The famous poet Yu Kuang-chung died at the age of 90-year-old masterpiece "Nostalgia" and other

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China news agency issued photo BEIJING Wang held Dec. 14 Xinhua Taiwan media reports, Taiwan famous poet, writer Yu Kuang-chung, died today at the age of nine years old。 Sun Yat-sen newsletter released at noon today confirmed that Foreign Languages Department of Zhongshan University Professor Emeritus Yu Guangzhong more than 10 died this morning, family members do not want to be disturbed, declined media interviews。 Yu Guangzhong daughter Yu Youshan telephone respondents said his father had just past, the families are very sad, inconvenience interview, please contact the relevant disease hospital inquiry。 Yu Guangzhong October 21, 1928 was born in Nanjing, author of poetry, prose,, translators, editors, and many more articles selected works into three places college, high school textbooks, settle in Taiwan Kaohsiung, widely representative of "Nostalgia" and other dissemination of。
Yu Guangzhong is Emeritus Professor of Foreign Languages Department of Zhongshan University, this year has not commenced at the school, he served as Zhongshan University of Foreign Languages and Literature Department, Professor of Applied English lectures Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, Sun Yat-sen literature president, United College of the Chinese University Department of Chinese Department Director, Associate Professor, Department of English America West Michigan State University。
Yu Guangzhong October 23 this year, just over 90 years old birthday。 It is understood, Yu Guangzhong recently admitted to hospital with suspected minor stroke, lung infection there, was admitted to the intensive care unit, has not reappear, October 23 organized by the Sun Yat-sen for his birthday party, he finally became a figure in front of the camera。
Editor: Fei Fan。