It did not hold a long time to write, to think quietly, and suddenly found himself away from the track his life, a departure from the principle of life. Life was originally a book, I remember I used to say, the content is determined by each person themselves.It is fine to let people admire paintings page, pale or dull, or everyone reviled notoriety —- This is all in your hands. The beginning of life, we come into the world crying, the pain of life will therefore result, in fact, how many people, how can I enjoy the blessing of it?In this world, we need to take only two words, and that is the responsibility.Our responsibility as the beginning of the people, is to let love around us, people we love and happy life.Even if we suffered the pain of the world, suffered the world is tired.Nor should complain to them ——. So when we finally leave this world, the will smile away. Life is not the end, only a starting point.From the start and end of human life is your own assessment of the law and your descendants.Life is limited, life is long.Tagore once said, the sky is no trace of wings, but I have flown.No traces of your life on the road, but each of us have gone through.(Read the article Net:.sanwen.COM) had read an article, “fortune and misfortune” There is a text in Japanese Hosono shocked the world of the Titanic sinking, the risk of being killed sailors, secretly climbed up a rescue women and children lifeboat, escaped the crisis, life to be reborn.Ordinarily, he saved a life in the shipwreck, whom everyone should celebrate when he set foot on the moment Japan’s land, he was exposed by the media, it was canceled a symbol of noble warrior identity, spurned by the Japanese, Japan has even been incorporated into the textbooks do a negative.He was lucky, saved a life; he who, unfortunately, get people reviled. I believe that if you give him a choice, he chose to die. The meaning of life in this, adhere to the principle of life, Chongshang Yi putting the word, leaving the immortal name. Responsibility is extremely heavy, the choice to be deeper than the sea, life is higher than the heavens.