What kind of medicine diarrhea baby diarrhea should pay attention to spring baby

What kind of medicine to the baby belly is a very common thing, many babies often diarrhea, then you know what to eat baby diarrhea medicine okay following small series to tell you what to eat baby diarrhea baby diarrhea medicine What kind of medicine oral rehydration salts: baby diarrhea the most important thing is to prevent and correct dehydration, diarrhea if the quantity, less urine, dry mouth or the baby, parents can be a small number of feeding oral rehydration salts。 Montmorillonite: protect the intestinal mucosa and virus adsorption, the role of bacteria, while taking in accordance with the requirements of the specification, the proportion of drug watered master。
Gut flora modifier: As MAMIAI Bifico, Jinshuangqi class, adjuvant therapy for the treatment of diarrhea。 Baby diarrhea medicine Umbilical more available or do not take medicine can treat severe cases of diarrhea need to seek immediate medical attention if your baby。 Baby diarrhea ate radish: Fresh carrots appropriate, cut into small pieces, boiled with water or vapor rotten, taken carrot, mashed, then add water and mix thoroughly boiled carrots, every 5?Plus about 10 g carrot carrot 100 ml of water。 This method adjuvant treatment of infantile diarrhea effect is remarkable。
Coke rice cereal: Apply, the powder into the pot with gentle heat fry brown, add appropriate amount of boiled into a paste, cool, warm dose, day 2?3 times。 Coke rice cereal easy to digest, but also its structure carbonized material in the intestinal absorption of corruption, there is Qudu diarrhea effect, is the preferred food baby diarrhea。
What to eat baby diarrhea medicine steaming mud: steamed apple has a good antidiarrheal effect, this is because apples contain pectin, tannic acid, unheated raw pectin can soften the stool, play a laxative effect while the cooked pectin is the role absorb bacteria and toxins, as well as convergence, antidiarrheal effect。
Wash the apples, peeled and cut into small pieces with a bowl and steam for 5 minutes, cool slightly, can be eaten with a spoon mashed, ate an average of 2 daily?3 times。
Porridge: purslane is a medicine, edible plants, clearing and detoxifying, dampness antidiarrheal effect of short duration, fecal urgency, diarrhea golden color will have a good therapeutic effect。
30 grams of fresh purslane (Portulaca oleracea or dry 10 g) plus 100 grams of porridge, sooner or later take。 Rice porridge: yam has the effect of spleen and kidney, and spleen also lotus effect is diarrhea, diarrhea suitable course of time, the stool milk valve with indigestion, diarrhea food。 30 g of yam, peeled, cut into thin slices or Ding, after washing 20 g lotus seed soak 2 hours, and 100 grams of rice porridge together, sooner or later take。