After she was determined to get to bed

Zhang roll is really very dirty evil, he has not seen the surface according to Yang put the words, she wants to go to bed.He is a friend to say these words.Zhang rolled away home printing, small business, advertising printing, packaging printing, print business cards, also printed books.His son like a sparrow, like every day, prowl.Yang according to friends looking for him to do the book, he was naturally very pleased, and asked loudly into the phone tube: copies are not so big?Friend said: You’re a miser, my heart just print run.I do business with people, what I do not want to want money?In addition to paying the money was ah.People how it?The boss was pretty book.How beautiful?Big Eyes.Big eyes girl I’ve seen much more.Soft kidney.How soft?How to be more soft soft.nonsense.anything else?Good breast Alice.Good breast Alice?Outstanding!Then what else?Good round ass.Rounded rounded.You like hot bread just came out of that place.Do not say do not say, and told her to come over here.Then, he puts down the sentence: I do not see her out bed!Yang compliance over the South.Friends not exaggerated, according to Yang is good looking.There are delicate southerners, northerners both full.In particular, very white skin.White and moist.Like to get water-soaked.Zhang roll constantly staring at her, was a little Dodo.He wanted to reach out and touch her face, or her shoulder, the end is refrained.Nice to meet you, in the end not rash.Zhang roll please dined according to Yang, Yang also requested in accordance drink tea, take a look at quite late, he drove her home Hotels.He packed his mind, the car to the hotel, according to Yang sent into the room, she took advantage of the opportunity to engage in.He has had two back to this experience, I was very confident.But the car downstairs, according to Yang but not sending him.Uphold jumped out, quickened step children, a sideways, into the hotel.Zhang roll has not recovered, according to Yang on has been omitted.Lights and behind the hotel door security stature leaving only one place, very deserted.Which makes this race a little surprised.Yang according to him a few hours together, he has been watching her quietly Wen Wen, Wen Wen Shunshun of.Smiling face Italy, gentle voice.He said some one-liners, open some jokes, often very presumptuous, very special, and she understood it, chuckle laugh, not respond.With his experience, not as a reaction, and that is the default.He thought that this girl can get started.I did not think he was totally wrong.She opened the door and jumped out to see, Dengdeng Deng went straight into the hotel that posture, Zhang roll knew this girl a downright.Over the years, as long as the girl on his heart, he has not been subjected to refuse.This time hit.It made him feel humiliated, very angry funeral.He sat, made a long stay.I do not know how to think Zhang roll, he suddenly down – no, do not want to move, do not want to go home, they leaned, put your feet out of the car window, lay down.He soon fell asleep.Zhang roll in this sense sleep really dead.Bursts of snoring, motionless, not even dream of doing a.Zhang roll woke up sleep, it is already the next morning.It was still dark, the light is not lit, surrounded by a chaos.In front of a small hotel like the same monster crouched there, a lot of dusky.Yang according to it?Yang according to which room inside the?According to Yang is asleep or awake?Alas, this dog’s mouth according to Yang.Pensions shadows of the weight of Zhang roll a little shortness of breath.Zhang roll your feet recover from the car window, sit still, and shuffles to start her up, shuffles out over the front, home.Little by little the sky bright.Zhang roll home at the edge of the city, in a depression, then the last point, that is, the suburbs, and be at the junction of urban and rural areas.This is a high aloof three small brick building, surrounded by vain people.In front of a large road.During the day, busy, bustling, it is truly exciting; at night, the car less lean people, lights flashing, it is deserted, so the brick buildings around the four walls, the entrance gates added.Zhang roll also raised two big dogs, lying curled on both sides of the iron gate, let them across the fence while tongue while staring fiercely any movement outside.Zhang did not think roll, two dogs were poisoned.Shepherd was poisoned people take drugs buns.Shepherd’s head flat on the ground, each mouth is a pool of black blood, skin side of a small bun halves.Zhang kicked rolling grille door, looked at the front of the brick house, came out in a circle around the fence, I see, the man has stared at him for a long time, get a clear idea of his life has been law, By yesterday evening hand.But the unexpected outbreak of the culprits never imagined, last night he did not return overnight.