US Senate announced the government budget agreement to avoid government "closed"

  BEIJING, February 8, according to US media reports, local time on the 7th, the US Senate leaders reached a bipartisan agreement。 The program will provide funds to maintain the operation of the federal government for two years, but does not solve the immigration problem hotly disputed。
  According to reports, the Senate majority leader, Republican from Kentucky Mitch McConnell in the Senate hall, said: I am pleased to announce that negotiations between the two parties in both houses about our defense spending and other priorities has reached an important agreement。
Senate Minority Leader, Democrat Chuck Schumer from New York said: We join the people of the United States reached a very favorable agreement。
Profile picture: US Congress。 China news agency reporters Deng Minshe and Ju Xi, the program will increase during the 2-year US government spending $ 300 billion for defense and domestic programs, ending years of automatic spending cuts。 Republicans criticized the automatic spending cuts weakened the US military, Democrats say the automatic spending cuts hurt vulnerable populations。
  McConnell said: compromise we have reached will ensure, first time in years, our armed forces will have more resources, it is their defense of US security necessary; it will help us for the Department of Veterans Affairs, they had the courage to serve us; it will ensure funding for important initiatives, such as disaster relief, infrastructure and strengthen efforts to combat opiate abuse problem。
  It reported that Senate leaders have been in a race against time。
Federal government spending authority expires at midnight local time on the 8th。 If spending authority is not extended, the US government will fall into two months of the 2nd part of the closed state。
  It is reported that this program must be signed by both houses of Congress by the president to become law by Trump。 Expected, holding hawkish stance on fiscal issues would be super conservative Republicans oppose the plan, and some Democrats also expressed opposition advance。 They asked Congress to take action to protect hundreds of thousands of young illegally into the United States of parents of young undocumented immigrants against deportation。
  House Minority Leader, Democrat Nancy Pelosi from California, announced that she will not support spending agreement, unless House Speaker, Republican Paul Ryan to ensure that the House vote, resolved to suspend the repatriation of the United States who arrived in childhood (DACA) project beneficiaries which the current predicament。
  Pelosi published a lengthy speech in the House of venue。 Ryan said she asked the Speaker: What do you fear it?Let us vote now。
Let the House reflects their will。   Democrats in January had blocked a temporary spending case, leading to the federal government shut down for three days。
In part because Congress in protest inaction on the issue DACA。
Trump announced that the Obama administration last year DACA program will expire on March 5。   Trump said that, as a part of a broader immigration reform, he supported 1.8 million young men to qualify for DACA-protected to provide a channel of US citizens。
But the White House also requires investment in the US-Mexico border wall was built, reducing legal immigration, and give priority to the admission of new immigrants with advanced skills。   US bipartisan negotiations on a comprehensive reform of US immigration law has not yet reached an agreement。 Lawmakers from both parties have proposed the settlement DACA problem, on the one hand limited strengthen border security measures, but Trump refused to accept such a scheme。