Chun Yun Two Issues

Two Topics Wu Yan Chun Yun Cai River rose in May day, when the sun prick dawn, I go on the road to work, suddenly shines – the east side of campus green belt there was a river, a river of color!It is in the green belt rose opened.Maybe give her a cut of spring color?Perhaps spring rain gave her embroidered skirt?Maybe give her a description of the eyebrow Baiyun?Perhaps the bird to her playing of music?The Chinese rose, scrambling to open up Mimizaza, neat, hand in hand, as if to catch the temple, he knew it merged a few hundred meters of the River Rose!    The rose is planted only last year, this year looks somewhat weak.Branches slender, only shakuhachi high; leaves sparse, thin; faceplate is not large, and is the single lobe; even the thorn branches do not grow hard.But they are so open up.These pink and carmine rose only two colors, if the annual party cardamom girls, such as noodles Johnson, brilliant, such as lips, pure and refined.Ye her as pigeon eggs, green rhyme reveals a dark red, set off by branches of flowers, the whole plant just simple country girl, charming reveals a pure, warm trace of modesty.Though not like a lotus “lightness finds”, but also a solemn awe-inspiring not fondle.When the afternoon to go to work, see a few juvenile countenance “river” in pinch rose young flowers, I hasten to stop them, but it was too late, there have been two teenagers were down a pinch.I reprimanded them a few words, my heart like a lost anything precious things like, wistful for a long time.I hate myself for not quadrangle of God, these moments hidden in the river rose, and to those who do not know love flowers, flower lovers and discipline to alert people.    Chinese rose cultivation side is Phalaenopsis, only one color – indigo.Flowering will do, one of the few with flowers standing on the tip, such as butterflies love flowers, rose smelling incense, facing the river rose, meditation tempting partner, make fluttered like.Both sides of the “river” is unknown holly and weeds, has become a green shore, turning to the banks, which hold colorful “river”, dance in the warm wind.    Some people say that these are ill with rose, as beautiful complex flap.Indeed, this is a rose I’ve ever seen in one of the most parsimonious.Perhaps the reason is natural varieties; perhaps the reason wind does not ring true rain tune; perhaps unattended, because of insufficient nutrition.In short, this is her natural state, not because of inferior varieties and low self-esteem, not because of natural harmony and do not complain, not because people of all ages and flattering.They seem to have forgotten that they are to be planted in a green environment here, they get rid of the “mission” of the yoke, from natural natural, easy, reactive non-profit, bloom dignity of life.Their beauty is not deliberately show it to others, but to their bloom; narcissism is not sick, but mental health.Rose looked at the river, even I would not have touched people’s flowers.Although they do not rushing river surging momentum, nor the deep desert Populus tragic, but that they are natural, generous temperament, that placid tolerance, the crisp vulgar beauty, I Xinjing sway, enchanted.    ”Road only ten days to spend no red, no day is not spent this spring.”.This poem chant the characteristics of the Chinese rose, but also demonstrates the Chinese rose reap style natural, free and easy.    Flowing river rose several hundred meters north, stopped short, is like a never ending dream of disturbed.Orchids touch of green belt in the plot that Phalaenopsis opened, indigo, smoke Si Wu, glamorous and compelling.    Some people say that this flower is a Phalaenopsis, some people say it is not.I checked the Internet search, and butterfly-shaped orchid are different, similar demeanor.In fact, what is spent is not important, it is important to spend shock and God gives the soul of the human soul will.    April and May, Phalaenopsis (for the time being so called it) is in full bloom.Go afar, a plume Mama, bruising woven into a gauze, such as fairy magic, dreamy.See nearly every flower, petal divided into three layers, each three, cross distribution; bottom and middle layer of petals oval, all of indigo, blue deemed layer of pale purple halo, petal shape top short strip, the edge of the petals of a milky white circle, the center of the petals, the color gradually turns blue; most wonderful flower, it is not in the center of the flower, the petals YongCu, or yellow, or bright red, but on the tip of top petals, also divided into three parts with the petals, also found milky; unopened buds as arrow bunch general, the stand up, such as blue torch.Blue is the color of melancholy, reveals a purple blue halo, more giving a pity state of mind, I do not know how, it reminds me of Ai Qing’s poem “purple soul presented to you under loess”.    Phalaenopsis leaves resembling gladiolus leaves, just some small, some thin, some of the color faded.But edged handle “Green Sword” is still a trace of an Gang Qi An awe-inspiring stubborn, seems weak, melancholy petals very uncoordinated.She leaves are tufted, a blade-like article from a sprouted, and then squeeze crowded up, up, and then to the surrounding upturned, layer upon layer, but distinct thread strip.A clump of leaves Mimizaza few of them coerced stems, Ye Qun higher stems, petals pretty quiet all the more chic, lightly Zhanyi in the spring, just like most of a blue butterfly wings to fly.    This next stretch is along the Rose Phalaenopsis, not flowering, a spring of all ages have all been taken away this stretch of orchids.Pedestrian on the road or stop a distance or close look into the flower gardens, or using a mobile phone will always keep this bunch of spring.They enjoy it or silently wipe orchids, or surprise speechless praise, or open mouth, his hands folded on his chest, eyes full of envy and joy, or squat body, hand tentatively touch the soft petals.The most attractive of the two professional photographers, holding a long lens camera, shoot left and right camera to select various angles Phalaenopsis framing art, clip.I looked at a few flower photos taken by camera phone, suddenly dwarfed ashamed to show people the.People drive to appreciate, and even some fondle this stretch of orchids, but ignored the orchids like quiet temperament, this chaos Rangrang stare, I do not know whether the injury orchids secluded?    When Phalaenopsis thermophilic, hi wet, but this spring the odd drought, land under spend a few have been dry, I do not know how Phalaenopsis bear the suffering and hard work, he did not miss the spring, stubbornly blooming smile.They should have been grown in the Valley, surrounded by babbling brook over, brightest light, elegant quiet environment, surrounding about bee Butterfly.Teana sound, nowhere birds insects Yin; naturally passionate, full of wind ask Yurun.And now, the purpose of burning loess lost his honest nature, under the burning sun, revealing a rare ferocious, Phalaenopsis leaves have withered appear yellow, Hua Yan also becoming haggard, people instantly jealous haze days , a sense of a throwaway.I know, parched land below, there is a perennial butterfly orchid nutrients in the savings for a rainy day, even the chill of early spring, even the drought, no rain, she still proudly Fate indomitable attitude, arrogance sky.Her rigid full of leaves and petals wan soft sentimental, like the interpretation of the legend extraordinary woman of frail Zhijian.”Valley has beauty, shocked hold Lonely,” which reminds me of Li Qingzhao, Zhu Shuzhen, Xue Tao, Zhang Ailing, Xiao Hong.”Westerly cold dew deep forest, no one also from any incense.”This is not a spotlight Phalaenopsis rural women folk, do not watch the road, occasional thing, you see, Nama Resentment and grief Mingran in the head.I Phalaenopsis I read of the poignant, I can not help but Kuiranyitan, “not as good as when the road grass, Fang Fu Yuhe is”!    Later we know that this school is called iris flower, also known as alias Phalaenopsis, Blue Butterfly, flat bamboo flowers.Iris language of flowers was considered to be representative of the fate of the free and the broken passion, exquisite beautiful, but fragile and perishable.So wonderful, casual planted on the roadside, I do not know desecrated flower meaning, or sad world..Oh, it’s a touch of orchids.