90 to define their own lives girl

Spacious courtyard, a cottage, backyard planted with vegetables – which is located in Heshan, Guangdong suburb of ordinary houses a.If not high color value, a good body of any Qiqi hostess at the door, other people probably would not think it would be a 90 after the name of the girl’s fashion design studio.The father gave this to her, so she decided to use their own.Qiqi any time with six months to fashion design dreams into their own electricity supplier brand clothing, and now has high-end custom piece of clothing shipped here by the day Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Northeast and even overseas.Qiqi want to put any resources and entrepreneurship become a staging platform to attract more like-minded people came to Guangdong Heshan town, chasing the dream of a customized fashion.Her dream is to surpass their parents – are not reflected in the wealth, but rather the idea.Select rich girl dropped out of school to work is not over madness, there will be quiet today.Qiqi not any peers generally cramped and impetuous.Crazy any Qiqi mouth, referring to the rebellious student days.Mid-2009 into the high school campus bundle for any Qiqi very accustomed to, from the beginning of the semester sophomore, fled the school became her goal, she skipping leave for various reasons.However, the same age and teenage different is that she is skipping neither clubbing, not chasing, and rarely even never escape the topic of ultra-running, rich girl small partners name the package and from.After the 17-year-old girl began to travel around alone, get to know all kinds of friends, all 80, 70, even 60.With them to understand the real world, I feel the same kind found.Any Qiqi increasingly firm determination to leave school.In early 2010, dropped out of school to do so either Qiqi.Parents fail to beat her, and gave her two choices: either to go abroad to study or to arrange corporate parents to work.However, wayward girls which are reluctant to go, picked up the bag and began the journey stay away.Six months, she traveled almost half of China under his parents’ opposition, until I met a woman named Ben sister.Ben sister to open a studio in Changchun, and hit it off any Qiqi.For Qiqi rebellious wayward sister ran completely within sight.The end of 2010, Ben sister to let Qiqi Changchun Christmas, never winter in the north of Heshan girl agreed mouthful.Qiqi did not expect that any of the so-called Christmas, in fact, is the sister ran a well-planned Bureau.The third day to Changchun, Ben sister to let Qiqi studio became a camera assistant.Calling assistant, but in fact do is tea, bottled water, lighting, makeup, entertain these chores, coupled with the long cold December Changchun, fresh off a Qiqi immediately shouted to return to Guangdong.Qiqi temper already figured out for Ben sister quietly, but in the studio all employees to participate in a conference on publicly announced any Qiqi suddenly want to go home, I’ll help you book a ticket tomorrow, back to when we do not know.Sure enough, she always stayed to face.Qiqi placed in any of the general staff quarters.Childhood home to more than 1000 square meters of large Zhaizi, workers wash the clothes have a special eldest, was admitted to only a 1 meter wide bed in a small room, but also to employees and another sleep crammed together, even the windows of his own with sticky rice and newspapers up.She can not stand the most to the problem is to take a bath, water heater burning dormitory only enough water to wash for 10 minutes, often no water to wash his head up.Ben sister in any Qiqi working under two months later, Ben satisfaction fired her sister.Resolve family disputes in any business Qiqi start thinking about their own life.She thought, must have their own pursuit.At first, she would also like to open a studio, inquire about 4 million initial cost prohibitive let her.I realized that some people have to strive to accumulate energy, in order to make it from dream.Qiqi to either start a company and became an employee.Outside of work continued to travel back pack, the United States, Western Europe, North Africa three years she traveled many countries, which experienced an increase in her perception of beauty.Fortunately calm and continued until the sudden arrival of a family of storm.Last March Qiqi family there is a conflict, often quarreling parents, was referred to the ultimate home when chaos.I feel that life fell from heaven to hell.Qiqi start any sleep all night all night.At first, she chose to replace it with a company tens of kilometers away from home to work, 6:00 to get up every day, 45-minute drive to work, often at night back home is already late in the night.From dawn to dusk, I would like to forget the sorrow of the busy work brought family conflicts.However, she soon thought parents were angry dazzled, he still has 16-year-old sister and 13-year-old brother, she realized that he had become a mainstay of the home she was determined to save the brink of broken homes.While she and communicate with their parents, brothers and sisters