Facebook scandal fermentation medium and small US social media shares or come to the fore

  In the 20th three major US stock indexes closed up slightly in the background of the recent social media content issues are frequent, face book, twitter, social media giant fast three collective share price down。 Among them, Facebook is already fell for two consecutive trading days, the cumulative decline of nearly 10%, not only wiped out all the gains since 2018, the market value has shrunk from nearly $ 540 billion at Friday's close to less than 4900 One hundred million U.S. dollars。
  Analysts predict that the Facebook share price may fall further short-term, but social media give consumers a positive impact far beyond the negative impact, after a possible leak of privacy concerns dissipate, stocks related sectors will stabilize, some small and medium capitalization social media stocks expected to continue strong future。
  Social media content issues are frequent face book recently caught in scandals in the history of the largest data breaches。
According to several media reports, there are over 50 million Facebook user data information is leaked。
He said the media exposure, face book many years ago realized that there is a self-proclaimed third-party applications to collect user data for research purposes, which the application users take advantage of flaws in terms of obtaining a large number of user data。
The designer of the application of these data will be sold to a company called "Cambridge analysis" of data analysis company。
  March 20, Facebook scandal continued to upgrade。 Video evidence showed media reports, company executives claimed that the use of Cambridge analyzed data obtained from Facebook, implemented a series of the US presidential election result means precise delivery strategy of political attack ads and so on; the same day, San Francisco-based US Court of Appeals Court accepted initiated by Facebook shareholder class action, that the disclosure of the existence of misconduct and misleading shareholders, investors suffered losses; US Congress judiciary Committee also asked Facebook participation hearings on aspects of energy analysis firm in Cambridge not the hearing will be held by the earliest possible access to the user data to question the case of authorized this week; the US Federal Trade Commission is to carry out this investigation, mainly for Facebook is a violation of the relevant settlement order in 2011, it might be a huge Facebook fine。   In addition two social media giants Twitter, captured recently got into trouble。
According to media reports, the Israeli government is considering taking legal action against Twitter, because the latter has been ignored delete part of the Israeli Government's requirements。 Twitter share price fell more than 10% on the 20th, but this year the cumulative increase still more than 30%。   As "Burn After Reading" communications applications Snapchat's parent company, is not better than the recent capture life。
Its advertising on the platform of domestic violence incidents involving entertainment stars, the parties have been denounced。
Its shares fell 20%, but this year the cumulative increase is still nearly 10%。
  Small social media shares or favored by market participants believe that, with data leakage scandal fermentation, face book or short-term stock prices remain under pressure。 But the market parties to Twitter to capture the market outlook mixed views。
The minimum Longbow Asset Management fund manager, said three social media giant, Facebook may be subject to potential regulatory pressure。
Baker Street Asset Management investment strategist warned that for these three social media companies, regulatory risks from European governments Bukebufang。   Despite the recent negative information appeared frequently, but social media is still an effective tool for people to entertain the pressure of life, an irreplaceable role, Wall Street firms for social media industry is still holding relatively positive view。 Data show that in the year 2017, more than two-thirds of US adults use social media for news, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter still dominant social media。
  Some market participants believe that in this incident, investors' reaction overdone intervention led to the emergence of opportunities for social media stocks, may be concerned about some of the recent small-cap stocks of social media。
Wall Street firms recently more respected social media shares include: IAC / InterActiveCorp Company (IAC) and MATCH Group, the two companies are not current market value to $ 15 billion。 The former covers information services, e-retail, travel services and other digital home services market, the stock has risen more than 30% this year; the latter is the world's leading dating site, this year the stock has risen nearly 50%。
  Wall Street firms also strong interest on the part of US-listed foreign social media companies, such as China's micro-blog, unfamiliar street, togetherness era and Russian Internet giant Yandex, etc.。