After Past souls – Sichuan army generals Zhu Ming anecdotes war again

After Past souls – Sichuan army generals Zhu again next war anecdote birch on a col Baxian pottery village home fraternity Qinglongwan (now Chongqing Jiulongpo Tao home town), there is a fragrant grass tomb, where Buried a former famous anti-Japanese generals Joseph then Mr. Zhu Ming, has sixty years of.  1937 after the July 7 Marco Polo Bridge Incident, the Anti-Japanese War broke out, the cruel Japanese invaders constantly ravaged large tracts of land me in North East.Unfortunately, after the fall of Nanjing, the enemy pressing harder and harder, the situation in Wuhan NEC tight.In this occasion of national crisis, when 966 regiment colonel Joseph 161 Division Mr. Zhu Zaiming, with 29 ordered the commander of the Army under Wang Zuanxu eastern Sichuan, Wuhan anti-Japanese front-line emergency marched.He shouted when the army out of Sichuan had a resounding slogan: “do not quit the day the enemy border, refusing to return home one day Joseph!”Joseph warrior, turning back, end their national crisis, he embarked on a tragic course of the patriotic hard.  Mr. Zhu Ming again as the county bar Tao hometown, was born in mid-1896, generations of ancestors farming.He was apprentice martial arts since childhood, extraordinary skill, especially turn out good marksmanship, incense head night in front of tens of meters outside the small, can not aim, drew on the radio, fire off a shot, martial artists.In two years (AD 1912), sixteen-year-old Zhu Ming again, although seeing the Revolution overthrew the Qing dynasty, won, but the daily Koudui Hua still eyeing the domestic situation in the turbulent times of hardship.He decided to go into exile, enlist to serve the country.  Young Zhu Ming has another soldier in Sichuan Army Fifth Division (division commander Xiongke Wu), Article Army National Revolutionary Army (commander Janssen) and Sichuan Army 161 division (division commander Xu Shaozhong) and other troops.He participated in the leadership of Sun Yat-sen, Maintenance “Provisional Constitution of the Republic of China,” Custodian of the war against the authoritarian rule of the Northern warlords, as well as the National Revolutionary Army launched the Northern Expedition, highlighted the danger in a hail of bullets, constantly honing, feats, from a common line Wushi Bing to constantly promoted.  Wuhan bloody shooting down enemy planes October 2, 1938, fell to the Japanese city of Wuhan Tian town periphery.Joseph National Government Committee makes 161 teachers, 162 teachers implement blocking action on the Ba River.Ba River is located on the northeast Huanggang, is well-known material distribution center, very important strategic position.October 15 dawn, this small town in eastern Hubei into a sea of fire, the Japanese 13th Division 68 regiment, the 6th division cow Island detachment in the cavalry, artillery, tanks and air force cooperation, the onslaught launched defenders, gunfire on the Ba River Bridge near the 200 meters into pieces of scorched earth, smoke blocks out the sun on the front.Sichuan army soldiers thin clothes, wearing sandals, poorly equipped, but morale.They took the crude weapons stubborn resistance in the cold, beat back the furious attack of the enemy again and again that he also suffered heavy casualties.  Zhu Ming led his troops again tenacious stopping the enemy for five days, after all, the power disparity, and ultimately defeat.Joseph defeat mixed people in the west flee.Critical moment, Zhu boss, 481 Brigade Yang Shouxuan actually disappeared!Temporarily rudderless, defeat as a mountain.Japanese planes bombed circled the sky, on the ground chasing the Japanese very tight, military and civilian chaotic retreat.At this time, lying on a stretcher sick with fever to fight malaria Zhu Ming angry again: “son of a bitch in the grid!”He roared, struggling up from the stretcher, and command guards Huangbing Zhong Qiu Yunfu helped him launched, and then while galloping horse, one side shouting:” fast out of the way, all to lie down!”Zhu Pitt rode a white horse, a conspicuous target, he must know the enemy military chief, so the devils chase behind, the sky plane in front of him is a dive bomb and strafe.Fortunately, the bullets and shrapnel flying around him, that did not hurt him.Ming Zhu then single-handedly fighting the Japanese machine, desperate to distract the enemy, not only saved the retreating soldiers and civilians, to kill themselves to escape the Japanese machine.Wuhan will be the war, he was promoted to brigadier general Brigade 481.Later, in mid-1943 due to injury, he DDR, specially the big white horse all the way back to the provisional capital of Pakistan County feeding, also hung on the wall of his home in full uniform riding on a white horse photo.He gratitude with big white horse populations in the anti-Japanese friendship in daily life and saving grace!  