Chinese traditional virtues

[Part I: China, the US and Germany] China is one of the four ancient civilizations long history, is the world’s Oriental Pearl survive.Is a long history of traditional Chinese virtues, is the wisdom of the Chinese people for thousands of years, is a treasure of world civilization, is a model of civilized nations, is a treasure trove of Chinese people.As a Chinese, I feel proud!  From ancient times, a historical story teaches us one China, the United States and Germany, Kongrongrangli let us know humility, Zeng butcher let us understand that integrity is fundamental in life, Han Emperor tasted decoction let us know 100 Yoshitaka first..The ancients of all the deeds have cast a warm kindness of the Chinese nation, proactive, dedication, perseverance, nurtured the Chinese pursuit of harmony, modest manners, integrity and self-denial, and kindness, diligence and integrity, hard work and excellent quality of sake.It was under the influence of these virtues, only the ancient Chinese in the heavy oppression, humiliation is still in the dark in self-improvement, stands proudly in the east of the world.As a teenager in the new century, as the future of our country, we have to root in the hearts of Chinese species, retain national soul!To carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese mission to the motherland prosperous and powerful for lifelong goal!  However, in recent years we always carry forward traditional Chinese virtues as a slogan can really do have a few people do?When you see someone in the litter, we always say that this person is not quality, but others say, throw yourself yet seeds skin.We always ask others must follow, there can be their own behavior blights.Is not it a joke?So, carry forward traditional Chinese virtues is not just a simple slogan, but also represents a personal accomplishment, embodies the spirit of the quality of the individual.  Virtue comes from life, to play different roles in society who have different virtues.As office workers, virtue is hard hard work; as parents, virtue is feeding children; as the Son of man, virtue is to support their parents; as a businessman, virtue is integrity management; as a teacher, is teaching the virtues.So what we have as a student of virtue is it?The answer is to study hard and become a pillar of the motherland!(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) as a teenager a new era, we are the hope of the motherland and the future.So, starting today, let the traditional Chinese virtues in our blood, in order to become a real Chinese people have the United States and Germany are proud to make the country stronger as the goal, hard work, to do the most beautiful age teenager!  [Part Two:] I virtues of civilization from the birth of the baby, the innocent boy, the virtues of civilization has always been around me.Wang Yihong civilized virtues like Oasis, nourishing my heart, I grew up nurtured.  Smiling face engraved.  Campus, inevitably some fooling around, and I often clashed classmates.The teacher asked the students reconciliation with me, smiling when to shake hands, let the contradictions between the students vanished, and turned it into a beautiful friendship.Slowly, I learned to smile, smile often overflow in my face, a bright smile on the teacher, the students tolerant smile, difficulties indifferent smile.Smile like spring water, and cleaned up the cold winter, joy of my heart.  Filial piety remain in the hearts.  Parents gave us life, gave us great care and concern.Hard to pay for the elders, I always shell-shocked.Mom and Dad let me see “sentiment fatherly, motherly sentiment,” taught me to understand “the hands of a loving mother line, wandering clothing.Departure thick seam, meaning fear of delay in return, “meaning, I have a filial education, to honor their elders.Slowly, I learned to honor, to mention a little something for parents to share food with their parents, to her mother down a foot-washing water, a little reward, although not worth mentioning, but filial piety in the hearts of the total collection bit by bit.  Thrifty in your mind.  I like something, no matter how expensive, always pestering parents to buy.Wasteful to spend money, do not know how to cherish.Mom and Dad taught me to save, repeatedly told me “history of suffering” childhood, say “geese are swans,” the truth.Slowly, I learned to be thrifty, clamoring to buy things no longer the most expensive best, always squeeze the toothpaste Finally, know the money saved up the minutes.Thrifty makes me even more simple and natural.  Too, I learned tolerance, learned to be honest, learned to care for the environment, learned.A civilized habit in me imperceptibly.I was a seedling, it is bathed civilized virtues of spring rain to thrive.  [Part III: Chinese traditional virtue of the Chinese people] each, must be to have the traditional virtues of their own country.China, the United States and Germany have a lot of, for example, be courteous, humble, care for the young, etc., etc..  Like saying “Kongrongrangli” this story!Jung young age, you should know that a large pear give than their Japanese smaller than themselves, and their own, but a man took a minimum of pear.This is one of the United States and Germany must go on.  There are many ways reflects the care for the young, for example: to help parents pour water once, to help parents wash feet, to accompany brother and sister to play.These are necessary.  Another example, some people are now readily throw things on the street, so the street becomes garbage everywhere, what plastic sheets, fruit leather blink of an eye can see, so that cleaners are busy every day, as early as the late return.How can those who throw garbage, if you are cleaners, your mind is how to think?Whether it would be very uncomfortable?So, I want to tell those who litter: “Quick reflect on it, do not throw garbage, do not be a litter of Chinese human right!”This is the United States and Germany of the two, do not litter on the ground.  