By road from sentence to farming

1958 mid-winter, he lived in a simple shed is located in the mountains of western Zhejiang hydroelectric power plant construction site where a young couple, the husband is a factory technician, illiterate wife, the former farming in his hometown in Sichuan, came here Visiting relatives.    There is a curved path before creasing shed, the other side is a curved crease the same mountain road in between road and river, a curved crease interposed snake-like sand, the original stoning piles, crevice covered with thorns, at which time most of the stones have been moved to build dams or roads, leaving only a few small stones and thorns roots sparse beard, which also dumped some garbage.Originally there find a work to do, and then the long stay of the intended wife would like, this is not just reclaimed the southern claw it kind of in a row?The stones and thorns dig up the roots, leaving garbage to make fertilizer, irrigate and fertilize all easy.She stared at the patch of wasteland, to and fro with measured pace, pinched fingers contemplating to spend a few days and Bandiao sand reclamation a slope, wondering how many stars can spring south paw seedlings planted.    Illiterate wife wanted to farming, now it seems very appropriate thing is normal, in addition to farming, she can do at this gathering of intellectuals power plant in it?The plant in the region plenty of open space in the home she is a farming players, small family farming can improve their lives; but at the time it is outrageous thing, the Great Leap Forward, the people’s commune movement vigorous, newspapers, radio broadcast every day on agricultural production per mu over hundreds of thousands of industrial production “One day is equal to two decades,” the good news everywhere put the satellite, this time in their own wasteland grain grow vegetables, is to discredit socialism, to the big Yuejin discredit the movement and the people’s commune, it is to wear the hat of the restoration of capitalism; do farmers did not dare to secretly land reclamation, not to mention their families to eat grain of national cadres of it?Let alone on the land for construction of national key projects it?This is a major event related to the two-line struggle.His wife is illiterate, of course, know not the reason, the idea of farming, said her husband, and her husband heard on the ignorant, the night did not want to sort out a clue, think that things always takes a factory job to consult about leadership.The next day the director of the office door to see the director sitting at a desk wearing glasses to see the file buried her husband two legs chattered, really have the courage to go into.Director found hovering in the doorway of her husband and said, Something wrong.Director raised his head slightly, that is emitted from the top of my eye glasses Zhitou heart of her husband, the rain-delayed husband shudder, her husband also lose control of the tongue, and even said a few times nothing turned and fled.Home, Haoshuodaishuo husband, wife finally understand that farming is breaking the law, they have to not only tied up the streets, but also hurt the husband, even to the entire plant into trouble, but why break the law, dynasties farming does not break the law, to do the Communist world to break the law?Do not eat the food his old Chairman Mao?This is not always understand her.Her brows played a big lump, a few days could not undo.Return untied untied, then there is no mention farming thing, in a factory canteen find another temporary worker to do.    People get the history, in the “running into communism” cheers, a protracted famine came, surrounding rural people dying of hunger or to curb hunger Jiangxi bad news from time to time to spread to the factory.The situation of the factory better than some surrounding rural areas, not on the supply of flour and rice, cooked rice into a rice porridge, porridge more burn more dilute, corn and other coarse grains to buy some supplement.Later, whole grains can not guarantee supply, the government called “claw-food generation”, eat sweet potatoes tendons south paw seedlings to survive.    In this difficult period of 3 years, they have gave birth to a daughter and a child.    1960-1962 that famine is a national, one of the measures taken by the Party Central Committee is part of the repatriation of urban workers back into rural farming.In this context, in order to avoid incidents of people starved to death in the factory, the factory workers have part of a family and I return home farming.As the wife of the families of workers without a job, in this repatriation movement brunt name impressively listed in the top of the list of persons delegated.The decentralization of procedures to run, but with a pair of infant children, long distances, you need to see off her husband, and her husband have invited two false Please do not come out, this would drag down.    The whole plant cadres and workers to stay while stabilize electricity production, while to pick some wild tree bark on the hillside, with famine arduous struggle.Shed has been demolished, choose another to built a new brick cottage, the beach or a long patch of thorns.His wife back to work or gather wild vegetables tend to dwell for a moment, sometimes it will say: If here grow some pumpkins so nice.    Yes ah, Had according to her, the kinds of food here, even on a few species of pumpkin, but also life-saving food ah.Husband often said to myself.    If every household words on the species of vegetables.Families of employees and workers of the factory, almost all gave the same sorry.    He regards this!He regards this!Director looking at the new plant site long weeds, but looking at the weeds a pair of rusty steel stud upright, stomped s feelings.Due to have enough to eat, due to the decentralization of staff due to shortage of manpower, infrastructure already stopped, the operation of the power plant can barely maintain, the director has been struggling.Director, said the plant area plenty of open space, Had someone types something to eat, but to solve the big problems of the factory ah.    When her husband leave the third director to send his wife and children to return home, the director said that the new spirit of the document down, famine eased, the families of workers from other provinces is not yet repatriated.The director said, to stay, to let her pig farming in the factory; I can be delegated as director, who can not be delegated farming; enough to eat day to let it forever be history.Director also said that people in high positions, learning and ability of people on some things and not necessarily smarter than rural women without culture ah.    Sure enough, on top of “cut the tail of capitalism” is often shout much less escalate things, the families grow some workers did open eyes closed eyes of the.So, almost every street corner regarded reclaimed wasteland, what kind of point of south paw sweet potatoes.Wife stream reclamation of wasteland, south paw wax gourd vegetables radish pods anything species, but also raise chickens and ducks.South claw alone, the fall off to the southern claw sliced tan dry, this sixty, seventy years but in the last century to share the treasure of extreme material deprivation, reading children live on campus, as dry food to school, holidays, visiting friends and relatives, but also as a gift to friends and relatives.The factory also set up a pig farm, his wife became a breeder pig farm has expanded each year, the late seventies to the early eighties, the number of herds maintained at forty, pork supply for the factory canteen workers and family.    So, these are now called “intensive management” things in the planned economy era a sophomore public, and in mountainous western Zhejiang mountain high and the emperor is far away bud.    (June 2005)