Chunya dish taste of spring

“Maichun bud (children) dishes yo!”Sound of crying, attracting those men and women busy and not busy for the livelihoods.Joy, surprise, at a loss.Chunya market it!Beautiful spring coming!  Chunya dish, toon tree is called the tree crotch issued by leaves.In my impression, the foliage is capable of this only one kind of food.  Spring in March, is the season of food intake Chunya.When spring came quietly pace, often because of the city’s hectic life, work pressure is too large, a reflection of the seasons is relatively slow, no time to enjoy the changing seasons, capturing the breath of spring.Toon tree in the natural growth of the arms, which changes the nature of the stuff of nature is still sensitive, village people seize the opportunity to adopt these budding leaf piles, tied up in bundles, and the ground together and sell vegetables bear in downtown.  ”Maichun bud (children) dishes yo!”It’s crying, like spring thunder.Shuttle all day long so that people in high-rise buildings and see the Chunya vegetables, suddenly waking from a dark dream of winter, feel the breath of spring blowing.  ”Shanzhen no body fat stems, flowers, leaves and tender branches and more branches of a tree Bud Johnson.Wang Changchun not old man is willing to eat actually Yuexiang cheek teeth.”Purple Chunya in the pan-green vegetables, with its unique fragrant, deeply hometown preference.In the hometown people’s minds, in the past it has been called Qingming dish with grass together regarded as a special gift of spring.A Chunya scrambled eggs, every household has become the most favorite dishes.  Spring is looking, sensible, be enlightened, only the “taste” words difficult detached.Even eating a dish made Chunya, chewed, I feel cottage Dayton opened, caprice: ah!Taste of spring, it is not just all in one.  Toon tree native to China, the country with the world’s only used as a vegetable toon.Chunya people eat food for a long time, because of its rich fragrance, soft texture and rich in nutrients, has worked with lychee as in the Ming and Qing Dynasties as a tribute, by the elegant palace of love.  Chunya dish known as “the tree of vegetables,” said, much higher than other nutrient-rich vegetables, vegetables are rare treasures.Toon has the effect of Chinese medicine, bitter cold, detoxification, stomach qi.Modern medicine confirms Toon rich in vitamin C, carotene and other substances to help enhance immune function, lubricate the skin and have a good effect, is the health and beauty of good food.Spring season, verdant Chunya dishes make dining table subtly perfume your home.Meet people in a dining experience at the same time, also has a role in preventing and curing diseases, is a medical food homologous natural green health food.  Toon tree as a tree, the face of the spring, and also, like other trees, can not wait to reveal their horns, as is in the heart of summer, fruitful autumn, a significant grace HUAFA.Unfortunately Early leaves, never stretch, it was nipped off, a part of spring gift, was brought into millions of households, so many people love spring love spring very much love to taste your fill, so many of Xichun Zhengchun people full of lust for the spring bustle.  ”Buy Chunya (children) dishes yo!”Whenever I hear that sound, you will feel a real presence on the ground and the arrival of spring, regardless of whether the pessimistic state of mind at this time, whether depressed mood.  Annual home Chunya eat vegetables, such as mid-spring to keep feelings.