When it comes to littering, I would think it’s twin brother: spitting.Spitting is a bad habit to spit into the ground, it will cause air pollution, for you, for me, it is not good.  Or do these actually very simple, as long as there is this belief in mind, litter on the ground, spitting it will not happen again.  China and the United States Delhi, helpful.When students have difficulties, we must go help him, not his contempt.Or, when there is space on the bus, we will take a look at his side there is no elderly or physically challenged people, this time, we want to give those seats to sit.  Students, in addition to these, there are many, many United States and Germany.It often appears among us.So, we have the United States and Germany must do a Chinese man!  [Part IV: China, the US and Germany] people, because more beautiful and full of virtues.  Countries, due to become more harmonious and full of virtues.  World, due to become more colorful and full of virtues.  China, the United States and Germany, everyone knows, “Kongrongrangli” other stories embody the Chinese nation five thousand years since the supreme virtue, it is stated that the Chinese nation is a cultural capital.But the United States and Germany today seems to have long been forgotten, people are turning a blind eye to it, the saying goes: This road abandoned people today such as soil.Our great nation, gave birth to five thousand years of glorious history of five thousand years, leaving a bright traditional culture.In this course of history, the United States and Germany shine.  From small to large, has been parents, teachers, elders always taught us to inherit “the traditional Chinese virtues.”.So, what is the real traditional Chinese virtues it?  Language teacher said: “The United States and Germany” are Fucizixiao, husband wife Yin Yi, Xiongyoudigong; to be friends honesty, integrity, diligence and follow righteousness; care for the young, respect for teachers, ask the poor pity the weak.”The poor are spared to reach Jianshantianxia”.  Math teacher said: “The United States and Germany” is a long line, it is attached to the Chinese people, under five thousand years in the past, we work hard to create brilliant today and hopeful future.  English teacher said: Chinesecivilizationisoneoftheoldestintheworld.  Geography teacher said: “The United States and Germany” is located in the eastern hemisphere of the earth, it is China beautiful mountains and rivers, blue skies and sunshine composed of the first round.It is unassailable.  History teacher said: “The United States and Germany” is “not obscene wealth, and rank can not move, force can bend”, which is a precious heritage of the Chinese nation lofty integrity.Art teacher said: “The United States and Germany” is a gorgeous picture, its color is light but bright.  Music teacher said: “The United States and Germany” is a song, it sounds wonderful and moving, it inspired all Chinese people to struggle.  I said: accommodating, China, the United States and Germany, thousands of years endless stretches on like rivers seething.Now, with the progress of society, rapid economic development.”Civilization” has become the most important in the United States and Germany.China, the United States and Germany is that it does not reflect how spectacular, great, in fact, it has produced in our casual action.  Uncle Lei Feng, you always worthy of our respect, because your body has a lot we do not have United States and Germany.China, the United States and Germany everyone can have, the key is to see if you want to have unity of the students you have the United States and Germany; humble, studious you have the United States and Germany; wash feet as Mom and Dad you also have the United States and Germany.China, the United States and Germany in the nuances, only you can find it hard to do the.  Anti-Japanese War martyrs, is that you taught me “The road is long Come, happiness and earth.”I want you to learn the spirit of self.First mandate of heaven so people, we must first suffer their aspirations, workers of their bones, their body skin hunger, depletion of their body, the line fu chaos.Your spirit will continue to encourage the Chinese people to work hard, we will excel rather than blue.  I go to school to sit in the car, there had been such a thing: Before that two elderly people on the bus, it seems to me that the car was very ordinary, no elderly, infirm.And then the old grandfather, grandmother on the car, the conductor called: “Please board Which kind comrades to a seat?”, The original ordinary people began to anxious up, some people say that I am not feeling well, what some people did not say, but their faces but more of an expression of anxiety.Looking at each person’s look, two old people seem to feel pity, sadness.Each most ordinary Chinese people, “China, the United States and Germany,” where to go?I’m glad I let the seat, I did not lose the noble but tiny “China, the United States and Germany,” I saw in the eyes of the old man’s comfort, hope.  Virtue is perfection, pure, crystalline supreme humanity, and from life to life, as long as our heart to sentiment, you will find it everywhere.Committed patriotic, kind to nature, tolerant of others, respect for teachers deeds as China’s treasures, numerous, “promote the United States and Germany, building a harmonious society”, it is imperative.This is the first action to protect Chinese culture, let us protect that a Chinese heart, do not let it over time no past style!Please do not just look to the future and forget the past, in the past, there are many worthy of our study, memorable place!  