Chung morning dew

Early in the morning, when you walk in the woods beside the road, or the village of trails, the city also noisy or quiet one way, you have not found the dolphin lovely, shining silver light drops it?Perhaps you did not notice, because, with those wonderful, crystal light profit compared to rain, it too weak and small; those sweet and innocent, pure and noble compared to snow, it is so simple.    That day, and my friend trouble in a conflict, a person walking in the early morning road, the road on both sides, are patches of swaying grass, they go hand in hand, looking at me, leaning more inclined, as if mocking me.”Roadside grass, fell on both sides!”I muttered.The original erect a youthful pine, but if overnight aged a few years old, bowed his career.And then, a silver-white figure into my sight.”That is.what?”I walked over and clawed through the bushes, found the scroll of dew on a few pieces of big leaves.    ”dew?”I crouch down, I want a closer look.    It was a lovely crystal and translucent drops of water, he was rolling on the blade back and forth, as if children who do not understand the things of.    Sheepishly sun from horizon exposed his face, flushed, the moon is covered with a layer of tulle shy, quietly returned home.The sun’s face stained sky, the sun-dumping and landed in the grass, only to see that dew thin quickly, once, twice…When the sun completely jumped out of the horizon, in the sky, the dew has certain death.    Each subsequent morning, I set foot on that path, and dew to dialogue, to talk vegetation, listening to birds singing wonderful: silvery oriole, melody Braun, as well as starving chicks.    Nature has given me joy, joy, taught me calm.(Prose network WWW.sanwen.COM) I asked dew: “Little dew, you do not feel wronged it?No one to enjoy, nor a people praise this kind of life, you.”Dew shilly-body, then my saying:” make everyone happy is the most important, our life, though short, but no worries worry, there is no so-called honor, such a life, not very happy?”The sun came out again, dew also will be gone.    Vaguely, it seemed to hear their voices: “Ordinary is a beauty, a silent beauty.”My heart instantly open up, like a bird in captivity restored freedom: ordinary big deal and not a small, ordinary is beautiful, ordinary people doing extraordinary things, as also beautiful!    Thanks to those dew, their words as a breeze heal the wounds of my heart, my heart open up, their little figure always remain in my heart, never fade away!