Chulianxianjue Symphony

Hoe hoe, from the literal sense, by the “gold”, “and” plus “power” part composition, expressed as metal and effort needed to complete.Hoe hoe blade is made in kind, hook hoe, hoe the three parts.  Farmer’s hoe hook height determines the point of view, there is very demanding, I was about five, six years old when, on the sudden, a lot of jokes, at first, I used to hoe hoe with adults, as a result, the angle of the hook big hoe, hoe blade of light to fall, and later, his father saw I was thinking, for me, “tailor” made to order a hoe, results, hoe hook angle and small, and light to Gua Depi , hoe less than the proper depth, and then later, the whole good hoe hook angle, hoeing is right, I feel very smooth.  Hoeing posture.Agricultural people hoeing very particular posture, just as people practice martial arts as basic skills.Childhood recall the movie “Chaoyanggou” There is a classic lyrics: “To bow front legs, hind legs to pedal,” until now still fresh, home of the year in retrospect skill crops, hoeing when they are mostly footed, That ‘left the children’, “the right-child” will, during hoeing equal to rest alternately, hoeing the same time, contribute, not feel tired.Said “left the child”, it is in accordance with the rules of the front left hand hoe sent a good place, a good grasp of right and left directions, combined with the right hand to grasp the depth of hoeing up and down, then forced to pull back.”Right to children” is just the opposite, and the two-pronged approach is alternately left and right, take two steps forward, two steps back, or to a handover, great sense of rhythm, right hand, arm, leg force properly, and instantly be able to rest, there is also very demanding, hoeing master like a clever actor skillfully performance without footed hoeing people feel tired hoeing, others seem very dull, in the end, could not also contribute live.So, footed before they see real power.  Hoeing purpose is to weeding, cultivation, promote crop yield.  Hoeing aging.In general, the emergence of an inch high millet when it started hoe, beans in the pod to the next hoe, sorghum, corn grow until two or three leaves, leaf-like speaker volume when hoe.There are: dry hoe millet, sesame wet hoe, from valley to seven times hoe meters hoe plate ring, long crops, are talking aging hoeing.As the saying goes: hoe blade with water, hoe blade with fire, are also talking about the hoeing of aging.Hoe blade with water: when the profile is to say, equal to a small hoe again poured over water, crops up immediately on the luxuriantly.Hoe blade with fire, that is the time of drought, hoe again earth, and it fluffy, the sun quickly drying thoroughly, then dry loose earth, the crop is not so waterlogged.”Hoe Wo day when afternoon, sweat Wo soil,” also said that the hoeing of aging.Say that it is a good time to noon hoe, hoe this time out of the grass, the poison day in the sun, soon died.So, people will hoeing, more to the noon, the more want to go home, this is the truth.  Sickle sickle, by the “gold” and “clean” portion of the composition, expressed as metal clean.Sickle, the sickle head, sickle handle composed of two parts.Past farm life is an integral part of the harvest and production of mowing tools.Sickle, and a short handle can be divided into the shank.Chai is divided into sickle, grass sickle, a very detailed, a variety of different uses, can cut grass, wheat harvest, cut the rice, firewood, cut corn, sorghum cut, use very much, the wrong light output is not effective , a child home from school in a hurry to cut grass, grass sickle did not find the child, simply take the child on a wood sickle on the ramp, the companion would laugh at me, how the wood with sickle to cut the grass, I said almost the same.Predictably, a lot of power, cut a “dog neck” back back, mowing people know “the dog’s neck,” What do you mean, is it a joke agriculture mean less mowing.  In rural areas, a good scythe, blade sharp, curved knife in there, looking at your heart, with a smoothly, so someone has to put a good show of the capital as sickle.A sickle good care, can be used for many years, with a sickle of time long, blunt grind, grind the use, but also with a blunt, dull grind again, ad infinitum, until there is no basic steel fire, and back the new sickle.  When mowing with a sickle, to be squat, sickle flat, touch the ground, his left hand holding the anti-grass, pull the right hand scythe, sickle flying, weeds and fallen ears can hear the rustling sound, several people cut grass will hear the rhythmic rustle childhood sounds like ancient music, particularly pleasing to the ear.When cut grass, the need to arch waist, cut a lot of grass in his hands when the “prelude” to cut the grass to withstand vertical grass, and the grass like a right angle, forced to cut grass, brush produces sound, then Look action, while the cut grass, while hunched forward even move, just like the power and beauty of the show, cut the grass in order to see real skill.Cut grass, although fast, but the effort soon, sickle to cut Debu fast hand to try, very blunt, then they verify the connotation of “quicken the workers”, that is, we must first take down, put up the sickle, the millstone to carry on the cutting edge of polished quickly, sometimes even spit saliva on the point, and then try to wear a good knife edge big difference, really sharp, and then cut again when the grass, sickle flew over the waves will hear ringing “brush” sound.Those who have had experience of rural life, I believe have a deep memories and deep feelings sickle will.  Cut grass organized into a shop, a shop, and then a shop, a shop pile up, playing “grass waist” tied up, like a simple “craft”, which is the role sickle and harvest.  Shovel shovel by “gold” and “pounds”, “less” part composition, expressed in pounds of ax chisel to break the meaning of.It consists of the first shovel, the shovel handle composed of two parts.Farmers earth is to build a house, dig dig, unloading, put down manure, rubbish essential tool.Its body is in direct contact with the earth, feeling Mother Earth’s well-being.After the rain, farmers often see people carrying a shovel went into the fields, and at first I do not know how, then finally understand that it is a measure the depth of the rain, as long as the shovel vertically inserted into the ground, you see the depth rain.  Speaking to use shovels, very broad, farmers rely on this one shovel, eighty percent of the farm work can be done, so farmers usually come down to earth look at the way crops are Kangshang a shovel, run into any problems, almost all of it solved.Plowing usually say it with a shovel to dig a put down a beat, then improve the soil that gave birth to the seeds germinate, nourish the crops grown, it is the meticulous research of land wear fluffy, it touched land of shiny, smooth, crops skill tend to look best worn it smooth shiny side out, that is worthy of bragging rights, farmer holding a shovel handle, it looked thin and smooth shiny shovel head, savoring this masterpiece cooperation with craftsmen , feeling the sudden increase in the strength of countless.Rural shovel digging, an indispensable tool for earthmoving, country people never leave it.  Jue Jue, by the “gold” and “Unique” part composition, refers to the most commonly used tool for farmers, for planing, trenching, harvesting, etc..It is divided into Cliff Jue, Jue plate, several astonishingly small, it often rural people born shavings, sweet potatoes, when plowing, with its edge of plane.  Use it to dig, to arch himself, picked up a hoe, forced to dig down, the size of the force directly determines the depth of the ground plane.Shavings born, when sweet potatoes are a hoe one, just right, great sense of rhythm, are other tools can not be replaced.Barefoot planing, there is another kind of feeling, marching just planed soft, with a geothermal hot spot, feel very comfortable, waving a hoe, an instant of land changed its appearance.Little hoe, no small role.Through its seed into the ground, through which harvested crops, planting trees by it, towering trees by digging it, ordinary people dug wells, dig pits, need it.  Sickle hoe shovel hoe farm tool known as a traditional four pieces of human, agricultural production and farmers’ daily life, as long as have these four tools, we can complete routine tasks crafts, live comfortably.With the development of the times, sickle hoe shovel Jue with very little, but they left an indelible memory.  Qiaoxian De