After “sworn”

Qing dynasty, Shandong Jinan government has a number of silver Showtime, the owner surnamed Zhao, Zhao called one million.This day, Zhao mother passed away, Zhao funeral for the mother, and from the constant stream of friends and family.Accountant in the condolence ceremony came a man, claiming to Zhang Jinlong.This person 30 up and down, wearing a long robe, wearing a cap melons, handsome, imposing appearance, a wealthy appearance.This is Zhang Jinlong lavish ceremony full wages on twelve hundred, so staggering palm book.At that time one thousand Liangwen Yin, but a great number.Zhao large fortune, relatives and friends also no shortage of Yan Fu’s official people, up to the ceremony, but also two hundred.This is Zhang Jinlong shot so generous, it can be met with the person with Zhao unusual relationship.Besides the main house Zhao millions heard about the matter, he came to the accountant, hanging a look book, inscribed Zhili Nanpi Zhang Jinlong.Was very puzzled child: Think about all his relatives and friends, he did not die of a man named Zhang Jinlong?This man is doing?Why on such a heavy gifts?Anyway, I was invited to meet?Ask palm book, this person said after finishing up on the left.How this line?Zhao then immediately sent for one million visits to various hotels.Three looking to find two really also found Zhang Jinlong.Zhao hurried him go with your family sedan.This is the sort of person Zhang Jinlong?Here it is necessary to introduce: Zhang Jinlong is the Black Dragon Zhili Nanpi town.Early poor family, father frequented estuary horse stall.A few years later, it touches make a lot of money, but also to develop his character treacherous man.After his father died, Zhang Jinlong alone pick possessions, the desire to get rich growing.At that time the business has been hot up opium in the country.Zhang Jinlong bends with the wind, we start with the opium business.This spring, Zhang Jinlong man with trafficking opium to Qingdao, Jinan down because the incident delayed the House.Time out, coincided with a large funeral out, traveling hundreds of thousands of people Monk, a question, said Mr. Zhao is an aging mother died, it Mr. Zhao is open silver number, known as Zhao one million.Seeing Zhang Jinlong, an idea, a thought suddenly Health, walk around the body back to the hotel stay, carry out brought a thousand Liangwen Yin Zhao went on a funeral.Accompanied by folks to see him have jumped on the capital, understand its meaning, and asked him, do not recognize does not know, and so on Why gift?Zhang Jinlong not explain, but hey sneer.Besides Zhao million Zhang Jinlong will receive your family, a banquet.Zhang Jinlong did not open his mouth chin, it can blow up on a large cattle.Zhao found that when asked whether the one million towards the minister Zhang Wan, Zhang Zhidong?Zhang rights inone two brothers, who do not know, nobody knows what?Zhao told Zhang Jinlong million two brothers Zhang uncle is his own family?Wan famous village drove home the silver, and the foreigners are doing now is a big deal.He talked about the early years of listening to his uncle, the Jinan government to Zhang Zhao Jiazu grace, have not been able to return.The passing through here, to coincide aunt passed away, a little piece of cake, Buchengjingyi.Words were very relaxed.Zhao 1001000 Zhang brothers he is a courtier’s nephew, is adoration.As for his own ancestors words of Zhang’s grace, he first heard.Since people say, simply acquiesced in it?So Baoquan hand, even said: honor, honor.Zhang Jinlong put on a wealthy look, Zhao playing in the day, he said, pushing a hand press business, hurry to leave.Zhao see this gratitude by flying experience, of course, we are happy to see Zhang Jinlong rich and powerful, is not there anything to curry favor with the reason?Zhao climb the high branches bent one million children, two sworn proposed eight worship became brothers.Zhang Jinlong also wish.Thus, the two vowed to drink blood, dedication and have difficulty with when, forged a life and death brothers.Zhang Jinlong Fengfengguangguang left the Jinan government.Qingdao can not make it, because all the silver brought the ceremony, playing a net, I had no choice but to go home.His family do not know what is snake oil medicine, I thought he had it hysteria noontime?When over more than a month, Zhang Jinlong Zhao went to Jinan.Saying did a business, sometimes Zhouzhuanbukai funds, borrowed 5200 silver.Zhao did not hesitate even one million, readily agreed.Unexpectedly, Zhang Jinlong and no withdrawals, say one will be taken when using.Fast forward a year.This day, Zhang Jinlong police sent 520 silver of interest.Zhao one million understand its meaning: there is no silver put away, how can I collect interest?Police explained: my family dispensers to say, he took money put away, ready to be silver number for us.Now that ready, even if the bill had it when interest.It is not too happy at Zhao millions of the world’s most feel that they get to know people talk about faith.Then, after about six months, Zhang Jinlong personally came to Jinan, Zhao Gao Ying naturally take away.Zhang Jinlong speech that he made a fortune with foreigners opium big business in urgent need of 000 silver, desperation to find Big Brother.Within three months to ensure the return of principal and interest together, doubling interest.000 silver, but a scary number of people.Zhao join together to obtain silver No..Because through different things to each other, Zhao Jinlong nature is no doubt one million pairs.Also specifically placed for the, for his brother in the league before the statue of Marshal Chao, more than a stick of incense burned it?The next day, Zhao one million Dongnuexijie, patchwork, finally gather the 000 silver, and by Escort, Zhang Jinlong Hire will return Nanpi.