I believe the United States and Germany will leave footprints in this vast land of China; China, the US and Germany will remain immortal in this colorful world; China, the US and Germany will affect generations of Chinese people.All sons and daughters, let us join hands and work together with the United States and Germany make it forever!  [Chapter five: to carry forward the United States and Germany] we know that the traditional Chinese virtues are closely related with us.When you pass by, readily pick up garbage thrown into the trash; do not violate the rules, are the embodiment of virtue.”Virtue” word, perhaps very strange to some people, but in my eyes, “virtue” but in my heart left a deep imprint.It is not only “virtue” word.But we should go to promote it, go heritage it.  We all know the meaning of “virtue”, but do not know the word, it is a traditional symbol of our nation, we should always start from their own side, from the little things.  In my opinion, some people are particularly insolent.They even trample “virtue” is the word.What a shame things.Their task is related to free himself, not just the destruction of the Chinese nation the word, since it is an example of the destruction of our nation history.The so-called “virtue” is a person to do good faith, love the motherland, unity and help defend the country.Everything is not free to destroy all the nations, with their own country to protect.Because the country is like our mother, no country, we would not now.So we should go to carry forward the traditional virtues, make the country full of glory.Let the world because we are proud of our country and proud because.  In modern life, some students do not have “virtue” more important things, how they want to trample it.This is for our students, what a cruel thing ah!As a student, everyone should have a sense of responsibility, to do a morality, civilization, have very good people.Do not have people doing harm to the country.Hurt the country is equivalent to cannibalism.I believe we are not willing to do the same kind of people.  Through the above I explained to everyone, I believe the students on the “virtues” that the word has a deeper understanding further, we can correctly carry forward traditional Chinese virtues.Make yourself better and better, can not find a place drawback would be the pride of the Chinese nation, it is our pride.We are proud of the country due to.That is what we.  For virtue, I believe there are some who have not yet know.But even if he does not understand, we have to carry forward the United States and Germany.Chinese traditional virtues of these fierce words is our fundamental life.We are not the best, just better.The reason that virtue.That we should lead by example.For the country to do little things.Even a little help, even if it is related to all kinds of everything around us, we are the so-called virtues.  We want to carry forward the traditional Chinese virtues, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese.  To carry forward traditional Chinese virtues will be our goal, carry forward traditional Chinese virtues will be the goal of our progress.Carry forward the traditional Chinese virtues, is the result of our efforts will.  Let us use their own efforts, their love, to help everyone who needs help, do their own thing within its power.Even a little small thing in.We will be proud of.Because to carry forward the traditional Chinese virtues.We have been carrying forward it, so that everyone become a national pride.  With their love to carry forward traditional Chinese virtues it!Believe in yourself a certain line!Future path will you open up, let the dream become a reality in the future it!  [Chapter six: traditional Chinese virtues] China as an ancient civilization, because the old ancestors left numerous traditional virtues.The Chinese called “ceremonies” because we Chinese people have always paid great attention to civility.  Courtesy is human to maintain normal social life requires people to abide by the most basic code of ethics, it is the people gradually formed in the long-term common life and mutual exchanges, and in customs, habits and traditions, etc. fixed.For one person, politeness is the ideological and moral standards of a person, culture, external manifestations of communicative competence.Gangcha Er said: “Courtesy is the easiest thing to do, is the most precious thing.”Yes it is.  In the long history of thousands of years, how many celebrities Chester courtesy of the story has also been widely widely read.”Melt-year-old, allowing pears,” the story is known, is well known young and old.The great leader Mao Zedong, also from the urine develop virtues polite to his elders, and later became President, can still be polite.1959, back to Shaoshan Mao Zedong, had specifically invited the elderly friends and relatives for dinner, Chairman Mao toast to old people, old people, said: “Chairman toast, dare dare!”Chairman Mao was respectfully replied:” Jinglaozunxian, should be!”Thus, how important it is polite.  However, everyone is really done civilized, polite yet?I do not think.  Because in today’s society, you can often see in the bus, young people seize the old man’s seat, has a look of affection for granted.Or saw a young girl dressed in the mouth a few actually full of foul language.These and our descendants shall inherit the traditional virtues of how disproportionate ah.So, we should be polite, make a civilized man, put an end to such a thing happen in our own body.  We want to know, civility, politeness is the communication bridge between people of the most basic, and most important point.If you are rude to others you will communicate with you?Courtesy, to narrow the distance between people, heart to heart, so that the other side has a good impression on you, so as to make friends, to live in harmony with others, to get the praise and trust of others ah!  In fact, we want to be as high school students civilized manners is not difficult, as long as there is an equal treatment, modest and polite heart enough, as long as the heart is, will be able to do a good job.I believe that through our joint efforts, we can carry forward traditional Chinese virtues!This will certainly be worthy of “ceremonies” of the name!  [Chapter Seven: inherit and carry forward traditional Chinese virtues] time flies, human progress, and there are numerous deep imprint on the course of history.Of which there makes us proud history of five thousand years of Chinese civilization.Our ancestors under extremely difficult conditions that have created so many miracles, so much wealth, so that the whole world is very shocked, resounding fame, although their bodies have wiped out, but their souls remain, indelible spirit, and also continued from generation to generation, more flourish.  Ancestors are smart, but also selfless.Heritage they put their lives summed up the essence without reservation gave us.There is both a physical aspects, but also spiritual.However, spiritual wealth is eternal.Although it is invisible, but it’s so true presence.It brings us boundless power.This is really powerful to make us work hard, hard work, enterprise and innovation.  Obviously, this powerful and invisible force that is fine traditional virtue of the Chinese nation.These traditional virtues inspired generation after generation, affecting the number of aspiring young.Because they are the essence, the truth is, we all recognized and accredited.So it can from generation to generation, future generations are to inherit and carry forward their.  Then, as the students in their prime, how do we inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of these virtues it?How do these precious spiritual food?It is indeed worth considering.  First, as a Chinese person, we should be a broad understanding of history, about our ancestors did what earth-shattering event.A deep understanding of the nature and meaning of traditional virtues, they understand that noble idea.Only clear what is our traditional virtues, we can talk about how to do, what to do.  Secondly, as a vibrant college students, we are the pillar of the motherland, the future successor, bearing the task of building the motherland, should try to learn traditional cultural knowledge, different ways to carry forward the traditional virtues spread.Standing on the shoulders of giants we should see higher and farther hope.We want to own the world carry forward the traditional virtues, let the world understand our style and powerful.So that our country will be more powerful, more united nation will.  We are all young people have the knowledge, have their own ideas and opinions, we should know the role of these traditional virtues of our lives.We should always put in my heart these traditional virtues, norms and constraints as their General.Inherit and carry forward are reflected in real life practical action.Just know not to implement, then these are definitely not the essence inherited down, but can not be carried forward.And over time, they may be forgotten.If this happens, our nation would be unfortunate, and that is how sad ah.We must not allow this tragedy staged.  As lofty ambitions of university students, we have a responsibility to inherit and carry forward the fine traditional Chinese virtues.Let us in real life so true, real, vividly they inherit and carry forward it.  Great Chinese nation, the fine tradition of the great virtues of the human race will be the way forward is always a beautiful landscape, ideal for miracles, our future is not a dream.  [Chapter eight: the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation’s heritage] As the saying goes: “do good deeds, but not as small, small and whom not to be evil.”Perhaps this is the moral purpose of it!  Some people are saying every day must have morality can not be corrupt, to achieve the “Three Represents”, although may say so, but actually do have a few people do?  Today I heard a news item: an anti-corruption elements for eight years to overthrow a corrupt official.8 years ah!A full eight years to overthrow corrupt officials, he experienced a lot of hard work, and even their wives and children.Only to serve the people, he said in an interview when he said: “I, as a Communist, I should set an example, to serve the people, let the people live a better life.”This is the moral gap between anti-corruption and corruption.  Like Shakespeare said: “The only one spared, then it is a waste.God gave birth to us as long as we put the torch is not lit himself, but drenched world, because our virtues not yet extend to other people, and that is not the same as equal.”China’s traditional virtues of ancient Chinese Confucian society formed mainly to Confucianism represented moral.People self-improvement process are: self – investigation of things – Munetomo – sincerity – is heart – Slim – Qijia – rule – peace to the world.  Therefore, the main content of Chinese traditional virtues can be summarized as follows: noble spirit of patriotism, filial love of humanity, to learn with academic spirit, self-reliance and entrepreneurial spirit, the spirit of seeking truth statecraft apply what they learn spiritual practice , abstinence spirit of honesty, things were dependent group spirit, sacrifice justice dedication and spirit of sacrifice Shashenchengren.  As descendants of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation’s heritage is the bounden duty, when China this dragon fly in the skies of the world, we will make the world look up to!