Butterfly wings folded hurt the heart

She was 11, she started practicing figure skating, that it is ignorant of the age.Her partner her to her 4-year-old, is a very handsome young man, white crystal ice since become their whole life.  Her slender waist often like soft cotton Liu, from time to time by his hands gently hold any make all kinds of graceful dance movements in the bed of ice.  They hugged after the forward slip or slide, or jumping, figure through the place, flying from the ice ballast to be a thorn sharp crack of ice skates, to draw all kinds of curve.She used to spend hard every day in his powerful hands grip held in.Subzero temperatures, coach rebuke, overload training, have made her feel miserable.Heart, just as a few centimeters thick, like ice, broke our hearts too cool.  He trained as hard, but rarely speak, always quietly to fasten the laces on her skates, folded her clothes, pick up her throw landed on the chair Items.When occasional break, he took a white towel and gently wipe the sweat from his face as she.Her heart, in his attentive care, just as solid ice encountered strong light, and gradually melted.She liked skating, more heart, and he was very understanding doing various actions.  It was the first time they participate in the competition.He and she wore clothing show.She was wearing a purple exposed knee skirt, embroidered month white butterfly skirt, long-sleeved lanterns waving like a butterfly with two silk fluttered; he was wearing the same color long-sleeved shirt, black slacks, pants hem also had the same butterflies.Her elegant temperament and his quiet composure and was a play on has won numerous applause.  Music sounded, they started holding hands glide.This is a very soft music, such as undersea coral reefs, with waves coming to the Bay.Her veil wind blowing, they dance to the music, the perfect match action.Simo share of lingering and sometimes like butterflies around the tree, sometimes coiled like ivy.  Her purple skirt floating on him, as they figure ice dancing elegant ballast as holy, and if the spring rain as soft soothing, gentle movements just as the lover’s whispers.They ended the show in thunderous applause.They gradually became the focus of attention of others, she was a bit like a princess floated up.  Day and over water.After many years of participating in various competitions, they always lost, seeing wreath in close proximity, they may worry about the outcome and success in pass.The girl has come to retirement age fast.She began to wake up, she was guilty because of his mistakes hurt the boy’s failure.  That day she had ideas to do a butterfly as the main difficulty of the dance.She worked day and night of dance practice, with countless scars legs feet.Spirit of boys to girls being touched, they also want to have a happy ending.  Girls always mishandled butterfly heartbroken look, she has been shrouded in the aura of happiness.Every time she would be alone for a long time, quietly listening experience that mournful music, in order to adjust the mood, put himself completely into the inside.One day, she finally completed the set of smooth motion, the boy’s eyes is self-evident surprise.She wanted to wait to tell him the game is over, in fact, this is for him, and their love.Just before the race closer to the time, he collapsed on the ice.He was diagnosed with bone cancer.  He delayed the operation time needed, without telling her, decided to finish the race say.Girls really thought he was tired dizziness caused by very guiltily to help him wipe the sweat from his face.Until finally the time of the game.Stadium crowd surging.They walked arm in arm into the stadium.Music sounded, the girls actually look found the right feeling.The boy beside her slide, jump, and looked chilling.Lingering butterflies isolated and grief, of the dance, ride on ice.Boys sweat.He endured severe pain with the girl, he suddenly felt a very short time of the game, looking forward to extend a little, a little longer.His tears falling on her plate from the high bun, her eyes dimmed also interpret grief butterfly.  They finally succeeded, on the podium, I do not know the boy gone, only her eyes blurred look into the distance four weeks.The boy said he was tired of this life left the girl in the letter, he was going to find his favorite distance.Girl’s heart, hurts.  Days later, she started a man’s dance, with realistic butterfly sleeves, rotating in a bed of ice.Slip float fly wind, gently as a butterfly leap.Her grief-stricken as a butterfly solely for the love Masterpiece.Girl every game, there is always one of the most loyal audience in the stands, he has no legs, hands clasped crutch, in a darkest corner, to see the girl burst into tears solo.They have been fantastic in the circle has been incomplete, as butterfly wings folded wings, destined not then draw a circle.