Chun less, because of you suffered silence

Green tour on the East Qian, Bi Qingjiang bank; flowers troubles, is separated from the final scene, no silver wrapped in white dress.    I long stop in the mountains, sharp eyes on the water, the sound ears.At this point it is spring, I feel is a lot of uncertainty.Ah!Placid water, with a soft her body let me drunk, her body still remained breath girl fingertips of fingers, fresh and elegant.    With this water I simply look for the mysterious girl.    More than a hundred paces ahead, there is a girl standing quietly.This woman dressed in a light veil IL Moon, silver foot freshman spinning shoe, with every song waist Pei Baiyu.Black hair, so natural with the breeze light dance, saying it is not the owner of the beauty and melancholy?    ”This is in solitary, MO What puzzled mind?”I slowly moved behind her, her fragrance fresh Duoliaoyifen would be less happy than the original residual water.    ”Not exactly, but the beauty of the world seems too small.”She turned and smiled at me, but the brow is still not hide the sad.    ”But if the eyes looking at the sky, but blue clarification; eye overlooking the water, quiet and perfectly clear; miss taking a break, being happy, how can the less said the King?”” Words are good.”She flicked her hair, and sigh again:” If the life of the King can be so, they no longer say little of the King.”We Meet walked forward, the wind is passing quietly.Our faces beaming with smiles, we can put each other as a friend, that ancient mountain stream, but also so.    ”Spring Solid US, but since when was too short, you may have a long stay of the law?”So to speak mildly meaning his best, there is a fly in the ointment is divided sentimental.    ”The US, because of the short time, due to short and expensive, and because of your matchless, if a long stay, it is no longer beautiful.The beauty of night-blooming cereus, other non-US, because the time is short, therefore it.”Came to a river path, we both hands into the water, her face was eventually thrown a sincere smile, we looked at each other with.In her eyes I saw the deep trees, lively deer, slender ivy, quiet water, always open sky, white clouds and my eternal peace of mind that does not beautiful eyes.    Those blue sky dotted – white clouds, not to be free of dust contamination, clean some pleasure.I say she is like clouds of white, as beautiful, as clean, as pure, as peaceful, as sentimental and melancholy.She said that I was never monotonous does not change color of the sky.I said it was wrong.    We Harukage together, but we eventually separated, we knew from the beginning.We are confidant, less spring friend, confidant should be separated, we think so.We guarantee our mutual friendship is missing to contact, because no matter how thoughts are a noble gesture.    Shao-chun, I suffered because of you taste the silence, but I did not feel the pain, because why spring less bitter silence.The girl miss our friendship is also given thought so.