January 1939, the Japanese bombers flew Jingmen Shayang County town of bombing.Led his unit by the Army Air Corps, “the emperor number” commander Colonel Watanabe wide Taro.Zhu then fought in this division out of 161 pilots and 149 co-brother forces fighting the enemy with machine guns will be “the emperor number” shot down.After the enemy landing xiang east coast, Watanabe 6 people desperate to escape from the cabin, grab a wooden boat in an attempt to flee to Hankou, Zhu led his troops were killed.Watanabe learned from the diary seized in command twice this dog days of bombing of Chongqing, I do not know how much blood debt I owed the provisional capital of innocent compatriots.According to military writer Sassou recent survey in Japan Archives, the emperor is indeed lay No. 29 Army.This is a large-scale reconnaissance aircraft modified by ninety-nine style, because many times decorated soldier, was named the Japanese as “No Emperor,” Joseph did not expect to be beat down.  Sharpshooter then outlasted four devils Zhu Ming martial arts since childhood Lianqiang, decent soldier on in handy, as early as the Northern Expedition, he is famous sharpshooter troops, their targets, enemy killed countless.Wuhan will be war, and once, in Hubei march, 161 division chief of staff to then Ming Zhu test of marksmanship, who lost who agreed to treat.Chief of Staff of marksmanship is also unusual than people.There was an old man fishing in the river, Zhu drew a hand, will have to play against the fishing line, fishing line crashed broken off, chief of staff beats seeing the matter in the army for the elephants.  Even more amazing is that the date will be with the war, and then Ming Zhu took five guards to scout the terrain.Local hilly, mountain road winding street, a pedestrian just turned the col, suddenly came face a Devils team scout!Then again Zhu Ming has been promoted to major general, deputy commander, seeing the enemy territories, immediately wheeled his horse bolted, devils catch up kissing.China Ma mostly hybrids horses, small size, body shorter, devils rode Toyo Malaysia, it is difficult to outperform their.Mr. Zhu agile, quickly dismounted, rolled into the roadside bushes, in a moment, raising his hand gun, shot one of their targets, a series of four Devils outlasted the rest spooked and fled.  Bounty Dahongshan Hubei hundred miles north of the Dahongshan an important strategic position, is contested.In 1940, 29 Army command according to the fifth war zone, and 33 Army (commander General Zhang Zhizhong) co-stick Dahongshan.1 year and 4 months defensive war, our military played very tough, which is then worked out the change from General Zhu can prove: In 1939 he was the 481 brigade of brigadier general, after Dahongshan changed into 481 groups Major groups long seen serious attrition, the tragic war.  Wang Zuanxu commander of 29 Army stationed Dahong Shanxi Lu, south of the line, go through Wuhan to defend the war, the army personnel, weapons lost more than half, 80,000 soldiers after the reorganization of less than 50,000, and the ugly bad weapons, food supplies even more difficult, often eat a last meal and I do not know what to look for his next meal.  Even so, Zhu Ming again led his troops still persist in the war, diminished morale.March 1940, the Japanese army 8th division division commanding the 2nd Brigade Hasegawa Dahongshan siege, the king led his troops in battle with the enemy Zuanxu.One day, the army surrounded the 29, still bloody fight does not go out a few days, seeing there is annihilated risk.This despite the autumn, the king command again Ming Zhu managed to break through, Zhu cost of heavy casualties, led his troops to kill to open a way to survive and successfully cover the whole army to retreat.It is served, and annihilated more than 5,000 people.  May 1 that year, the Japanese army to control river traffic, cutting off water and land transport routes leading to Chongqing, assembled 300,000 troops launch date should battle.33 Army commander Zhang Zhizhong rate of two regiments stationed in the West Bank xiang, 16 unfortunately died in Yicheng pumpkin shop.Theater army commander Li Tsung-jen Decree 59 161 teachers and Joseph, be sure to snatch away the remains of General Zhang Zhizhong!Zhu Ming again led his troops ventured deep, starry night broke into the tight encirclement, with the remains of 59 Army Zhang climb out, returned to Chongqing, Beibei buried in the foothills of plum.  