Chuan Cheng Xianlie harbor infinite spirit of Thanksgiving

“Red earth, Youjiang shore.Baise together, similar to health, life-saving, heavy tasks.Health, life entrusted, Big Medicine sincere love of writing a dedication.”Simple words, a true reflection, beautiful melody, every time I heard the school song, my heart will be rippling continue to spread outward, layer after layer, so beautiful, so beautiful!    June through the black, walked into the golden September.I came to is located in the cradle of the red earth of Medicine – Youjiang Medical.For more than a year, a profound understanding of the city is full of “red” city.Bose, though it is “old, small, frontier, mountains, poor” in one of the cities, but the most profound memory of people is a hero of the city, a recorded history of the city, a city Chuan Cheng Xianlie spirit.This year is the 80th anniversary of the Baise Uprising, but also the 90th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement.Red Baise City in the history of the atmosphere even more to attract people, more people cherish reverence Italy.80 years ago, the old magistrate and reactionary warlords Baise City in collusion with numerous exactions, extortion to farmers, farmers suffocating weight of.Since ancient times, more than Heroes Hebei.The face of the “enemy” attack, the heroic people once again generous leave an indelible mark in the history of blue with blood.Deng Xiaoping, Wei Baqun other comrades led many martyrs who established a revolutionary base here, multiple armed struggle, after a desperate struggle to save the people in dire straits.Now, after the baptism of the history of the people, live in peace, calm, quiet life in this heroic city, and the days become better under the leadership of the party, just keep getting better with the help of state.And have a good day now is thanks to the correct leadership of Comrade Deng Xiaoping and selfless dedication, thanks to Wei Baqun and other martyrs of the bull by the horns and dedication.For decades, Baise people were inspired by the spirit of the martyrs, fearless tired, adhere to the construction, and strive to build a modern city Baise.Honest in this city where I feel the most is martyrs hard work, self-reliance spirit.This spirit is a two-edged sword winter, enjoy dancing in the snow; this spirit is a dynamic arm, strong protection of people love it; this spirit is a beautiful piece of music, covering the generations of struggle and hard work.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) in the right Medical school day, always accompany me is the spirit of martyrs.Whether learning, work and life, which are vigilant me, learning to be seriously hard, we want to work carefully and deliberately, to be optimistic about life.Here’s mentor who sweat their mood watering we learn; inclusive with their selfless love us; with their hard work and hard work of faith to support us.We should embrace the infinite gratitude, faith of the heart to be more firm, we want vigorous strides through the rain, to success.We use concrete actions to practice the spirit of martyrs, practicing my school, “Big Medicine sincere” motto, and strive to achieve our school “have to go under, apply, retain” the senior medical personnel training objectives.    ”Youth countries, wisdom, young then national wealth, Junior strong Guoqiang, youth independence then country’s independence, the country free freedom juvenile, juvenile progress of the country progress, youth is better than Europe, the country is better than Europe, the juvenile male on Earth, the Earth is Kunio.”In the whole country in-depth study and practice the scientific concept of development on the occasion, actively implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Seventeenth occasion, we want a foothold now, look to the future, to study scientific and cultural knowledge, mastering the professional skills with their the study for the country, the struggle for the home.    Life is no royal road, on the long road of life, there are always thorns.But I believe that under the guidance of the older generation, we have a strong potential and power to face and overcome difficulties.We want to be strong in life, to become a star of the stage of life, so please conviction, Chuan Cheng Xianlie their spirit!Let us have infinite gratitude, thanksgiving martyrs, Thanksgiving teachers, Thanksgiving parents, grateful, grateful life!