emotional side to appease hard work pays off, parents reconciled.Calm after the storm, either Qiqi immediately announced his decision to start a business.Can not cause a person to realize the dream of any Qiqi’s with a direction: the city’s white-collar women more and more popular refused, the development of e-commerce also make customized clothing became popular again.My friends, many have such needs, and would not want to wear a special kind of heavy with others to build their own custom clothes.Qiqi any thought, why not bold vision of a high-end custom clothing design line: the best fabrics, unique design, pay attention to the quality of life from the circle of friends start to build one of their own electricity supplier custom clothing brand?Execution over the years to develop, so she immediately started.The first step is a loan with their parents 200,000 yuan as start-up capital.Press the fingerprints of the moment, we had a kind of feeling of starting out on a new life.June 2014, he served as Qiqi clothing design studio founded KStudio.Start is not simple.Because not received professional training in fashion design, any Qiqi start will not even draw, can only be repeated and machinists, customer communication running; to find the right machinists, pattern maker, she found from Guangzhou Heshan found a Shanghai, preliminary finally erected team; in the fabrics, all she personally flew to Shanghai, even the European origin of imported fabrics to choose doing these things, any Qiqi feel like I have to be tired.Do the first works out, but not brand recognition, she will work directly gave her friends, request if they feel good to recommend it to others.In this way, she began to work out of the circle, micro shop also attracted the attention of some fans.Customized business model eliminates the need to make any Qiqi pressure stocks.She will be the version designed in accordance with their own ideas, and then linked to the micro-shop for customers to choose, if there is a certain phase of the customer version, Qiqi tailored to help her, and charge a certain amount of commission.Although a small minority but high-end positioning, brought a good profit.2015 Spring Festival, Qiqi micro-store sales reached 50 million yuan, 200,000 yuan she took the principal gave parents [please pay attention to the story more exciting story – Go see story net] I want to do business thinking mode can transcend parents.She said that analogical thinking and ideas than money, either Qiqi want to create an influential brand, which takes the name of her dropouts to become a good designer must be recharged, she intends to Milan, Italy, and other advanced studies fashion forward.We can not rely on a person to realize the dream, she hopes to play to their advantages in resources, funds, facilities, contacts aspects, so that more clothing after the design has a dream of 90 added to the team, to help more people realize their value.Clothes for me, equal to everything from heart.I have to do every stitch clothes, step by step to build their own fashion empire.I hope Kstudio studio can develop into an advanced clothing club membership, customers will get to buy the most attentive service, so that they can become their own queen.Define their own lives this venture girl full of contradictions – said she was rebellious, she is very traditional: listening to Italian opera, drinking Gongfu, he went to the temple sit one afternoon when upset; she says old-school, she was very self: do not like Gongchoujiaocuo , luxury cars were not good package, I want to do is act normal.First saw her, she was dressed in solemn black dress.She spoke of adolescent madness that point, there is little Joseph, as if not yet fully grown.However, her heart’s powerful and staggering: 17 years old went alone northeast defected friend, feminine incredibly shabby dormitory nest in the cold for two months; parents have trouble, she was a teenage hand It became the home of the only calm person; never learned whimsical design business is not done to create a clothing brand, thumbprint lent to parents 200,000 yuan start-up capital went ahead and actually really pay off in six months a loan for her, maybe there will be a lot of controversy – if she is not wealthy people, how can they immediately came back crazy Sweet Basil?For example, if she is not enough to live comfortably, how can it be so ignorant fear just for fun?Such as her lack of knowledge of a single structure so that even short-term business success and how to support long-term development?These are not fake.Qiqi any experience can not, there is no need to be copied – from her success is not closer to me than you, she is far can not be called a model.But her self-confidence and daring release of information is: no one had defined how to live 90; there is no definition of what kind of lifestyle that everyone had selected; rely on themselves to get rid of the shackles of its own – at least, she can lead a in the corner, on the road to pursue a dream, further than most people after 90 farther.Action, everything is a dream come true to start.