A butterfly

The pendant Soil and understood as ‘butterfly’, there is a circular cocoon a flying small butterfly, two leaves.She said that in addition to this meaning, the designer designed the cocoon into a circle, is the reincarnation of a more profound meaning. Caterpillar cocoon, a butterfly; in fact, the focus of this process is: cocoon.Nibble the leaves start to do primitive accumulation, the accumulation is completed to start the cocoon, I do not know the story of the subsequent experiences of others in a cocoon, as is pain, sleep, lonely, lonely, heartbroken, abusive, or anything else, only you know.Until one day he burst the chrysalis, emergence into a butterfly.There is not enough of primitive accumulation, there is no cocoon of capital, would not join the Hell no courage and perseverance, have not experienced the baptism of suffering and pain, there will be no energy savings after the butterfly, as primitive accumulation; Since then cocoon and eventually break cocoon into a butterfly, blockbuster.In fact, this process of evolutionary biology is to say, philosophical ascetic said to be a process, a small caterpillar for a long terms of practice. Buy jewelry should also have an idea, there must be cultural enrichment or else buy a few days do not like it.