After returning to Beijing fourth when freelance work

I will never forget mid-1992 February 23, that was my life and a big turning point.  That day, “tourism” magazine of leadership informed me, get me out of the magazine, find another job.I suddenly froze.Why ah?I do not steal, do not grab two, three no style issues.If that is not a business, and I willingly.However, this is not set up that way!I carefully thought about, it was my mouth and broke ass outspoken dash, offended leadership.Originally Well, new to the editor to write an article, I am stunned that people all throughout the Great Cultural Revolution; another editor of a masterpiece, I not only picked out typos from the inside, but also to the people to speak grammar.People can not bother you it?However, I’m officially appointed Beijing Tourism Bureau Party cadres ah!But yet, this is the reason it?Official big one people crushed to death!I have no choice but to obey.However, they promised me to solve the housing problem – I have a child and a woman, and children are big big girl.A 20-year-old when they, a 18-year-old.Housing problem has long been a major event in my heart.Too, for children, for the house, I fight it!So the next day I cleanse the family, became a freelancer – I was already 47 years old.!  I know, in my old age this, find a regular job how hard it is, I like the proverb says it: wild floor (pigeon) not litter – four cities anywhere around, and I find the place dry thing to find food to eat.So, I began my life a living selling words.    I remember once played work in two health care products companies, advertising agencies three, four media companies, the largest guan’er worked as assistant to the president enterprise, also served as public relations manager, marketing manager, advertising staff, planning staff and many more.But one thing is the same, that is to write something, selling words children.    I Guangzhuobangzi big summer, wearing big pants to write something – I did not dare open air.My wife had a child with rheumatoid arthritis for many years, and the fingers, spine, toes are deformed, and she also had two major operations.One knees are artificial knee joint replacement surgery, a lumbar spinal stenosis surgery.We booked six waist and two lateral nail plug.I can not open air, the wind was cold to her; I rode the dog days, begged people to go hungry I planned fee, I have to “listen” mini three years older than my boss taught me, call me..My son is almost 40 years old that year, has yet to marry a young married woman.I gave him money to buy real estate, registration of affordable housing, but not on the waiting list.Girlfriend talked to a few touches, but came down to a blew.The woman is not too son did not do room?All this for a word: money.I have to earn money to pay their own pensions, serious co-ordination costs, the winter heating costs.All in all, had to earn their own.Can you cry it?Today’s society does not believe in tears; you can make people sympathize with you yet?Foot bubble – are coming out of their own.    From mid-1992 to leave the “Tourism” magazine in 2005 I retired 60-year-old talent from the last ten years, I have been living by selling words.To make ends meet, I gave dozens of companies have written soft advertising, popular science articles, television and feature copy.In order to meet the needs of various companies, I have to learn a lot of new things, including marketing, real estate, medicine, health products, enterprise certification, the flooring industry, coal mines, commerce, services, catering, on Old Woman, hospitals, food.I roughly calculated that I wrote something for these companies, published stuff, not five million words would be at least three million words written I can not remember.I think this is my wealth; this is my life.A few days ago, I wrote most of the articles themselves are summed up, sorting out a “published an article directory” published in the “Beijing educated youth network” of.Later, in order to clean up the layout, I put these directories are deleted.In fact, at first I very distressed quite take things too hard.I think that other people can bask wealth online, why I can not do my wealth sun?The article, accompanied me through life.They not only my wealth, but it is a summary of my life!Others may be writing articles for pleasure, I write articles for a living, but it!However, heartache heartache return, in order to “Beijing educated youth network”, I was quite willing of.I want to say, I published “article directory” is not to show off to me, I want to take advantage of the “North HowNet” this platform, I had written a summary of conduct, and also to organize my life.    I write to you, the end of the.Thank you let me finish, let us bow!