Chung mortar

Chung mortar, is a household appliance occupies one corner of my childhood memories.    The old house is adobe tile-roofed house, the kitchen blocked off every few crooked to fail wood, considered a separate room with mortar Chung, Chung mortar room in the side wall on the side.Chung mortar home is a historical year, it is said Chung mortar is given to the mother’s grandfather dowry goods.Chung mortar simple structure, dig into the concave mortar, a mortar thick beech wood shelves long columns, one end aligned with beech wood mortar pestle center installed Chung, iron pestle pestle headgear placement head, there is a lumbar support shore laterally long columns, the other end of the wooden block shaved flat, massive wood floor under a soil excavated from shallow and deep grooves.Chung mortar operation is the use of leverage, as long as one foot Tacai that flat pieces of wood, Chung pestle and after the first landing since the chisel into the mortar.    Always issued when Tacai Chung mortar “Ga bang – boom ga” sound.But Chung mortar can issue a “bang Ga – Ga bang” sound of children not in general, because they must have sufficient strength.At that time, we boast that area of adult children do chores, not often said, “can play soy sauce”, but with a little proud to say, “Chung know how to tread the mortar.”.I may be a child’s school is not right, illiterate grandfather also urged me to read at night, of course I can not slow down, stop for a long time and soon Grandpa issued when Tsuishine “bang Ga – Ga boom” sound, far away in the main room snoop where I, if I judge him to study hard, as if reading is necessary to the force by listening to the sound of the size of the book, as if he were riding a force Chung mortar.Grandpa would tear up his voice – Oh, yeah, do not have the sound perverse, and not any voice!So I reluctantly brought the spirit, under the kerosene lamp reading, strangely enough, I began to read, can not control the sound becomes smaller down, found that a flame appears to be growing closer, suddenly “hissing” sound, as if there is a shares burnt smell spread out, I know, my forehead hair and a handful of less.So, my ears faintly hear the grandfather Tsuishine issued when “bang Ga – Ga bang” sound.As for how long this sounds, I do not know, anyway, I always find that I woke up in bed instead of sitting at the table.    In fourth grade, I left home to study Township Central Primary School.When I leave home, I actually found myself alone have the strength of the mortar operation Chung.Personally Tacai solid Chung Chung mortar board, making it rhythmically heard “bang Ga – Ga bang” sound, in the mother’s demo, I went into further Chung mortar in the world: Chung mortar most common method usage Chung is rice as rice bran shell off; If you want to cook corn rice, corn pestle to Chung, bamboo sieve with a corn head, then the fine sieve eye corn powder; hill taken back leaf fat mother pig vegetables, but also it into a large iron pot with Chung Chung mortar into the mud pile; just pick back tender corn on the cob mortar Chung also go through the process in order to cook food for pigs; OI mother made mashed pills have to go through Usuki of; fresh sweet corn cake acetabulum Chung Chung also be hit.Chung mortar operation is good not only strong on the line, it requires a certain skill, when the hands and feet coordination, bent legs pedal, Chung pestle high lift, immediately grasping time machine, holding long bamboo poles, twisting and turning mortar things.In that raise a few hogs is home annual income years, this close to the original use mechanical lever principle of operation of labor impresses me, during the holidays, especially in the evening, a few of our brothers is an operating Chung acetabulum hand.Mother often by age, size assigned to the different components of our mission, we often unite sweat operation, the kerosene lamp Chung mortar that shadow long column of thick beech fluctuated shine in adobe wall, Chung mortar spread beat passionate “bang Ga – Ga bang” sound, like the hub of the home turn tiles.    Today, Chung mortar has been replaced by electric rice mill, grinder, it stunned scattered pile wall in new homes, despite the wind and rain.But I know, Chung mortar issued a “bang Ga – Ga bang” sound forever tremor in my heart.