After scenery in the back

” ” ” Landscape after the back of: Moon west window EDIT: to get along whenever you turn around, I had ready to look into your back.Course of the story has just begun, I will wait for the outcome early, so I’ll turn the outcome through the misty we have walked hand in hand.Turn around, please do not comfort, but do not need it, do not give up soft warm and plaintive “I’m sorry”!Once so beautiful, so it hurts, I’m willing to!Do you hesitate not to your back, if you never ran leaving you back around, and then I will turn bitterly bitterly scolded: “good for nothing”!      I am willing to look at your marching against the wind to leave the setting sun firm and lofty, like static embrace Rainbow Light under you that long and magnificent road shadow.That shadow holding my eyes Fudang my mind even more sad and rather soft and my body.If I fall a drop of Tears blinking eyes I would drop this Kitty printed on top of your shadow swirl into my bright red heart and blooming out of your face; if I exhaled loudly ballad that is certainly your smile your temperature Huai spectrum into eddies Qianyindichang in clearing grass Jianbian born in Fragrance.      From spring through early spring do not want to want to see a touch of red chapter, I never want to rise amid Pinnacle wanted to hug the forest through the little green toward the curtain.From do not want to hold you tight through the whole lifeblood of any trace of breathing, you never want to fall into the mind through the first sections of the road affectionate Mouguang.Everything happened so light so quiet so elegant and so floating in the air.Love is pursuing departure.Meet friend at the moment we set sail for love, a minute, once a twilight, a winter and a spring.However, without the concomitant phase pull so stay forever with the silent touch pro.Never made love, but love most bright flashing character is watching our mutual gaze; never romance, and love the most distinctive banner in your speech I mentioned with the knees in rags erupted.A caution is worth a thousand vows Fan, a drop of warmth better than the hot summer sun.A Zanmei a low capital wrapped in the warm air inside.I laughed and cried, the pain too happy too, worth a total of emotional interpretation of the worth lingering in that same emotion in.      ”I met you regret it?”You answer:” this life is the fear of regret that you never quite found!”I said:” I met you regret it, five hundred years of reincarnation I’m afraid I can not seek the road of love can not trace your shadow!”You laughed at a loss and lonely, I cry tears splash.We can not forget, you first thing in the crowd to find me.We can not forget that the first sound you crying to me is this: Do not be silly standing on car!Yes, we need a big crowd to mark identity, familiar and real identity has long been engraved in the heart, even if the universe is bigger we already know each other: Who am I, and who are my!      Can not forget, filled with fragrance of coffee, we wordless and silent but rapid phase; can not forget, like Yue Yan smile in far but close to the soul of intermediation.We can not forget, Juan Juan dismay at the break, interlocking fingers and slowly moved away desolately lonely.A “Clockwork SMS I’ll be at ease!”At that moment, turned, I had torrential Lei Yu.Love always as Wuban diffuse spread like waves in the distance of time and space, the overall situation in the absence of sound bright flash stars, moonlight rose fragrance drunk off your pink dream I.Love silent invisible, love without a trace, and the brilliant but you and I walked side by side in the season, enriches liters song you and me through thick and thin.Now that handle what needs to be reluctant to grow old?And you handle the moment is already a successful and remains charming results.Does not last forever, only touch the body that once had sexual gratification.    If carve out forever love flowers, then devoted married couple out of the white bar in the room frequency Morrowind dew point shy love it.If it is nestled expression of love, separation is also a love continued,.Although this language a little sour but more graceful soft.I know, I can accept the result of this sincere and calm.      ”If you leave, please do not look back, otherwise I will firmly grasp it with both hands and never give you reason to leave!”That summer fragrance floating behind you spread, long, long time.Do not look back, behind the scenery you enough to hang around this life I fine olfactory.” ‘