Butterfly Yin

Butterfly Yin Department extended diffuse light fell on the grass without a head peered around all silent whisper a few words begins with a few drops of dew green boat rolled into the loess criss-roots mouth smile hidden among leafy flower girl shyly Miaomei painted lips just butterfly still dream of being awakened by the rustling of one pair of hazy eyes slowly grew bigger wide open and not close like a mirror-like light on two long horns constantly continue to turn a blind eye makeup swagger flowers butterfly Hu fan a moment that gorgeous broad wings heart triumphant gust of wind blowing through the butterfly awkward stick in the dirt foot deep shallow kick open fields waiting for assistance grass Yiyi floral bursts flower girl, trained, trained buzzed with laughter while the sound from the wilderness the distance came the aroma of flower girl flower girl tasting bee attracted a tinkling heart despite howling kissing bees butterflies eat vinegar to sour its convergence from awkward double slurry slowly crawled toward the deep grass horizon sunrise bunch of a bunch pulled the gold butterfly watched without a trace of volatile shook depressed heart that no sound of wings gently drifting into the distance