After step down the red carpet

Sister was down, good help, stood in the courtyard of the mud, her white feet fertilizer, waddled.She probably was a year old, and I have four years old!    Mother took out a kitchen knife, aligned with the middle sister feet piece of mud, serious and hard to cut down.    ”doing what?”I asked loudly.    ”A child is not sensible!”Mom was mysteriously put away the knife,” my grandmother said, so children will have to walk scholarship, you were a kid and I had to cut you.”” Why cut?”” Child born feet are shackled locked, so not walk, it cuts off the only road to go.”” I do not see, “I am not convinced and said,” Where in leg irons.”” Fetters is there, the grandmother said, you can not see it wants.”” Now is not broken?”” Broken, now cut off, and my sister would be to walk.”Later, of course, my sister would walk, and I grew up, finally know my sister can walk with leg irons cut has nothing to do, but I do not know why, that distant screens actually as clear towering, moved me.    Maybe there really is shackled, life is always rushed, always breaking what Dayton, anyway, not our own to bursting sturdy chains, is to make that cruel hoops of steel into our flesh!    Is late spring or early summer also remember not invited, I went upstairs to Vincent Press, Mr. Shaw put a contract book to me.    ”Very well,” he said, and he seems tall, fine, competent, “read you something that reminds me of a child to read and Bing Tagore.”I was surprised to jump quickly, Bing Xin and Tagore?This is what I cooked terribly, terribly love it!How could he know?I just think it is an autobiography, “carpet that end” so sold off, after deducting taxes I only got over two thousand yuan, but do not feel at a disadvantage.    I Hing hastily went to a friend palette like, I want the purple, when I married, the family arranged all purple, purple curtains, bedspread is purple, the window frames of creeper flowers are purple, purple to overflowing on the page, a dream for some years, it was a beautiful sunny day, I send color samples to the press go, the road, San Mao, she also went to see color samples, she is a friend of the book color, tone grass green, a book is really exciting news, we will happily touch of color to the life of that upcoming booklet.    ”We were together a book,” Once Kang Yun Wei said, “Man’s great publicity well ah, enlarged photos are hanging out.”That’s something I forgot, after her mentioning, think as if there was something going on, the strange thing is I do not remember the photo, and I remember that I often after work, Baba went upstairs Press , ask them to show me the case of a new book on sale.    ”Whose book is relatively easy to sell?”In fact, the book has sold or how sales have nothing to do with me.    ”Your Shan with leaves.”The clerk turned to me booklet.    I took a closer look at the booklet, want to know in the end is a leaf Shan sell more, or I – I can not say that’s crazy or naive, then somehow things all day to worry about impatient, probably as a young.    October of that year, did not bridge cubs literary send a gift certificate Zhang Qingdian concept to me, I went to Taiwan.Her husband also have a ticket, our seats in different areas, similar to the adjournment of the meeting at the stadium when the door.    I was wearing a magenta suit, Hui Lai that day the sun, the sky a brilliant blue, my position is very good, very exciting sports performances, but also want to see close at hand, and her husband, the presence of a seat, we We will meet and go after the meeting, everything being perfect crystal clear, full of regrets.    But, suddenly, I burst into tears, I remembered Nanjing.Nanjing is not on geography, is the poem, in words, the soul dream, the mother’s accent in Nanjing (Nanking mother is not a person, but secondary school in Nanjing) vaguely remember that name, Xuanwu Lake, Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, Jiming Temple, Confucius Temple, Qinhuai River.No, do not want those names, that was not fair, not middle-aged nostalgia, you are just so young, nostalgia should not have to worry to you, you see it show, you are invited to see the show, and Behold!Good seats it!Do not cry, you did not see it properly Jiandajiadu!Why do you cry?You really too young, you do still wearing the bride’s dress to marry, you are happy, you have your little house, every evening, down purple mantle and the man came back, there is little life the angry, a little proud, a little Qishang and sweet, so the day is not very good yet?    Not touch the hometown of thinking, it is too strong, do not let the three Jiang Wuyue to hit you, do not read the red county Shenzhou name, you can not stand, really, life is good, to force back the tears, you can not start, you can not start, you can not start, you can not start to recover.I sat, invalid admonished himself, from the Golden Gate to the fire in the hall lit, half-naked man in divers operating performance, such as condensate meter team butt purple power, especially in the stands above the red pillars, straight spicy pushed the front, I can not think of Sun Yat-sen to curb, looking heavenwards that stepping stone, Chinese people’s Wailing wall, when will we be hot forehead against the cold on the sacred, we will step a protracted amount ascended the highest mountain fog lock cloud buried.Will be scattered, and I suffer rubs up against the door, he was there for me, we go home together.    ”what happened to you?”Go a long way, he could not help but ask me.    ”No, do not ask me.””are you uncomfortable?””No.”” That, “he worried,” I mess with you?”” No, no, no – you do not ask me, I beg you do not ask, do not tell me a word, at least do not tell me today.”He looked at me in surprise, surprise there is an understanding in recent afternoon sun shines on broad magnanimous Dunhua North Road, we silently back to the purple nest.    He really did not bother me again, I am trance began to organize themselves, what dawned on me that there are some deep-rooted things have been hidden in my own do not quite know at Yuanshen, the lady style education can not be masked, is a traditional Chinese Department of exegesis and poetry can not be polished, that very rude and very wild and very very hot, what can not be stopped, that “for the full history of the pen have fat marrow, bone blood as impregnable as a base, with the enterohepatic a dirty heat, intense boiling water for rivers “(Note) feelings.I remember when very young, and his father leave, then the family has two long knives, a victory of the war to the division, shark skin, antique, body and belongings regarded as the father of the only valuable things, with my mother and smaller sister to Taiwan, his father does not go, only to take us to the river, he said: