Chongqing facet worthy of taste

Chongqing facet in the world of food goods can be regarded as a great cuisine, it is my hometown for Cuisines, I was more familiar with it, even I can make the taste.I love her because it was not just delicious, but because it has a a deep sense of taste – the taste of home.    Chongqing facet can be described as color, flavor and taste, stir up a chopstick, fragrant smell, so you salivating, just one entrance you will feel like your saliva mighty Yangtze general spewing out from the salivary glands.I.e. a chewing inlet broken, ah!Delicious not salty nor light, not sour nor spicy, it was only echoing a unique taste in the mouth.Even then elegant manners of people, then despite the image of that noise will eat up.Let you food for thought.Who made it eat a hundred tire of this place, in the end what kind of a place it?Nightlife Network Chongqing my hometown, I’m dreaming of a place, bustling city, flowers of a hill nest, her taste is so familiar, and now I’m far away from home a taste of home has faded.However, the home side a small but traveled north and south, regardless of where I will go where it tasted the taste, I do not know how many bowl facet of Chongqing wanderer’s heart struck.    Or the old place, the old seat, there is a group of fellow warm their hearts, then the boss came out, with the native dialect downright said to me: “occasional visitors, occasional visitors today eat Diansha?” Special spicy bowl of mixed sauce noodles’ and I replied with the native dialect.”Come at once, we Chongqing guy is spicy food.”Then he went into the kitchen, a bowl of hot and pretty soon you end up face.I thin to taste the taste of it, but their hearts are bathed in the home’s taste.