Chocolate, rose, forget the initial feeling

Memories tend to be a special feeling, let you regain piecemeal fragments; memories tend to be a rain of songs so you can relive the passing of time; often recall an old old tickets, so you go up former passenger ship; Yu met first met the country, is an evening in early summer at home Joan.Joan is the best friend Yu, Yu was play on the computer in her home, and suddenly, the computer emits a piercing scream, they hurriedly pulling power, petrified.After a child, Joan called in to help the country repair her computer.States carrying toolbox, sweating to beat the door of the home of Joan.Yu to open the country’s doors, the moment, two eye on the TV, the country’s pair of big eyes suddenly let Yu felt the feeling of being a kind of electrical contact, the body begins to boil, inexplicable shy pink little face Yu.I do not know how it is, the country also face red, redder than Yu, the two nods each other awkward, insincere sense than we have each other.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) country repaired computer, sitting in front of the computer to re-woo.Joan countries outside the living room drinking tea, please, stop to hear Yu Yu Qiong inquire about the name, age Yu, Yu-loving country, where everything about the buildings, he is so curious, so attention.At this point, the text on the screen not go into the buildings of the brain, Yu was in front of a blank.Half an hour later, the country is gone, Joan Yu walked around laughing and joking, endless briefing to woo the country, and ridicule Yu.Yu pretended to be angry and Joan clamor, a smile, a group Jiaocheng.That day, Yu know the name of the country, work units and family circumstances, the original country is a well-known local business – Xinxin computer company Lee’s young master, just graduated from university last year, now working for a large industrial company technical director.Country house dating from Joan out, has been distracted.Yu brains full of shadow dangling, his country was wondering why they have to woo this strange feeling?Is this love at first sight?CEOs dignified eldest son was so unpromising, think around the side of the beautiful women and more difficult to deal with, how could easily be an ordinary little woman confused.Country rubbed his eyes and shook his head, thinking of his words and deeds just could not help laughing, his face two small dimples appear to be extraordinarily handsome.After the country toolbox on the trunk, started the engine, drove his small yellow Beverly gallop in the hustle and bustle of the street.States that squeeze into the crowd into a noisy environment, there will be no shadow of buildings.The more he wanted to forget the appearance of buildings, but the more we want intense.It was getting dark, the country’s telephone constantly, those calls were Daozhui bunch of beautiful country, to sing about the country, about the country go disco dancing, going to the cinema about the country, the country was not in the mood, all to the PASS.The country is now filled with the appearance of buildings, and open the door to country cute little gentile always floating in front of the country, Yu is not really a very pretty girl, she belongs to a cute, cuddly, temperament extraordinary kind of girl, though she did not country climbed to two sentences, but a few minutes so the country is attracting Yu.After Yu home, restless back and forth in his room to walk around.And the same national feelings, woo a close your eyes, the whole country is the door of a pair of human eyes flash.At this point, about Yu tea out of a telephone connection constantly, Yu eleven refused, because Yu heart is a place to return her to fly aspire.She had a hunch forward to belong to her phone rang immediately.”You ask me how deep love you, love you a bit, my affection is real, my love is deep, the moon represents my heart” Yu phone bell rang, a strange number broke into the eye, intuitively certainly hit the country, Yu’s hand began to tremble.When the answer key is pressed Yu, shortness of breath.”Will you woo you, abrupt call you, I’m sorry!I was home that evening Joan boy, remember?Oh, yes, you gave me the door, “the other voice was trembling said, clearly excited and thrilled how the country is.”It’s you?You call it country, Joan told me.Will you find me something to do?”Yu mind clear call about her country wanted to be the girl’s modesty had to seem false, why call had deliberately ask each other?”I would like to invite you out to tea alone, you can do” country sound becomes very loud.”okay!”Yu is not rejected Bansi agreed.Hang up less than five minutes, the car stopped in the country Yu downstairs.Yu wearing a pure white dress came over straight long hair flowing in the yellowish street lights in, it is so beautiful.Yu sitting vice cab, country smell a breath of fresh air sandwiched jasmine perfume, pondering.Silent night, faint candlelight, elegant piano accompaniment, chic tea house, provide for the lovers of the extreme mood.State handy playing tea ceremony, Yu just modified his hands and face, intently watching the hands of the national pot, smiling.Before tea, the country let Yu eyes closed, the waiter brought a large bouquet of red roses (99 synthetic) and a box of exquisite gift box.When Yu opened his eyes, was shocked such a romantic moment, the tears kept flowing out.State panicked, busy presenting a paper towel to apologize.State do not know if this is Yu tears of happiness, moved to tears, it is particularly uncomfortable.Yu little quiet for a while and was told this is the country for the first time someone sent her such a big bunch of roses, there is this exquisite chocolate, so she touched, good emotional.First date, Yu won the victory in the country’s heart.So, since then, every day Yu saw the hands of a bunch of fresh red roses Chuaizhe, no doubt, Yu and the country began to fall in love.So break up, hurry past year.States and Yu intends to make things public, States made with home-yu.That day, Yu was dressed, he bought the freshest fruit, back with countries.States Yu’s mother saw the lovely, happy ear to ear, arrange servants prepare the most sumptuous lunch.Before lunch, his father’s country home, very seriously called into the study to woo.Half an hour later, Yu out of the study, tearfully ran out of the door.Yu ran out of the country followed, kept shouting the name of Yu.Yu in the woods in the park stopped crying.States Yu grabbed the hand and asked her father to say what so sad what makes Yu.Yu made a break, she said she could not be the wife of rich kids, the kind of crime is not an ordinary person can afford.It turned out that the father of the country and the requirements of the country to marry Yu, Yu had to quit his job as one at home as a housewife; there can not interfere with the business of their home; more intolerable intervention in the economy that is not dominated by their home.These requirements stabbed Yu pride, Yu’s parents are national staff, Yu childhood education should be proud to be an independent self-love, you can not rely on others.State language from his father’s words, Yu felt a shame imprisoned, she had to give up such a ridiculous family.State angrily returned home for the first time contradict his worship of his father, his father stubbornly practicing his request, we do not accept the lack of respect for his future daughter.State pick up the luggage, the demonstrators decided not to marry non-woo to parents and out of the house.Yu wronged ran home, talk to the parents of all.Yu’s parents distressed that their daughter, and resolutely made the decision to sever relations with Lee.The two sides deadlocked, stubborn personality, the national heartbroken, Yu haggard endless, emotional fortress held out for a year so pink cracked, buildings in the country and both parents confrontation painful compromises despair broke up.Three years later, still the familiar lights that elegant piano accompaniment, that same style restaurant, is still the same person sitting in the same position, except that the country and the buildings have a home, country married to a well-known real estate company director long’s daughter, and married to a university professor Yu.”Close your eyes, all right,” said Yu affectionately country.Two minutes later, Yu opened his eyes and saw the same gift for the first time and the date when the country sent the country, but 6 times this time than the first time to send the roses, Yu cried again.This time, the country does not have to console himself along with red eyes.When Yu Chuaizhe count roses, only to find the flower is not 99, but 520.