After some sharpening, only more beautiful smooth pebbles

Ladder ladder has never been used footrest, it’s just to get people’s feet to put some time, so do not let one foot on the board can go down to.  Winding mountain road circling, but that extends toward the summit.  Only the top of the mountain to see the other side of the scenery.  Even rocky road, the wheels have to move forward; even rough rivers, ships were sailing.  Only by creating, is the real enjoyment, only hard work, is a full life.  Courage to declare war on the darkness of the human heart must be full of light.  Lofty ideals like flowers growing in the mountains.If you engage in under it is hard to climb the ropes.  Nature, no ups and downs, the earth will not Fruitful.  Diligence is the password of your life, you can be translated a magnificent epic.  Busy bees collect, no time to talk in front of people.  Warrior Hai streams without the great stroke sink, drowning will calm coward.  No matter how high mountains, always leave the road to climb to a brave man.  As long as the sweet harvest, there will be thorns busy bee.  Life can be sweet, it may be bitter, but not the taste is not.You can win, you can also fail, but you can not give in.Nine hundred and ninety-ninth in vain, and a thousand times it is only open opportunities for enterprising and talented people, never patronize mediocre.  Only those who walk on the concrete floor, never leave deep footprints.  Meaning that the vitality and hard work, because the world itself is an arena.  Waves of character, is a rock and shattered countless times and countless flash pounced reef.  Banyan because rooted in deep soil, shade longer life will flourish.  Pride is broken kite lead, fleeting; low self-esteem, is cut the wings of birds, hard on the sky.Both of which are taught taboo.  If the trees trimmed because of fear of pain and denial, it may never become useful.  After some sharpening of the sea, only more beautiful smooth pebbles.  If the talent compared to the sword, it is hard grindstone.  He withstood the baptism of fire mud will have a strong physique.  Although the weak spot fireflies, but the darkness is illuminated challenge.  Beautiful blueprint lies in the hands lazy, nothing but a waste paper.  Temporary setbacks can often indomitable fighting into knowledge and insight.  Up efforts to open up, only to bend turned into a straight bamboo Rhizome.  Do not work, do not sow, and then the fertile soil fertilizer also not grow crops, do not struggle, do not create, then the United States also bear no fruit youth.  Even the best seeds are not sown, also could not bear rich fruit.  If the hateful setbacks make you taste the bitter fruit, then the rise will let you taste the joy of life.  Falls — In order to run to rivers and lakes, even in the face Baizhang abyss, still roaring ahead, never back down for the Warriors, the sick, embarrassment, censure, defamation, cynical, power forward of all oppression is.  Smooth, it does not mean that traveling is a flat route.  In the desert, only the pace of progress is a sign of hope.