November 1940, the Japanese 13th Division rely cavalry, artillery and air force recidivism Dahongshan, then re-Ming Zhu has transferred 149 agents in any division commander, he was ordered to covert attack, bloody three days later, when Japanese troops awaiting minutes into the assault, Zhu take the lead, the rate of thousands of soldiers from enemy raid in Shahe Village flat front, the Japanese killed on the spot cavalry commander Kawasaka, kill and wound devils seven or eight hundred people, won by seven horses, numerous weapons and military supplies, a great victory, was also killed Joseph Hall 308 people.  Chinese army in the battle of wits with the Japanese Dahongshan, persist in the war a year and four months, delaying the Japanese west, splintered the Japanese criminal war plan, far-reaching.  In the days Dahongshan war years, Zhu Ming Zeng and Li Hsien-nien and then teamed up against the enemy.Zhu Ming and then the New Fourth Army in Dahongshan adhere to the 5th Division Commander Li Hsien-nien long-term correspondence, both sides fought side by side, and inevitably some friction.Their relationship, a bit like the “Sword” and in the Chu Yunfei Li Yunlong.  When Joseph eternal war patriotic dedication, hard bones of Joseph, even in the most difficult years, and no one formed units to the enemy.Although Sichuan has always been known as the “Land of Abundance,” said, but economic backwardness, the people have, even worse wartime.Sichuan people to war, to live frugally, to tighten their belts, make donations of grain, accounting for one of the country’s three points.Source wartime national government expenditure, mainly rely on Sichuan.Eight-year war, the war of the Sichuan army out of Sichuan strikes, bloody battle, before and after more than 640,000 soldiers casualties!How many broken families fragmented pure, how many family members ages, children and their children, it might have been “heroes gone,” died for the country, only the front Soul hometown in a foreign land.Shanghai Song Battle, Taierzhuang battle, battle of Wuhan, dates and so the battle should be the size of the battlefield, risking his own life everywhere arduous figure of Joseph.Number of people that war, tragic sacrifice, highest in the country.Sichuan people, especially the provisional capital of the people, but also against the Japanese bombing continued five or six years, with tremendous national sacrifice, still indomitable, wiped away tears, humiliation, support the war front.  Mid-October 1945, the war had just victory, when the south bureau official newspaper of Chongqing, “Xinhua Daily” published an editorial entitled “Thank the people of Sichuan” in which touching a text: “Sichuan people to the front of the battlefield, It is to do the largest and most important responsibility: till the End of the war, conscription Sichuan reached 3.025 million people.Sichuan to complete special projects, the total number of people served attendant at 300 million or more.The food is one of the major war material conditions and food, Sichuan food was requisitions for grain fed more than 80 million total in stone; Sichuan contribution over the years to account for one third of the country’s food war total of requisitions, then procurement and levy also borrow from the beginning of Sichuan.Also donated a variety of taxes, is borne by the Sichuan People.”.This is the Sichuan People’s eight-year war the most objective and fair evaluation and praise.Only these rough incomplete statistics, you can know a great contribution to the Sichuan People’s Anti-Japanese War.  Today, although the war had dispersed the smoke, and that part of our nation’s tragic history, the history of Prachuab people hard against the enemy, but we must never forget.  Zhu Ming generals from Pakistan then county, is an outstanding representative of the Sichuan people rhubarb, heroic resistance, patriotic dedication.  December 14, 2014 Notes: 1. Chongqing Banan District Archives herein by reference with regard to the anti-Japanese generals Zhu Ming of the relevant information and then write.  2, nineties, Chongqing adjustment of administrative divisions, the former Chongqing Banan District, Chongqing Baxian changed; formerly Ba Tao County home, under the Jiulongpo Tao home town for the change and