After the autumn (Qintai Arts)

After getting some leaves falling autumn I know there are some leaves on the branches reluctantly they had been in life and death friendship but no matter how good the lingering skelter is the true nature of the world would go and see the orange orange green lotus moment to bid farewell to the summer green and pink I seem to prefer this autumn brown I have repeatedly seen the charges as boundless expanse of blue fairy in between I just yearn for listening to the rain on lotus leaves as if one kind of vague pain this pain is a sad but also a joy it gives me no longer see those pretty colorful beauty also just greed youth as late at night listening to Brahms had a love of life and death forbear even vain word is love I may be a mate that I may be a leaf that I also hold a lotus incense in the branches I’ve had a lotus life and now I decided to listen to the lotus in the autumn of mind away from a noisy enter into a vast