9. What constellation is 19 years old

9. The 19-year-old Virgo was born on the 23rd of August and 22nd of September in the new calendar.. Virgo is an earth sign, located in the sixth sign of the zodiac. Mercury is the dominant star.. Mercury causes Virgos to go further and further in their pursuit of perfection, and in serious cases, they may even find fault with others. Friends may not be able to tolerate Les Vierges’s craggy character.. At the same time, Mercury also endows Virgo with neurotic characteristics, making Virgo always pessimistic about things..   People whose sun is in Virgo have a delicate mind, have the consciousness of pursuing higher knowledge or outstanding status, like to explore various possibilities, and actively pursue new things, and can also observe details in detail.. Like to pursue dreams, full of romantic color, with keen insight, good at analyzing things, can handle every detail, is a typical obsessive-compulsive disorder patients.   Virgo is a prolific constellation with profound knowledge and wisdom, careful thinking, rigorous handling of affairs, perfect work, and has received unanimous approval. However, they will also impose burdens on others because of their outstanding knowledge. Due to excessively harsh requirements, Virgo will also make people think that Virgo is very picky, and in some cases they will force their will on others.. They’re sorry for their friend’s fault, Maracaibo.   Virgo belongs to the intellectual group with firm and steady ambition.. Work steadily and reliably, never give up easily, giving people a sense of intelligence and sex appeal.. Virgos don’t like grandiose and unrealistic attitudes. They are more pragmatic, down-to-earth and calm in thinking about solving problems.. I like to go step by step, step by step, both emotionally and at work..   Virgo can stick to his duty. Before dealing with anything, Virgo will have a detailed plan. After analysis and discussion, Virgo will put it into action. Virgo is more focused on small things and can be strict with himself and others.. They don’t like the impatience of taking their positions step by step, but rather yearn for the sureness of achieving their goals step by step.. This also makes them appear reliable and organized in their work.. However, their nature is pessimistic and neurotic, and the sequelae of their pursuit of perfection make them too picky and intolerant.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.