After Past yaozhai

In April 2000, several American historians Yao hell and high water, in the mountains north of Long pit Hunan Linxiang, to find the ideal home earliest ancestors inhabited by Yao.In September the following year, Yao experts from across the country through field visits, finds the dragon pit Yao Mountain is the early history of Qianjiadong.Beyond the pale in hunting, Yao descendants haunting dream around, looking for a Qianjiadong hundreds of years, and finally with the end result, the dragon pit hill which also opened its mysterious veil.    May mid-spring, long period of rain early eye, we are marching rugged trail of soft soil, deep sucking Maolin aromatic herbs, boarded the dragon pit hill, looking for spiritual paradise Yao ancestors, listening to the melodious singing anymore Yao people.I admire Yao ancestors wisdom and foresight, in this solitude, foggy mountain as a dragon pit inhabited place, really imaginative.”Qianjiadong mouth over there, the clouds have photos from the eye, Castle Peak Shiling difficult road.”Blue sky, mountains and rivers, cloud steaming Xia Wei, birds and Ming, Yao beauty of nature and the unique blend of production and lifestyle, forming a unique cultural practices Yao Jia, Yao family recited for thousands of years of” Qianjiadong song, “Long pit is not a true portrayal of what the mountain?On that ruins yaozhai there anymore, I could almost hear the distant voice echoed in the mountains, the men and women saw Yao Gonggeng hunting flickering shadows.Zhulou slope once the political culture of our ancestors Yao Business Center.Today, hundreds of years ago that has become a bustling scene solo, retired, but Yao ancestors left behind stone house, Shimen, caves, stone bridges, stone cylinder, a stone trough, there was a round on both sides of Shimen Totem pier breath, I felt Yao ancestors going, “wide swum days without heart sick,” the good life of freedom.Yao is a constantly move involving the nation, ancient Yao no fixed residence, has been called “Oriental Gypsy”.But since Yao ancestors “across the seas”, came to pit dragon mountain settlements, Yao people seem to find their ideal “ideal world”, free to thrive in this madding crowd in the mountains, create a better home blood.Later, of course, or for various reasons to move again involved, but Yao people are left behind in Long Hill pit precious stone culture, becoming for a brilliant chapter in the history of the Yao.Standing stone wall Zhulou slope, I deeply felt heavy and brilliant culture of Yao.Although there is no Yao own text, but Yao culture real, touchable can touch, with her unique charm and rich content.    In Zhulou slope bluestone village, an old man told me that there was once a famous ancient post road, through Hubei and Jiangxi Po crack Chongyang, two or three miles up the stone path through the Peak.Since ancient times, bluestone Village Post Road was valued by military.When the famous Qing Qing Zeng Guofan led the attack Taiping Chongyang granary, is passed on from this post road.Today, large piece of stone road has been flooded off the dust of history.Ease of access of modern society, it seems that this once I do not know how many people are route through the ancient post road is no longer so important, ancient post also only dished residual stone fragments, but if you listened to that, it seems horses scream and the sound of the clank of swords echoed still in his ears, eyes filled with smoke still drifting.Song Fan Zhiming said Hill talked about the dragon pit in the “Yueyang endemic in mind”: “The mountain far-reaching, that the resident birds during village, away from the Jurassic language to farming yu for the industry, non-urban town city would not join the tea salt, nor tribute, kept taxes covered mountain people.”Yao is a rebellious spirit strongest nation, according to the carrier, due to the collection of the Yao people” over mountain list “and” On the Emperor Praise Certificate “, dynasties, Yao people often avoid lord.So living in “self-farming and food, and clothing woven from” Yao ancestors in Long Hill pit, the official can not, do not disturb the soldiers, in among the “three off nine locks” claustrophobic environment.Yao ancestors love their ideal home, in addition to businessmen, they do not let outsiders into their territory.Most of the Yao people mountain neighbors, choose a place easy to defend and difficult to attack the construction of the village gate, walled dart in front of Wu Han Yong Yao people holding a weapon guarded.Magnolia Village gate opening day, a great man guards the pass, 10,000 Fumo open momentum.Today Zhulou slope bluestone Walled Village gate, though no longer exists, but the foot of the village gate with stones piled many feet tall stone-faced, amazing people care and thought Yao.On the site of stone walled gates of ancient trees, but the original twelve-meter-high stone tower on the site, was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution.It is said that the man was later forced to leave Spire had no children, live alone, and perhaps this is Yao ancestors apparitions, he gave his nemesis.    Long Hill gutang security in the pit?Over fifty years ago, ancient pond half a mile long way houses on stilts, most of the villagers also followed the Yao people’s customs, toilet using a yellow wooden barrels, there are two feet tall from the ground.Ancient village does have an ancient pond, the pond as well as a temple, I heard that there was a Japanese soldier riding passed by, due to offend the temple of the gods, man and horse fell into the ancient pond, never able to up.Now in ancient pond, could not see the houses on stilts, built a mountain highway, gutang no longer ascend the stone stairs walk, a long piece of stone steps have been gathering dust in underground.Gutang Millennium ginkgo tree recorded the Yao people’s joy and sorrow, the passing of yaozhai leaving only a beautiful dream and memories.    Long Hill traveled pit, I deeply feel the Yao ethnic culture thick and broad.While the bustling yaozhai leaving only ruins Banbankekao, but the spiritual legacy of the ancient ancestors of millions of Yao, also retained in the rolling mountains dragon pit that tens of miles radius of the mountain.Ah, is not it?Zuozuo stalwart mountain, not that Yao people tall and straight body, and that a steady stream of streams, not that Yao people rushing blood.