After reading a “nostalgia”

A “nostalgia” caught my memories of the past, a “nostalgia” caught my thoughts and memories of childhood, childhood, although rags, stomach filled up, you can always hang a smile face, whether carrying straw basket, still carrying Fenkuang with cattle Lv behind to pull carts, ox-eye bulging eyes looking at the bottom of Lv, want to call it quickly pulled dung balls, small partners will herd fighting for the future of this the small golden rice.Sometimes a feces balls falling out with friends face, do not talk to each other a few days to meet their mouths old long.I do not know when will they crash and burn, and everyone a go Sahuan, scorching hot day calling to mowing, but one jumped into a small water pond to catch fish and shrimp play, when grass blue fishnet, a Oh fish turned down in the basket, careless and bounced inside the water, you see, you see, Tianfu shrimp holding hands, a pinch head to the mouth side, ha ha laughter happy one.I do not know who proposed: “Whenever we go to the valley side pick melons more fun.”Call is heard everyone out of the water, ran three steps and two steps side valley, lie down, crawl climb Guardia side, hold your breath for raw and cooked regardless of the size of a pick turned to flee, sitting in pond see who’s sharing the sweet melon.  Steal peach picking pears are bad boys do, sometimes the little girl to be left Fenshen added to steal steal peach pear ranks.The day before yesterday and embroidery was saying these things a child, embroidery, said: “As a boy also stole pears do your home, eating can be really sweet.”.”We finished picking peaches picked up in the upper rub it up big chunks, simply poor hygiene, remember that we were together piece, Chuang Chuang make now a thing Lovers.We recall how hungry, how to eat a piece of dry bread North Slope mowing Hekou river or water pit, and when the storm comes, we have no place to hide the body, only the top ten miles of straw baskets to run home, already soaked clothes, thin cold wind chrysanthemum purple lips, we are still laughing all the way.This is our childhood and our youth not to be outdone, we are eager.  Hot summer evening, the team of men and women in Yuemingxingxi some piece clamp block seats, some simply peeled off the bed, pulled the seat in the wheat field, lying in the shade the whole family together, talk about the story , pulling homemade, slapstick kids in the side, I sometimes Qucourenao, usually with grandparents on the side of the open space park pear, lying on the mat films, listen to my grandfather say Cowherd crossing the Milky Way, however, by the river heart-breaking story, which is the Queen Mother Road, the Galaxy with Yinzan draw at the annual July 7 Cowherd and Weaver to meet with a July seven so that it will rain, it was his couple of tears.And I know there is a heaven Weaver, on the ground there is a Cowboy.What the Big Dipper, in addition to broom star, ah, ah spoon star, unwittingly entered the dream, for my grandmother around the name of palm-leaf fan, fan when shaking hands grandmother acid fall on my pillow, my grandmother feel the sweat on my face, picking up from fan continues to fan.  ”The sun basking ass eggs.”Grandma gently shout.Yi Gulu getting up to me about the grass on blue channeling out, shout out small partners, rubbing his eyes covered with gum.We did see who together Huan: “You shovel fast, my shovel Dayton, told me to try your good.”But other people’s children always cut so entangled and others.  ”Ok!Try, we can only look.”Take the hand can not help you, he aimed at uprooting a blade of grass to wipe:” Well, well, to me, in this I will not play with you.”” Cheapskate, do not play do not play.”” Well, well, we go home, do not fight it a quick basket!”On the initiative of one of the partners we started loading the basket, cutting the number of children straining to press down on the grass; cut fewer children will gently sailed into the grass basket inside, giving each other the straw basket send shoulder.Go all the way, all the way to say, all the way to laugh when they begin to divide entrust each other with: “dined me, or else we the British home collection.”” Good, home to the British collection.”I promised trapped by their own.  Annual harvest is completed, the finished picking beans and millet, and the earth plowed up, which is our children into battle, and we pick up the valley pimple.I remember when there is hope, and Shujie depends on burning straw and the like, but these things are limited, one year is not enough to burn, so people with children called the children to gather wood, and the Valley lump, lump it becomes our Shujie pick up objects, we gather in small groups, lined up in the hands of a small child to climb the iron grilled ah, ah drop, to shatter the soil and then piled on top of a small heap, continue to move forward with the game secretly, for fear of their own Stubbs was less than others.We also talk about the things they know are curious and some funny things from time to time laughter.As the sun sets we each pick up their booty, put a small pile of a small pile of the valley to collect a lump, a small mountain appeared, we put it neatly labeled group put in the basket.Some with a rope, the two separated by a first double rope after every Zador, the rope placed in the ground, then labeled Valley lump groups put layer by layer, after the two ends of the rope to wear over the other one, the two people sitting on the ground a man pulled a rope, a pedal pull hard enough to live lump Valley.Et pull it stops, then pull rope good, then the rest of the rope tied into a sleeve, with a small set to the grapple is in a string, an extract into the thigh, shoulders and then on to toss.If bales too big, too heavy partners will be able to get help to go to his shoulders, laughing all the way to the home.Some parents will praise you home meal: “This is really more than pick up.”Some say nothing.  Autumn season the leaves are have landed in this period of time each are big eyes wide open aimed their goals, clamoring raking leaves.Day unknown people will take on the big broom to sweep around in addition to a large poplar, which took down, the children wake up at home to look at, and sometimes fight for the fight leaves Aguirre.Our children will take a bamboo stick to string together the scattered poplar leaves, as well as adults deceives a long thin rope, tied in front of a bamboo stick, we will put on a long list of Yang Ye pulled in the ground, at least wear a pull to go home to pick up Yang Ye stroked down again.Such a fall would pick up a lot of.  Then hometown sky is blue, sweet water wells, one well for half the village drinking water, fresh from the well hit the sweet cool water to quench their thirst, drink a barrel on through his palms, a Yang Bo, a comfortable Mazui.I dream of the ground also often dreamed of this scene, often dreamed of a piece of sweet potato, a piece of bamboo forest..