After reading “go to the Edge of Life”

EDITORIAL words: Mr. Yang Jiang is already in the centenarians, his youth and I’m a fan of Mr. Qian couple.Perhaps people on the TV series “Besieged City” Li Yuanyuan and Chen Daoming performance still fresh; there are “around the city who bailing out people who want to stand outside the city rushed to the marriage worth mentioning, career worth mentioning, the desire of life most of the case.”These words have become popular classics, but think these are two wise old man on life, love and career derivatives.Yang and readers read the book review in exchange centenary birthday is on the Wen Wei Po, and I feel excited, turned detected more than three years ago read, “went on the edge of life,” Yang wrote in the 96-year-old after , to re-read, emotionally, after resting slightly modified here, as I talk to Mr. Yang Jiang’s dedicated to a modest birthday gift.    Written when (a) read the 96-year-old Mr. Yang Jiang<走到人生边上>After feeling such as silk ray ray extraction flow out.    Mr. prolific in 1997 and 1998 have lost their beloved daughter Qian Yuan, and each other, the wind and rain accompanied by his wife, Mr. Qian Zhongshu, she silently endured relentless like grief, still more than his pen, with that unique fresh and elegant, cold Jun humorous tone, calm the odd text explicitly clear to us brought out bowls of spiritual feast.On “Qiong Qiong Jie Li, Xingyingxiangdiao” ordinary people unbearable loneliness and deserted, sir, as always, calm, like nothing could go the same did not happen.Mr. did not say in the number and the kind of husband daughter farewell tear crack lung liver sad, but she explained the true meaning of life is to realize that people show Chinese traditional intellectual “The road ahead will be long Come.Happiness and earth, “the noble sentiments, in his memoirs, Mr.” We Three “in their feelings lesson:” the world does not have the simple pleasures.Happy always carries troubles and worries.The world does not always.We had a rough life, old age can have a settled abode.But old and sick with a reminder that we have come to the end of life on the road.1997, A Yuan’s death.One thousand nine hundred ninety-eight not age, death bell book.I was lost three of this.So easily separated from the.’World was not good fastness, brittle glass fugitive clouds’.Now only one person I.I clearly see before as ‘our home’ apartment, but only inn on the road.Home where I do not know.I’m still looking for the way back.”Mr. Yang is a tall giant spirit, as she said had stood ‘on the edges of life’, but still the vast sir read the best of human well-being composed of vast library Retrieval life philosophy of life, in no longer count on the long road of life gained life, left us a valuable asset, and calm on the road, this is how materialistic, what a sight to behold.When the flies of the time took me to the end of his career, I became Mr. pen “retired young friend”, so doom-ridden, and would like to leisurely stroll comfortably finish the rest of his life; more aloof haughty, less open-minded; more abstract, less concern for the fate.Mr. text is a nerve to walk in between the tendon knife, remove the carrion in the body along with the proliferation of wasted years.Under Mr. stalwart lofty spiritual realm weight, I became ugly ugly dwarf, shame, shame, how much you want to hurry the earthquake, split a seam let me escape earth away.Suddenly wretched, dull, small, shallow, laziness, humble and so all the world to denounce the words are flogging a dead body carries the soul, although stud welt oozing drops dripping blood, but I forget the pain, he began a deep self-reflection.    (B) the Buddha devout believers believe human life and death is a definite number of people walking in Hades to send impermanence when Yin and Yang to ingest human soul.So some people will Danran to another world, because they Firestone good deeds, and his magnanimous, abhorrence of evil, of justice, just, noble character, stay too clean in the world; they will be subject to Hades hospitality in the netherworld, and then floated take Yunteng fog to thirty six paradise, all the way to become immortal Majestic Jade Emperor on the palace; and those kinds of evil, corrupt, Yingyinggougou, all sorts of fish people human scum on the yin and yang sector saw a black and white impermanence waving the banner on Evocation tremble will, because they are waiting for ten grim house of hell, Nose bridge stood, angry garden open eyes of the judge and hold high the various instruments of torture, the whole body Hengrou jailer.Hell of torture, from soup pan cooking, dismemberment knife to saw down the middle, ground meat, etc., to give them suffered enough, suffered offer all kinds of torture, the worth of pain.Them as grave sins committed while in mortal pay a heavy price, then into the eighth level of geographical can not stand forever.No secret, Mr. Yang is a complete first category, in as old age, running short years, with incredible keen, young people difficult to compare the mind to a writer of social responsibility and moral conscience in the new work sharply pointed out, “when the spiritual conscience in the world of today, humanity, among misty misty rain clouds.”Mr. in a few words, and now looking ahead, all material desires soaring, everywhere rampant money worship.On the “prose” eleven year I read some dumbfounding text: “Recently, the Central Plains to visit a famous temple.See yourself on today’s abbot had made Muta, not just a carved mobile phones, computers, cars have also carved, feel laughing.Laugh, so many monks Desire, rare ancient and modern.”Visible in every corner of social life are caught in a vicious circle of money talks.Yang with poetic language seems obscure to us enlightening warning issued.    ”Spiritual conscience,” the words shining golden Buddha, they are floated Jiyu ago from Lord Buddha’s lotus throne, is merciful Guanyin sail colorful clouds to Yang master from the Buddha there happens to come good ideas.Lack earth, moral decay, Daoxing profound social philosopher urgent need to recall that one corroded money soul; required Bian Que, Hua Tuo masterpiece like the good doctor Xuanhujishi to scrape toxic therapy to cure the ailing land of China various disease like, 2,000 years ago to restore Confucian thinkers as the “world harmony” in the bright future of our description, so excellent traditional Chinese morality to return.Mr. Yang Jiang is such a philosopher and doctor.People put teachers likened the human soul is somewhat far-fetched, in fact for us is wearing a robe in xingtan uploaded teaching priest, said chatter of ancient and modern sages Dashi who explore the world, to create the world’s achievements, play is pick up the sad role.And the vicissitudes, the ups and downs I’s 96-year-old man is worthy of the name, worthy of the engineers of human souls, her eyes still bright clear your heart, sees clearly, creatively put the word “soul” were stripped and analyzed: “I initially thought of course, in the spirit of the soul side.But after careful consideration, was surprised to find that the soul of the original meat side.”(C) a way of life wander in the line nearly a century, is about to enter the wisdom of the elderly centenarians, this time sitting in that supreme judge bench, fighting for that for thousands of years in the Roman gladiator arena and regardless of the outcome, “the spirit and the flesh” in a casual tone made the unexpected conclusion.Ancient and modern writers, poets have fueled the struggle for that field, we put a inextricably battles and romance together as the eternal theme of love, in front of the reader started depicting or grand or delicate picture: from holds the scepter of the Roman Empire, noble, arrogant, arrogant Julius Caesar to rise up, pre-loaded, all-powerful, all-powerful, heroic last to die in the battlefield slave hero Spartacus; who greedily from Balzac , cunning, mean, disowned, regarded the money God Ge Lang stage to portray the Irish writer Voynich young hero Arthur, his sword like a clever tongue so scared of reactionary forces, his legendary revolutionary activities rulers lose heart, that really let us get excited over generations.Yang now so that they died down, shake hands, turned out to be their own side Liangshan heroes fight their own side, a misunderstanding.    Mr. Yang Jianglao of “spiritual conscience,” though with a strong Buddhist color, but different from the monks dressed in robes of salvation in the spirits gong cymbal sound of the drums execution ground rituals, they chant a special music into scores Buddhist scriptures; also different from the thousands of years of traditional knowledge of the people of flesh and soul.For traditional soul, Mr. Yang is stated: “Although the soul to bring a ‘spirit’ word, not spiritual, nothing but a human life,” refreshing.In the book she gave us another concept of “soul”, that is, in a spirit wandering outside the human body, the spirit of the dead, the eternal between heaven and earth.Civilization and progress of human society, all rely on this spirit.Just as the explosives that shattered roaring sound of heaven and earth, Dong Cunrui attached to the body of the soul to fly into the heavens, but the flesh become crushed by the end of that smoke, dust and splashes of flying with the air, but his spirit will live forever in our hearts; our beloved Comrade Deng Xiaoping’s ashes thrown though a vast expanse of ocean, but “floating sea days away, died Act boat light,” he’s like the sea rising moon light in our efforts to achieve his year in the Paris Commune wall the next set a long-cherished wish, Comrade Xiaoping spirit lives on.    ”Only believe in immortality, in order to have reasonable values of life, I believe that the soul is immortal, must be people of faith.With faith, life has value.”Mr. Yang in her unique way call to return to the traditional values of this world, the kind of words honestly, love of the Impossible, can not but make us visibly moved.Yang mentioned the Confucian belief and the idea of a “common ground”, and the direction of the Communists are fighting for the same strain.One of the Confucian classics recorded a passage on the “Book” as evidence: “Road trip also, Things, elect the wise and able, honoring promises.Enemy not only its pro-pro, not just child of his son, the old have eventually, have a strong, young director, widower, widowed, orphaned, alone, or disabled by key has been raised, male careers, women owned.Evil in which goods to be discarded, not necessarily hidden hexyl; evil force which is also not out of the body, do not have to have.Therefore in seeking closure without Hing, without making theft thief chaos, so without the outer door closing, is that the ground “.    (D) under the clear blue sky, shepherd’s reed pipe blowing lengthy, broad-minded and lyrical singing, animal husbandry, dense like plump on the field, among the lush foliage waft.A river full of charming European style, from the Alps began a long mileage, it meanders through the whole territory of Germany, integration of the Germanic peoples domineering men and women of delicate, that is well known, the beautiful Rhine River.They say there’ve been traveling the Rhine deep valleys like our Three Gorges, except when the ship stands on both sides of the line of the Three Gorges is a wall climbed thousands of feet, often see the “peak even go days without Ying Chi, Lone Pine leaning upside down precipice.”From time to time we hear” Fly Hard flow turbulent struggle noisy din, Yongping mine myriad rolling stone cliff.”History gives a magnificent desolation to steep and stunned people feel, the.On Wang Fuya lonely man, woman wistfully sad sound of shrill call, it is heartbreaking.The Rhine is the endless vineyards and fields neat plot, Western-style farmhouse decorated in green onion fields, scattered smoke, Lichtung, peaceful people as harmonious as calendar paradise on earth, beautiful venue and gallery General.This must be God to make this world a colorful deliberately favored the gurgling flow through the cloying land in Europe, or the Goddess of love more tough masculine beauty; and Adam favor Harmony Shen Yung Fish Bar.But we must not complain about the unfairness of God’s creation, because once we wandered over 150 years ago in the already very rich piece of land moist river Rhine, we have to thank God send for Rhineland two stirred the sages of the world, they have a cage cheeks are long beard, his eyes are shining light of wisdom, and together they forged a sword across the sky of the “Communist Manifesto”, profound thought and fascinating literary packaged unparalleled eloquence, with another saying “communist” re-interpretation of the social ideal state thousands of years ago China’s Confucian sages explained: “a ghost, a specter of communism is haunting Europe in order to exorcise this specter sacred, all the powers of old Europe, the Pope and Tsar, French radicals and German police-up, communism dogged.”” In order to win over the people, nobles the proletarian class of alms-bag in front for a banner waving.However, whenever the people follow their lead, they have found that their hindquarters the old feudal coats of arms, laughing, quitting en masse.”” The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims.They openly declare: Their aim only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social system in order to achieve.Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution before it.Proletarians to lose but their chains in this revolution.They will be available throughout the world.”Marx and Engels these highly inflammatory language to make millions of believers fought communism in order to ‘do everything on demand’ written on the banner of Communists and bloody struggle.Although the ideal of communism distant and inaccessible, but it is a spiritual, indelible spirit.Then can I determine the latitude and longitude location map drawn by the invention found in the conquests of Alexander the Great a big mystery, the original east-west latitude is wading through years of human history records, and gathered in the longitude north and south poles and the intersection of latitude is flashing in each dean’s superstars, they opened a giant hand page after page of human history, skilled weave a picture of the Earth Fairview.I finally understand the Warring States thinkers rather labored on bamboo with modern text is considered to be the bible of world harmony we describe the lofty ideal of communism Marx and Engels in the mid-nineteenth century and the proposed Yang Jiang the man’s spiritual conscience turned out to be on the same meridian.Taichetaiwu I suddenly awe of the old man.No wonder From a young age she has been stick to their own spiritual territory, for the purification of the soul of man spilled ink, to promote truth kept drums and call for decades to do the Ming Dynasty scholar Hung Ying-ming in featuring the moral maxims of the book “Cai Gen Tan “written in” Chongrubujing busy watching Pretrial blossom; fate not diffuse over the horizon Yunjuanyunshu.”Mr. Yang is one hundred percent of the Bolsheviks.    Also vaguely remember the famous Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore’s poem: “The lantern on their back people, there are shadows before.”Although sometimes the shadow of their own, but this world who dressed in human skin demons and monsters will be ups and show his true colors in the flash lantern, regardless of the shadows flickering lanterns still ahead.Writers, poets make their characters walk in the light and dark, good and evil in Fengyuan in such a lifelike figure will be fleshed out.So we have to “thank” the Southern Song Jian Xiang Qin Hui and his wife Wang, without their bare arms tied behind their backs, kneeling at the foot of the wall bars bar Yue Fei cemetery, thousands finger poke, people revile, but where Yue Fei and his son, “the sky shouts zhuanghuaijilie “, Zhao heart light of day, incense Win; stupid but where no – emperor’s tragic Yuanchonghuan.Likewise, no arty Hu Changqing, spend money to buy a marketplace criminals making fake diploma and North Cheng for their own little lover, endure physical pain plastic double-fold eyelids, how can Mr. Yang’s contrasting spiritual bonanza flashed pine tall and straight, noble bamboo, plum tough and elegant blue.The towering tree is because it is always bathed in sunshine grace, weeds barren because it always lives in a dark nook.When a burst of wind struck trees waves, not my ears to hear the rushing waves, but Mr. Yang to socialist spiritual defect sad, beautiful people call the soul; when weeds attempt to “spring when the blow gave birth, “I advise them to listen to Hu Changqing is hell languishing torture, Cheng came the sound of screams of people palpitations.    ”Aoyama not cover the river from flowing eastward.”I want to thank Ba Jin, Bing Xin and Yang Jiang and other Chinese literary master who criticized the society out of a panacea, painstaking treatment for psychological dislocation of people pay.We have no reason not to believe have a history of thousands of years of civilization, China will be democratic, prosperous, harmonious, powerful new look stand in front of the world.