Chunhuaqiuyue not much

It is said that the Southern Tang emperor Li Yu country and the poor, but it is a real love affair master of poetry, “Chunhuaqiuyue” it is estimated that out of his mouth.Of course time, Li Yu is still very talented, several poems took leave, it can indeed be sad for our joy, as casually from the sentence rendered our emotions.    As of a country, Li Yu’s realm on high and more, whether it is a deep sense of jealousy big week Queen Queen birds or small Yiyi Zhou, Li Yu is just round the beautiful poetry and lyrics only.Not like our beloved Emperor Wu Emperor Wudi, but in every day and worry about the lingering Which concubine, Emperor Wudi comrades as primary and secondary school teachers as Vice Division, Deputy Division primary and secondary school student teacher considered incomplete look, also called incomplete student’s name, Sima Yan is also considered incomplete look concubine, and not by their names, so Sima Yan came up with ways to take the sheep car.Why is it called incomplete name, illegible appearance, people chanting, as many people look at a woman, a wisp can have thousands of beautiful women, people look at the emperor’s pies, unlike us, untold Wan In order to coax a bitter happy woman, no way, who let others do that Emperor Wudi?Nightlife net Yinfengnongyue must be conditional, a poor Yinfengnongyue, attracted only contempt and disdain of most Americans, it’s no wonder substance must be the first thing.Sima is also home Simaxiangru, when only the clothes of the poor, has attracted the favor of the widow Zhuo Wenjun rich woman, the achievements of a story.Stories Ye Hao, a good thing worth mentioning, after Sima, such as an official, but always think of another young woman and then the achievements of a love affair, and had completely forgotten Zhuo Wenjun eachother, thanks to his pretty little conscience, or “phoenix Qiu Huang “left with the melody, not the charm.    As China is the happiest of men, it is the modern society, as long as the bank has a lot of savings, you can still enjoy thousands of years men rightful place, basically do not need Yinfengnongyue, beauty can be ridden, a wind will Yin get on the beast, only to be ridiculed and fate.Well ordinary people, to coax a woman happy is very difficult, not to mention all the woman how appearance, is the need to identify ugly, we have intentions to coax, with sincerity to impress.So impressed with the money a person is very easy, money, go Chunhuaqiuyue, silver and gold is the beginning of our purity of heart, diamond ads do not have any brains, how much sincere value, the oldest one.I believe, far better than a few terrible charm your heart is sincere.    Chinese men can fight for a woman, but will not give up their power and position, in that case, it is to fight for a woman soon gone.Remember when King Edward VIII for Mrs. Simpson, gave up the throne, put himself into the Duke of Windsor by King Edward VIII.Mrs. Simpson who it is, a over Lent, divorced twice, irascible, vain woman, in addition to quality Mature, Mrs. Simpson did not cause any of our interest.Of course, no true King of England the lead, but it is a ceremonial position.Edward totally unlike Emperor Li Longji, daughter of Yang Yuhuan Li Longji keeps love the tough battle, with the chance to heaven do not like to be left to the humility Yang Yuhuan.Edward VIII gave up the throne for the woman, our beloved Yang Yuhuan Li Longji to give up their own lives.    Online said the old, now Oriental women do not know the love affair feelings, just know that gold and silver and the house, in fact, not all, ancient woman, too, the Western woman is like this.How?Gnawing a corn farmer’s wife and how you Yinfengnongyue, there are people to do manual labor in the.How?A white-collar city, and one of only a mouth of migrant workers, how Chunhuaqiuyue?Chunhuaqiuyue is conditional, that is, there must spend a month, and now the roses are expensive, to Valentine’s Day, a box of cigarettes is a money, a handful of ten days to pay and told how willing you Chunhuaqiuyue?Chunhuaqiuyue of mouth alone can not, unless you like a liar, cheat individual woman fool you Chunhuaqiuyue.Right now there are people concerned about the moon, the moon concerns only a madman.Over the city even a shadow of the moon did not, the city, and now want Chunhuaqiuyue, only in the bar, like a several lifetimes seen extraordinary beast, and on Ganhao few words, it is also called Chunhuaqiuyue?    Men and women love to a Chunhuaqiuyue something, not many idlers in the world do not like Chunhuaqiuyue, is filled with love but also like, just not ask the opinion of Chunhuaqiuyue, ask, do not ask it does not matter, the laity Well, you need to tokenism when flowers to segment to segment Moon, unlike some rich people out of high-level entertainment, looking back on the first few crush hug, come back segment ends of the earth, hypocrites, than we will only the door to spit, much stronger heart itch people.