included 4.4 billion yen (about RMB million) related funds in the 2018 annual budget request。
  The country's Defense Agency official stressed During the presentation "The purpose is always peaceful use", also denied the radar and county Hagi GSDF Mu exercise field a candidate for the deployment of land-based interceptor system "land-based Aegis there is a correlation between the system "。