By: My favorite Ho

The first chapter for a long time did not write something, so I started to become vulgar life.But I am grateful to life, it makes me so lucky I met you, you give love and care slowly infiltrated my life.Honey, do not laugh at me, though hypocritical language sometimes pale, but this is what I can give you the best return.Remember when we first met, first conversation, the first time sent me back to the dorm, my first kiss, those eyebrows are still feeling the presence of mind deep.Not be blessed from the beginning, my friends opposition, now close friends of envy, I am not questioning the feelings between us, it is also deeply there.I remember reading one sentence: What is love?Love is infinite tolerance and inclusiveness.So my dear, thank you have been tolerant of me, my bad temper, my wayward, my stubborn.There are many ways of love, ways to express love in the same lot, every day, I do not need sweet talk, do not need a large bunch of roses, I do not need your efforts dressed manservant, but does not require the commitment of eachother, I want the only one my heart loves it!So far we are very happy, even if occasionally quarrel, but I clearly know such happiness for us just right.My dear, although I have complained to me that you have not bought a gift, you are not high enough to complain about not handsome, but I love you like I love you so.I also have rotting bear in the past, you can not get rid of them altogether, no smoking, no pub, no staying up all night, and not ambiguous man entangled.It is often said the most stupid woman in love most naive, because I think happiness can only be so be it.  The second chapter you sometimes too proud, childish, Xiong Baba sometimes talk to me, but I love is this you.I bought a couple of shirts, so we can put it on the streets, let others cast envious eyes, often this time I was delighted, I feel so good to have you around.Every time I get sick, you are rough on me while I took the side to the infirmary, I’m cheeky Shuaqi my shameless, I took the opportunity to let you back.Well, you always find it too although I am a little fat, I forgive you, because hello a few times I would sneak in the heart curse.You start to get busy work, a lot of pressure, you are trying to do everything, to come up with results, you can always take less than one, though I can not help you a favor, but I have in the eyes.I know you are working hard for the enterprising, motivated people.From the company came home from work, you never forget to kiss me, I know you’re a careful man, see you sometimes tired look, I am very distressed.In your home from work to give you something delicious nourishing food, and my heart silently absorb nutrients faster ah, let my dear point gain weight.Chi Chi, you have to be lucky to see it, I can be silly now.I said I was duplicity woman, you are no exception, while annoying chatters say I’m fat, she asked me what I eat to eat Buy Now.You see, we all love each other so.I did not find a job, but you always said let me take home reared, how could I so naive, you let a man struggling to take care of me.Sometimes life can be really unsatisfactory, we only have to work harder.  Chapter 3, July 1, we adopted a golden retriever from your friends, hot afternoon we take the car for a long time and only then the dog home.I know, you did for me this thing on the mind.Dogs over 4 months old, very clever, very obedient.I took the dog named Pippi, do not want it to me so lazy, mischievous point.During the day you are at work, no time to take care of it, I have a person to speak with me at home Pippi.It is good. I play with the computer, it is always lying at my feet.You hurt Pippi, coming back from work will always take it out for a walk, it starts to get picky eaters, do not eat rice, dog food too late to see me eat looked on helplessly, not to smell it eat, hey, really Nansi Hou’s master.I’m bored nothing to love to photograph it, and then spread to space, ha ha, it also, like me, love smug job.We have 100 days to the anniversary, it will be with us for the whole week, I will be more hurt you and Phi Phi oh.  Tomorrow is the fourth chapter we commemorate the 100 days, my plan: ① booked in advance to a cake, write a special blessing.② cook at night and you do it with a good dinner ③ shot put on our lovers and Phi Phi?Photos, a big show our affection.④ give you a mysterious little gift ⑤ with you to bring our old place to play Pippi.⑥ put this article to you.Chi Chi, the United States think hearts are dead.So if you see this, you must remember to give me a big hug, here all my intention to write down a little bit.In subsequent days, no matter what will happen tomorrow, I will still be there for you.In my best years there, bearing in mind our love!So I thank you for the love and tolerance, I will take seriously the feelings, as well as around you!